3 August 2014

The Comparison | Marc Jacobs Daisy v Daisy Dream

Ever since I saw this was coming out I've been coveting this perfume. Not going to lie, mainly for the insanely pretty bottle. I've never been a huge perfume person, I don't tend to wear it everyday and when I do I just feel like it doesn't last too long. However Daisy was the first one that changed my mind. As you can see from these pictures there is only about half left - I just love it. It's simple, yet pretty scent. Not too overwhelming but also on you do notice. In my head I've not been too bothered about the other Daisy variations as none are going to be as good as the original surely? However, as I said, this bottle made me covet.

My parents were going to Italy so I asked Mum to keep an eye out for this in the duty free as at the time it was only available at world duty free. Luckily she came back with this beaut and I've been wearing it every day since. Not going to lie, I still love my original Daisy but this is definitely coming to a close second. So what's the difference?

Well the original Daisy is a very classic spring pretty scent. If you're not a huge fan of florals it's fine as it isn't too heavy on the floral scent. It is however definitely based around the floral side with a focus on violet (not daisies...). Daisy Dream is still a very classic spring scent, light and fresh but this one focuses more on the fruitier side with top notes of blackberry, grapefruit and pear. For me I'm not sure why Marc Jacobs have stuck this in the Daisy family as I feel like they should all be a variation of the same theme if they're to share the same "family". However Daisy Dream's scent doesn't belong in this family, it would probably work as it's own stand alone fragrance. 

I do love this one and I think it's more of a summery scent then Daisy. Daisy definitely sits on the spring side of scents, light and airy, whereas Daisy Dream is much more summery scented with fruity highlights. I am loving Daisy Dream at the moment and I'm reaching for it everyday. The bottle itself is absolutely divine and probably my favourite every perfume bottle. Marc Jacobs is definitely still my favourite perfume brand and Daisy Dream just reaffirms its position in my heart.

You can now get Daisy Dream in all good perfume retailers as well as Daisy. Daisy Dream 50ml retails at around £50 (varies) and Daisy 50ml retails around £52 (again, varies). 

Which do you prefer out of Daisy and Daisy Dream?


  1. I have Daisy! I want Daisy Dream now! Love the packaging of both.


  2. Such a gorgeous bottle! Love it!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I've still not got my hands on Daisy yet but I'd love to smell this one too :) Gisforgingers xx

  4. Daisy Dream smells sooo good, I have a sample of it and yup I like it a lot. I find all of the MJ perfumes don't last that long on me though so iffy on spending a lot on it


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