8 July 2013

Favourites | June

It's been a while since my last favourites, March I believe! I was going to do a video but I just couldn't find the time to do so, so I will do with a written post instead. I just really missed doing favourites posts! Usually I'm all about the high street brands - however, this month tends to be higher priced items. Opps! Well I'm allowed one month of expense eek! So let's get started...

An incredibly gorgeous peach blush with a touch of shimmer, this blush hasn't left my fave over the last two weeks. It's the perfect summer colour, lightweight and long lasting - seemingly sweat proof as well! It's on the pricier side, but I would definitely recommend it for the price as it's the perfect blusher. 

This has become my go to lipstick - pretty much every single day! It's the perfect every day lipstick, a yellow toned pink, that lasts for a great couple of hours. It's moisturising and definitely great for working in a shop with little creativity and imagination!

A beautiful copper brown that just melts onto the lids and blends in really well. Again, this is something that has been on my lids for the majority of the month as well. I just love the colour, it tends to stay in the creases, but the colour just outways this. Lotta love!

Chapped lips in the summer are my big bug bear, and also the most common of issues for me. Whereas this lip balm is the perfect antidote. I've never found anything that works like this before and it will be coming with me on holiday this month. love it!

Okay, so to trump it's horn and make it's head grown even bigger - this is probably the best foundation I've ever used. It's the perfect colour match, it doesn't mess up my oily skin, it lasts all the long damn day and brightens the skin. Also, it has SPF in it. Overall - my absolute favourite. Ever.

Yes, another blush in a completely different colour. I won this from a blog giveaway and it's a gorgeous pink pink. When I'm not feeling my Nars peach this graces my cheeks. Again, long lasting and really creamy. Plus it looks gorgeous on the lips as well, which is what I've probably used it more for. Anyways, it's a bargain at £7ish as well.

This cleanser has literally changed my skin. Using this every morning and evening has completely cleared up my skin, it's fresh and so easy to use. Smells gorgeous and is really refreshing. If you have oily skin i would definitely recommend this as it cleanses without drying. This is my ultimate skincare hero.



  1. You make me want to try that Origins cleanser SO badly! I've read so many good things about it recently. It's definitely one the wishlist.


    1. it is amazing :) i would definitely recommend it! xx


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