23 June 2020

Lush Pregnancy Products - My Recommendations

My name is Lisa, and I am a Lush addict. Get me Lush products for any occasion and I am a happy girl. Most of the products I've tried, I have loved, and you can't have a bath without a bath bomb or bubble bar from the brand. So when I got pregnant, I was keen to figure out what products would be ideal and help in certain pregnancy situations.

Unfortunately Lush closed quite soon into the Covid crisis, so I wasn't able to pick anything up for a bit, however at the end of April they reopened and I placed an order pretty sharpish. I filmed the full haul here, but today I wanted to give you a proper review and rundown of the products I've found to be helpful so far in my third trimester. I know the video is fairly new, however, it was filmed a couple of weeks ago so don't worry - I have tried and tested these before I'm recommending!

Before I purchased these products, I did a lot of research to get some ideas on what ingredients or products were great for pregnancy. So ingredients like cocoa butter are great for softening the skin and helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks or products to help with achy limbs etc. There isn't anything on any of the Lush products that say they're good particular for certain pregnancy symptoms, so the best thing I would say is to know what your pain points are (lack of sleep, achy limbs, moisture) and use those to try and find products to aid in those specific areas.

But what products have I been enjoying?

Ingredients I ended up looking for were generally cocoa butter and also lavender to try and calm. I've started to feel increasingly anxious as isolation has continued, and the closer I get to my due date the more anxious I'm getting so I need something calming, and I also need something to help my skin stay supple and soft. However, I have also found that my legs are getting increasingly achy, and restless leg syndrome is fully embedded in my feet come the evening. So anything that could help with that would be a winner for me!

Sleep & Stress
Now I wasn't massively impressed by the Sleepy body lotion, which everyone else seems to love, however I did pick up the new Sleepy Bubble Bar and I'm absolutely obsessed. It has more of a subtle lavender scent which I prefer, and having a bath full of this just really helps me to unwind, relax and get into a very calm mindset - ready for bed. I find I definitely sleep better once I've had a "sleepy" bath now, and it has made me want to give the rest of the range another go. I've also used the Butterball Bath Bombs, I picked up a couple of these and I found that this is very soothing. It's full of cocoa butter so perfect for the skin and is great if you have sensitive skin, but also has ylang ylang which is used to treat stress and depression - so for those days I'm feeling really down or anxious, this has helped to soothe. I have also used this with the Sleepy Bubble Bar and the two together are a dream combo.

Skin & Stretch Marks
I am a believer that if you're going to get stretch marks, you will get them. That doesn't however stop me from doing certain things to try and combat it! I've never used the massage bars before, but I have to say I'm a little in love with the Therapy Massage bar. I saw a review from a pregnant lady raving so knew I had to give it a go. I rub this around my belly and it's very relaxing (ingredients include lavender oil) but also leaves my skin feeling lovely, smooth and moisturised thanks to the cocoa butter. It definitely feels like a luxury product and I'm officially converted to their massage bars. Something else I'd never used was one of their body scrubs, but when I read the description of the Buffy Body Butter I knew I had to give it a go, It contains shea and cocoa butters, lavender oil and lemon oil. So you have a great mix of really cleaning the skin and exfoliating without damaging, nourishment, calm and the lemon oil just gives it a little bit of life. I always find citrus smells make me happier, so this is a great little mix of ingredients for me.

Aches & Restless Legs
I've always resorted to baths to help reduce aches after a run or the gym, or a particularly hard PT session. So it's only natural for me to revert back to that now that my legs and hips are feeling more achy. Well let's be honest, at times it's the whole body. A lot of the lavender based products mentioned do help to relax you, but when I was browsing the massage bars I was intrigued by the Wiccy Magic Muscles bar. Completely different from the other products, this has peppermint and cinnamon which helps to boost the circulation and smooth out any tension in the body. And then it also has cocoa butter - so pregnancy skin is going to love this. I do find that rubbing this on my legs just helps - whether it's the action or the ingredients I don't know - but I really enjoy using this on those achy days. It's also a great one if you can get your partner to give you a massage at all! Everything just goes tingly afterwards and then you just feel relaxed. It also makes the skin feel silky smooth. It's definitely moved up in my list of favourite Lush products. I did also pick up the Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion, which I was hoping would help with restless legs as my feet are awful with this right now. However, I've found it's definitely better to help with achy legs than restless. It hasn't made too much different with restlessness, but if I'm feeling achy this does help to just wake them up a bit and ease it which I love.

All in all I would say there are some great products to help with pregnancy symptoms and I would actually still use a lot of these after as well as I'm really enjoying them. I'm a full on convert to the massage bars so this is definitely a product I'll be looking at more and trying out different versions.

What products helped you through pregnancy?

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