31 March 2014

The Top 5 | Opinion Changers

Sometimes you try a product and you instantly dislike it - there is just something about it that you can't like. So, you pop it aside and leave it alone for a while. Then, you end up picking them up again and o look - now you like them! This happens to everyone, yes? Well over the years there have been a couple of products that have changed my mind...

I got this in a blog sale over a year ago now and was my first Sleek product. The first few times I tried this I really didn't like the colour. I just didn't think it suited me at all. Lately I've picked it up again and retried it and I really love the formula of the blush, the lasting power and suddenly I am intrigued by the colour. It's a different colour than my usual, it has a definitely golden touch and I love the highlighting properties.

So, it's not that I never liked this. I always loved it and the results it brings in terms of my skin. However, the first few times I used it I really didn't how it felt on my skin, it was warm and felt uncomfortable, a little bit burning. I stopped for a while but the past few months I've picked it up again and love it. I've used less of it and the burning sensation is a hell of a lot less and it's not uncomfortable in the slightest - this one I'd put down the user error. Whoops!

If you read my initial review of this you'd know I really didn't see the point in it. Then recently you'd have seen it again and again in my blemish busting and skincare posts. This has completely changed my mind. I use this little and often now - it's a very targeted treatment and teamed with my toner it's a winning combination. I couldn't live without this now.

Again this was more of a case of a colour not really suiting me on first impressions. This was a definite orange and I really didn't feel happy or confident wearing it from the off. So it got popped in my lipstick drawer and kind of forgotten about for a while. Then, I picked it up again around November and loved it. Maybe I'd lost a bit of tan so it suited me more? I don't know, but I do love the colour now - parfait!

If I'm honest, I've tried this so many times because I keep falling for the hype - even if I wasn't sure I really liked it. I found it a bit wet and also, not waterproof is a big no no for me so I shyed away a lot. Very recently I've been really unimpressed with my current mascara, so dug out my one of these and I've now fallen for the look it gives. It's so natural and amazing - still wish it was waterproof but I'm finally understanding the hype!

I have so many other products that I don't use for one reason or the other and 9 times out of 10 I will keep going back to give it another go. You skin changes depending on the weather/day in terms of oiliness, dryness etc so skin care and foundations that once used to hate your skin may come around to liking it. Also, user error is a huge thing with me - I'm not a make up artist, expert in how to use things, I always read the destructions five times over before I actually use something. If you're like me in that respect that's why twitter is so amazing - just ask someone for help :)

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28 March 2014

The Review | Cotton Pads & Buds

This week I've been looking at the products, but how about the application Flannels and muslin cloths are popular choices throughout the beauty world, however I love something a little softer and a little less hassle in terms of washing. Hello cotton products! I love them, they are so cheap to rebuy and really soft and gentle on the skin as well. So how do I use them and what do I use them for...

Technically these are baby pads, however these are absolutely perfect for removing make up. As it's a larger pad you only need to use one to remove make up from your whole face. I usually use a micellar water to remove my make up. I then use the same one, but they other side, later on when removing any excess cleanser. 

These are the cotton wool pads that everyone tends to use, your normal round pads. I used to use these for removing make up but I'd end up using three of four in one go so I moved to the large ones. Now these are reserved for removing tough eye make up and lipstick, and with my toner. 

Cotton buds, the unsexiest thing in the world to use quite possibly. I use these for a number of things (as well as the usual cleaning of ears). I pop some micellar water on one end to get rid of any excess make up straying or to correct it. I also use it with toner on to target any blemishes. 

We all have our own little bits and bobs that we use, but these are my holy trinity and I will be repurchasing forever. They are ridiculously cheap and I honestly find them more hygienic than muslin clothes of flannels. 

What tools do you use?


27 March 2014

The How To | Bath Skin Care

As well as facial skincare this week I thought I'd pop a post in about body skincare. Recently I've been getting back into baths - I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm doing a lot more exercise and baths just seem a whole hell lot more relaxing than showers. In the bath I feel like I have more time to focus on sorting out my skin as well.

When I'm in the bath I start off with cleaning my skin - I've been using Bayliss & Harding Skin Spa body wash. It smells amazing and incredibly fresh thanks to the basil in the scent. It's beautiful and so luxury. Next up I use L'Occitane Shower Oil - yes I know, shower oil and I'm in a bath. However, after exercise this is pure bliss. It warms upon application and instantly relaxes the muscles. It's perfect for moisture as well. A touch pricey but it's great. Next up, exfoliate! I cannot impress upon you how important it is to exfoliate your skin, it gets rid of all the dead skin cells and leaves your skin super super soft. My favourite is the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub - this smells absolutely incredible, so sweet and yummy. Enough to eat it - just don't! This leaves my skin amazingly soft and it helps not to encourage blemishes on my body as well. Lastly I do my face, which means one thing - face mask! I love doing this last because it means I can pop it on, then relax for ten minutes in my bath. My mask of choice is currently the Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minutes Mask, it's perfect for my skin at the moment and I love it.

Of course no bath is complete without a couple of candles, my one of choice at the moment (no photographed) is Bayliss & Harding's Strawberries and Cream candle. Sweet and gorgeous, I absolutely love it.

What's your bath routine?

26 March 2014

The Review | Ren Clearcalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser


I've heard a LOT about Ren ever since I started blogging but it's taken nearly two years for me to actually bite the bullet and order a product. I asked you guys on Twitter what product I should choose from blemish prone skin and a load of you came back with this little beauty, as did the Ren guys themselves. 

I've been using this since the end of January now and I'm not looking back at all. It's a gorgeously creamy cleanser. It's incredibly gentle on the skin. Up until this I was using the Origins Zero Oil Cleanser, which is a gel one, so compared to this it's so light and just sinks into the skin. I use this as my evening cleanser as it's very relaxing for the skin. I don't use this to remove make up as I feel it's a waste of a nice cleanser. It's the perfect second cleanse. 

Since I've started using this my skin has really done a complete 180. My skin has never looked cleaner or clearer. I would definitely recommend trying Ren out - I'd love to try more of the Clearcalm3 products. If you want to give them a go it'd be worth asking the lovely Ren team on Twitter what they recommend for you, I did that and they were very quick at replying and their recommendation was exactly what I needed!

What Ren product would you like to try out?

25 March 2014

The Top 5 | Blemish Combating Products

I've always been one of these people that suffer with blemishes and acne, so finding the right products has always been a mission for me. I'm not going to lie, it's been a struggle so when I find something I like to hold onto it with everything I have. I know there are a lot of people out there like me who suffer from blemishes and find it hard to find something. This week I am focusing on blemishes and skin care. You may have seen hundreds of no make up selfies the past few days which I think is such an amazing cause. So I thought this weeks blog posts will be all about making your skin look the best it can possibly look - face, body and all! So today's post is about me sharing my top five blemish solving products...

I use this in conjuncture with the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Water for a targeted treatment. After cleaning the area with toner I pop this gel on the little bugger to help dry it out, reduce redness and swelling and generally just calm the area. A little goes a long way (which is good because it's a tiny bottle) but is well worth the pennies.

I use this before bed every night, after I cleanse and tone. I use it as my moisturiser and a treatment. It's so nourishing but also amazing at keeping your skin nice and clean. It's not too thick which is perfect for my oily skin, definitely feels more like a gel, but it's great. After I started using this my skin did a complete 180. It's not been the same since and honestly, I do still get some blemishes, but this keeps the majority of my skin nice and clear.

A new offering, I loved the original, but I love this even more. I use it in the morning after I cleanse and tone, before my make up, as a moisturiser and primer. It smooths the skin and keeps the oil at bay all through the day (hellp rhyme!). It keeps all marks away and helps combat blemishes.

This stuff has turned into my absolute holy grail. It has anti bacterial properties which keep my skin so squeaky clean it's never looked cleaner or clearer. I spray this onto a large cotton pad and wipe all over my face after double cleansing to remove any excess dirt or cleanser left behind. I do this morning and night, and also for targeted relief. I spray some on a cotton bud and swab the area to clean, then apply my Super Spot Remover Gel. It's the perfect combination.

I will be doing a full review on this this week as part of my skin care series, but really this is just perfect for blemish prone skin. It's lovely and creamy, gentle on the skin but hard on spots. It cleans like no other cleanser I've tried whilst staying gentle - I get dry skin but this doesn't upset it in the slightest. 

I would just like to point out - skincare is completely subjective. My advice would be to find a blogger who is your skincare type - for me I always look to Kate at gh0stparties for any skincare advice as she has very similar skin to me. What might work for me however, may not work for you - all skin is completely different, these are just the products that work for me.

What's your blemish fighting products?


24 March 2014

The How To | Understanding Your Spots

I've always been one that gets spots and breakouts and I've never really known what to do about them. I knew a couple of things such as around the mouth is hormonal but otherwise I'm a bit oblivious. Surely if you know what is causing them you can do something about it? That's my theory anyway. So I spent an evening doing some research and decided to pop this post together so that I have something to reference back to, but also so you guys can get a little more in the know as well - I've done the leg work for you! I also thought it is the perfect post to along side the recent trend that is no makeup selfies for Breast Cancer... if you haven't already done this please do so! It's for an amazing cause... You can see my no make up selfie here... Or just look above - this is my very brave and scary no make up face with a DSLR... Why lisa why!? I promise I haven't edited (apart from popping the numbers on my face) or put a filter on this picture. I'm sorry... Anywho, enjoy the post!!

It's quite rare that I personally get any breakouts over my forehead, but it does happen and I know a lot of people that it happens to fairly regularly. It's quite a problem area! From my research I've found that when you get breakouts on your forehead it is usually triggered by stress of sleep deprivation.

I tend to get some little spots above and in the brow itself, incredibly annoying and irritating to my skin and I actually hate them. These breakouts represent your immune system. They tend to pop up before, after or during a cold or flu.

I'm surprised I don't get too many around this area when I read what it's down to - really I should be exploding from this area (nice image for you guys!). Basically, this is down to overindulgances, so if you've been on a night out or just eaten a load of suggary snacks recently, that's why they've popped up.

I don't get a lot of breakouts here at all, probably ever really. The only time I seem to ever get them here is if I'm using a foundation that doesn't agree with my oily skin. However, apparently if you get them here it's down to your lung quality - basically either you smoke or you're breathing polluted air, eek!

Now this is where I get the majority of my breakouts, not fun in the slightest. Basically your chin is affected by your hormones, in particular the sides of your chins. What I find really interesting is you can see which ovary you're releasing your egg from by which side of your chin is flaring up - yup, definitely the most interesting thing I've found out in a while.

I honestly believe that if you know what is causing your breakouts you can combat it. I think that's what I find really annoying about mine is that it's all hormonal and I can't really do much about the fact that I'm a woman... But I can keep my skin as clean as possible!

This week I'm going to be doing all about skincare - face and body. Tomorrow I'll be looking at my blemish busting products.

Where do you get your spots from?


21 March 2014

The Comparison | Bumble and Bumble vs Aussie

Keeping my hair nice and tame often feels like a full time job (sigh). Hands up if you feel the same! Finding products that help to control frizz and help to keep it nice and sleek, even when it's been salt sprayed or curled is definitely worth the mission. These two products are the ones I've found that really do the trick, but in a couple of different ways...

The Bumble and Bumble BB Straight Blow Dry is specifically for making your hair sleek and straight. You pop a pea sized amount into the palm of your hand and run it through the lengths and ends. Then dry - this is incredible and smoothing any frizz and keeping your hair straight. The only downside I've found is it is a tad heavy on my thick hair. Also, if you use this then pop some salt spray in to give it a tousled look it really doesn't work - this balm overpowers the salt spray completely.

The Aussie Dual Personality and Anti Frizz Conditioning Milk is used in exactly the same way. However, this isn't a straightening balm so you can use it with salt spray to get rid of any frizz and you'll still get the tousled look you're going for. Also I've found it's not nearly as heavy as the Bumble and Bumble version. If you want to use this to help keel your hair straight when you dry it don't bother, it will keep it sleek and frizz free but it won't keep it straight like the Bumble and Bumble product.

Basically it depends on what you want as to which you should go for - I use these for different things. If I want to blow dry my hair straight I throw the Bumble & Bumble on - but I'm using smaller and smaller amounts because of the heaviness. If I want something a little less "done" and a bit more "undone" I throw on the Aussie version and spray in some of my favourite salt spray and scrunch. Then rough dry with a hairdryer. 

Obviously price wise the Aussie wins out as it is much more purse friendly - I only have the Bumble and Bumble product because I got it in the sale. Both products are amazing at what they do and I honestly couldn't live without either of them - however, if I had to loose one it would probably be the Bumble and Bumble. I can straighten my hair and the Aussie product does keep is sleek, however I can't live with frizz - therefore I just couldn't throw away my Aussie beaut!

Which would you use and how?

20 March 2014

The How To | Natural Contouring

I've always been a little bit scared at the idea of contouring - and scared when I've tried it as well. It's never looked quite right one me and I end up foregoing it in the end. However, falling in love with youtube again lately I stumbled across a video by the Real Techniques ladies here that changed all that. I would highly recommend watching it! Since this video I have contoured my cheeks every single day and loved the look it's give me. So, how to contour for me...

Before I used to suck my cheeks in like a fish - so attractive! Not a good move for me, I just looked like I had two brown lines down my face, not so good! Now I start from the middle of my ear and in circular movements move down in a straightish line to the corner of my mouth. I make sure to stay darker need the top of the cheek, up near my ear, and keep it light near the mouth. This creates a more natural contour. I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush to achieve this and my favourite bronzer, Bourjois Bronzing Powder. The circular movements keeps it blended and natural. 

Next, again in circular motions brush blusher over the apples of your cheeks and up your cheek bones. Add any highlighter as well. Then, I use my foundation brush (hello Real Techniques Buffing Brush). This blends it in nice and naturally. Voila! Nice and natural contouring. I am in love with this. 
This really helped with my contouring and is the only method I use now!
What's your contouring method?

18 March 2014

The Review | Benefit Dandelion Lipgloss


So, if you read the blog you know I'm not really a lip gloss person - I don't like the thick sticky texture and they just feel icky. However, I've recently found one that doesn't make me want to wipe it straight off - yay! I feel a little bit more complete now.

So, I got this in a little Benefit set for my birthday and it's taken far too long for me to actually review it. Dandelion is just a really nice subtle everyday pink and is just perfect for days when I don't really feel like going the full whack with lipstick. It's so light it feels more like a balm then a gloss but it just has a gorgeous gloss finish to it.

I'm absolutely in love with this and have decided from this I definitely want to get more into lip glosses - I have my eye on a few different ones I wanna try but I am unfortuantely a) on a no shopping lent thing and b) just spent all my money on my annoying little car so it will definitely have to wait a few weeks! (Unless anyone wants to send me some... go on, you know you want to!) Please let me know of any you recommend as I'd love to know, I will add them to my list to try once I have more pennies!!

What gloss do you recommend?

17 March 2014

The Outfit Post | The First Sun of Spring

dress: topshop | tshirt: topshop | necklace, bracelet and earrings: rings & tings | shoes: topshop

Sunday was a gorgeous sunny Spring day. I'm sure everyone used the opportunity to pop out and enjoy it! I was working Saturday and had some bits and bobs to do Sunday so I caught a little of the sun when I went out to take some long overdue outfit photos. 

I've had this dress for years, it is my favourite summer dress - white and lace! Perfect for the summer. This is probably the first time I've worn it outside of the summer months but I love it. I popped this slouchy tshirt over the top as an extra layer and rolled it up with a belt to keep it at a cropped length. I really like this affect I must admit.

I was very kindly sent some pieces from Rings & Tings again this month. I've been coveting this collar for a while, it's perfect and oh so pretty. I absolutely adore it. I've paired it with these gorgeous diamante chandelier earrings and this simple gold infinity bracelet - which I will admit hasn't left my wrist (except for showers and baths). I really love the simplicity and textures of this outfit, it's definitely a spring keeper!

What's your current spring look?

12 March 2014

The Comparison | Bioderma Crealine v Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

When this new little beauty from Garnier came out I was very excited. Woop - another micellar water! A girl can never have too many, right... Right?! Anyway, I bought this with my Boots points and have loved it every day since its purchase. I thought it would be a really good opportunity to compare it to the bloggers favourite - Bioderma.

Bioderma has been my go to micellar for well over a year, it's great at removing the tough make up effortlessly and cleans my face without an issue. Not only that, but it doesn't dry out my face (unlike other micellar's that I've tried). The only problem is it's a bit trickier to get hold of and a touch more pricey than others I have in my collection.

Garnier is the closest dupe to Bioderma that I have tried - and, if I can get away with saying it - I think it may even be better. I find Garnier a lot kinder on the skin. Bioderma is perfect, but Garnier is just that bit nicer to use and my face doesn't feel stripped of dry afterwards. Also, quite often when using Bioderma I use it on my lips to remove bold colours. The taste after is incredibly chemically - the Garnier version doesn't have that.

One of my biggest issues is removing waterproof mascara - with Bioderma I find I do have to rub a bit, which is obviously bad for the sensitive skin around you eye. With Garnier you still have to rub to remove, but not nearly as much. It's definitely an easier process.

Now let's talk about value... The Garnier version costs £4.99 for 400ml, Bioderma costs up to around £12.50 from 500ml - and that's from a French website. You can get 250ml from UK sites for £9.99.

Winner: Personally, I'm definitely picked the Garnier version over my trusty Bioderma at the moment. It seems to do exactly the same job, but just more. I absolutely love it and if you love Bioderma, or have been waiting to give it a go, grab this version - you won't regret it!

Which do you prefer, the Garnier or Bioderma?

11 March 2014

The How To | Caring for Dry Lips

It's that time of year when weather is changing, wind is up and havoc is played on lips or any parts of your body that can become very dry. For me, it really is my lips - it's a nightmare! I've found a couple of products that are amazing at keeping them lovely and soft, plump and smooth. Also - it will cost you under a tenner!

First up is the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub for only £5.50 and absolutely amazing. This is used daily and has lasted for around a year already. It's a sugar scrub that is rubbed over the lips to get rid of any dead skin, scabs from bitten lips, and smooths them out. Also, it tastes amazing. You just lick it off afterwards - yum!

Then, just to finish off, I used the Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm. Cheap as chips at £1.65 and actually fantastic quality. It lives in my handbag and it bought out constantly at the moment. It's smooth and fresh and very very nourishing for the lips. It contains Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter for moisture.

These two paired together are my go to for caring for my lips. Both have been a constant in my routine for around a year and I love them. Cheap and cheerful, and amazing quality.

How do you care for your lips in the changing seasons?

10 March 2014

The Review | Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara


A couple of weeks ago I very sadly ran out of my favourite masara by No7 (see review here). This made me incredibly sad but at the same time excited that I get to try a new product! This was part of my £20 Boots haul so I was looking for a really good bargain. I've heard Rimmel do some great mascaras so I spent some time looking at them and ended up with this one. I have to say, I haven't heard anything about it on the blogosphere and that was one of the reasons I reached for it. Plus it was waterproof and blue so I was going to love it.

So let's talk about what makes a mascara in my opinion, the brush. It's smaller than what I really like. The bristles seem to be grouped together in small bits. It's a sturdy brush that goes over the lashes very easily. To begin with I found it quite clumpy, however if you use a rocking motion when applying this reduces the clumps that form on the lashes. Personally I prefer a bigger brush with a different layout of bristles.

The formula is very wet - so it takes a little longer to dry then other mascaras that I've used and I do find that if I blink very soon after applications it does transfer onto my lower eye. I also find it lengthens the lashes very well - that's definitely a plus point. However, it doesn't do too well with curving - I'm not sure if that's because it has a smaller brush. 

Overall I will keep using this because I do like the length it lends my lashes, however I wouldn't repurchase it and I probably wouldn't recommend it to others.

What drugstore mascaras would you recommend?


7 March 2014

The Life Post | TMI Tag

I've seen this TMI tag on a few blogs so decided to do one! I got this one off of Beth from Birds Words (lovely girl, lovely blog). My blog is nearly two years old so I thought it would be the perfect time to have a little refresh about me! Hope you enjoy...

Have you got any tattoos?
No, I've always wanted a little butterfly somewhere but keep putting it off and off. Maybe when I move out I can get one to show I'm flying the nest... Who knows!? I know Adam doesn't want me to to have one but hey, tis my body!

Yes - this is where I did all my rebelling really (I wasn't too much of a rebel). I have ears as normal, I used to have a second hole as well but they've grown over now. I have one half way up my right ear which I got when I was 16. I also have my belly done as well which I wanted for years and years and finally convinced my dad to take me when I was 15. 

How tall are you/How much do you weigh?
I'm about 5ft 4inches. I like my height, which is weird to say, but I'm not too high and I'm not too short! With regards to my weight, I really don't know. My Mum won't have scales in the house and I'm really not bothered. I go on how I feel and how my clothes fit more than anything.

Have you ever been in love?
I am as we speak :) I've had a lot of boyfriends... Well, I've always been in a relationship really, I'm not really a "single" person. I thought I was in love a few times, but to be honest probably only twice. With my boyfriend I'm with now and my ex before him.

Have you ever had a terrible breakup?
I wouldn't say terrible. I've had a few break ups, at the time they probably seemed horrible but I don't think I've every really been truly heart broken. I've been hurt of course, but not heart broken. I am definitely one of the lucky ones.

Something you miss?
Honestly a couple of friends. My oldest friend Beth moved to Cheltenham for university almost six years ago and I miss her all the time. She moved back here for three months but moved back to Chelt this week which sucks. Hopefully she'll be back soon though!

Zodiac Sign?
Scorpio - we forgive but we never forget! Haha so true. I'm not really one for horoscopes so I don't really know what I am or what I'm supposed to be like...

Quality you look for in a partner?
Oh god this is a tough one. I've been with Adam for over six years so surely I'm just going to describe him...! Let's see... He has to be able to make me laugh or it's a non starter. He has to be as much of a friend as a boyfriend. get on with my family and my friends... Obviously be attractive, bit of romance... I can't think of anything else, but hey!

Turn off?
Those guys that are happy for a one night thing - as I said before, I'm a relationship kind of girl so those types of guys just really don't do it for me.

Favourite Quote?

There are a couple - "nothing worth having comes easy" and "everything happens for a reason". It makes me feel better about having to work so hard for everything, for all those little knock backs and just all of the crap.

What are your fears?
That I'm going to be in exactly the same place as I am now in a years time. 2014 needs to be the year that gets me moving - I want to move in with Adam and start our life together properly. My fear is we can't do that this year.

Favourite Show?
I have so many, so I'll just tell you what series I have in my collection.... Friends, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and The Big Bang Theory :)

Favourite Bands?
Erm, I like Paramore, The Vamps, I love Clean Bandit at the moment, Little Mix, Rudamental... I like a real variety of things.

Favourite Flavour of sweet...
I love lemon bon bons... I love citrus sweets or chocolate raisins. 

Favourite Song?

I don't have a favourite... There are many that I love and sign along too, but no favourites. It really depends on what mood I'm in as to what song I love.

Do you have a crush?
Who doesn't have a crush.. Where should we start... Chris Hemsworth is definitely at the top of my list, Paul Wesley (Stefan from The Vampire Diaries)... Yum yum yum.

The last song you sang?
Sadly it was one from work. We play "Emerging Artists" so aload of stuff you've never heard of before, but there is one called Trojan Horse that is one of the guys favourite songs and he signs along and well, he got me hooked!

Where do you go when you're sad?
This seems very bizarre, but my bathroom. I'm lucky enough to have an en suite and when I get upset I usually shut myself in there and have a little cry. Weird yes, but it feels like my own little den.

A place you want to visit...
There are so many places I want to go. It used to be Australia but I've done that now yay! I'd love to go to Hawaii, the Maldives, anywhere hot really. For some reason I've also always really wanted to go to the Antarctic - no idea why but I think it would be frigging awesome!

The last sport you played...
Does Zumba count as a sport? Every Tuesday I go to Zumba with Amber - so much fun I actually love it to pieces. If that doesn't count, it would be squash on Sunday with Adam. We've started playing every week and I absolutely love it. It's brutal and exhausting but so much fun and I'm improving every week. 

Favourite Colour?
Anyone who knows me knows this - BLUE! blue blue and more blue. I just love me some blue :)

Have you ever been in a physical fight?
Um, kinda yes and kinda no. I was bullied a bit at school and at one point I got my head shut in a door - I also got slapped as well. Otherwise I grew up with two brothers - you do the math. I do remember kicking my younger brother in the head once, I was not a popular child then. 

The reason you started blogging?
I just love to write, I needed an outlet for it and something that wasn't under pressure for me to do it all the time. I loved it from the off, the freedom of it, the community and just the whole picture. If anyone is thinking of doing it just go for it - you have nothing to loose!

The meaning behind your blog name?
This is in my About Me section as well but hey. Topaz is my birthstone - I'm a November baby. I love blue topaz, not such a huge fan of orange topaz but give me blue topaz anyday and I'm your girl! May is one of my middle names (I have two). It's the second of the two and the one we all really use... When I'm in trouble it's "Lisa May!" If I ever have a daughter it will be her middle name as well.

The last time you were insulted?
At work probably - we all have really good banter where I work and there is one guy I get on with really well - he's my usual banter buddy! In a mean way? Probably comments on here - the ones who keep telling me I have a tash. It's all very mature and I don't pay attention to a single one!

Let me know if you decide to do this tag, I'd love to know you all a little better!

6 March 2014

The Review | Bayliss & Harding Skin Spa Collection

It's Mothers Day this month and Bayliss and Harding have some amazing products to offer. I know they are amazing because I was lucky enough to be sent some goodies - which I then shared with my Mum who loved the scent. 

I was very kindly sent a gift set of the Hand and Body Cream*, Body Cleanser* and Diffuser* in their Skin Spa Range, witht he scent sugar cane, basil and lime. The scent is zesty and you can definitely smell the basic. It's incredibly fresh. I was naughty and bought myself the candle as I loved it so must. The diffuser currently sits in my bathroom and the entire room smells amazing. Within half an hour of installing this the room was infused.

As always, the body products are luxury to the max - creamy, moisturising and filled with the gorgeous fresh scent. I absolutely love this. I haven't had a chance to burn the candle yet, but just getting a whiff of this every now and then it is beautiful.

My Mum would love this set so I would highly recommend taking a peak if you're stuff for a gift. This is definitely one of my most favourite scents I've come across. 

What will you be getting your Mum for Mothers Day?


5 March 2014

The Review | Collection Sheer Loose Powder


I've really been looking into the magic of powder recently. Since reading Lauren Conrad's Beauty book where they recommend applying powder on each layer of make up to help it stay in place. I'm not that obsessive with it - however after I apply all my base products - prime, foundation, concealer and highlighter - I pop a powder on.

Lately I've been loving this beauty. It's a bargain from Collection and one I would highly recommend. It's a transluscent powder, so it's not illuminating, it's just your usual finishing powder. I use my Real Techniques Powder Brush and dust it lightly over my face. This is such a perfect powder - I love loose powder as it gives a more natural look. This powder not only mattifies my oily skin but keeps the base on for longer. I love it.

So today is the start of lent... This year I have decided to give up shopping (for myself) for lent. Eek! It's going to be a tough one, especially with the blog but we'll see how I go! I'm actually really looking forward to using the time to do some switching up my make up posts and doing a bit more features than reviews on here. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it...

What powder do you love? What are you giving up for lent?

4 March 2014

The Life Post | Little Homey Touches

So, I don't have my own house as yet however I when I get home and pop into my room there are still those little touches that make it mine and make it feel like home. Well, it is home - I have lived here for over 13 years. So let's take a little peak at some of my favourite homey pieces.

I've never really been one for candles until recently. I picked up this beautiful "L" candle holder in France during the summer, I fell in love with it. This little glass tee light holder I got in my stocking, it goes with my room perfectly. Behind this you'll see a mini frame with a "Best of Friends" card my lovely friend Amber gave me.

Last February I went to the Forest of Dean with my family, plus Adam and Hanah (Simon's girlfriend). This is my favourite photo of my family, I love to have it close by so it sits centre of my window sill. My parents also have it as a canvas in their dining room. I love photos, so I also have these photos of me and two of my besties on top of my shelving unit. Mix and match frames which I love and old pics as well. The beautiful butterfly image behind was made by the lovely Paige Joanna for my birthday.

Then we have my favourite place in the world, my bed. I chose it myself when my room was decorated and it is coming with me when I move out. I love these roses across the frame, it's beautifully decorated and I love them. We also have this face which is also usually on my bed. Gorgeous, fluffy Ragdoll, Dougal. He's stupid as anything but seriously cute.

I hope you enjoyed my mini tour! Hopefully when I get my own place you'll get to see even more!

What pieces do you have to make your house a home?

3 March 2014

The How To | Evening Skincare Routine

After last weeks Morning Skincare Routine I've popped up my evening routine as promised. This does actually take me longer than my morning, but that's because I give myself a deeper clean in the evening. Taking all my make up, dirt and grime away from the day and making myself feel fresh for the next day. So let's see...

First up is, of course, cleansing. I like to double cleanse every evening - I really notice the difference when I don't do it so it's definitely a rule of mine. I remove my make up with a micellar water, my evening choice is of course Bioderma Crealine. For me it's still the best at removing eye liner, lipstick and all make up. I use a large pad for the face then the normal round cotton pads for the eyes and lips. Next step of cleansing is Ren Clearcalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser, a gorgeously smooth cleanser that makes my skin feel ridiculously clean and helps control blemishes. It's specifically for blemish prone skin so it is the perfect cleanser for me, and was recommended by Ren themselves via Twitter. Next we go to toning. I saturate a large cotton pad with my Lush Tea Tree Toner Water and wipe over my face, remove any left dirt and any cleanser from my skin. Then I mist it over my face as a finishing touch. One a week I put a blemish controlling mask to help my skin - in particular Origins Out of Trouble mask, a firm favourite of mine. If I have any large blemishes I use my blemish controlling method (see here) which involves my toner and Origins Super Spot Remover. Lastly I pop Origins Make a Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment, I use this a treatment and also a moisturising as it has some amazing moisturising properties. 

I do have some other bits I substitute in every now and then, but to be honest this line up is definitely my go to at the moment. It's made a huge different to my skin and I intend to keep at it for the foreseeable future. I am definitely up for trying other products so any suggestions would be appreciated!

My Skin Type: I have typically oily skin which is also blemish prone. Very occasionally it can be dry, this is due to an imbalance of oil in my skin.

What's your evening skin care routine?


2 March 2014

The Outfit Post | Top 5 Oscar Dresses

It's the Oscars tonight. I love the Oscars. Not because I like films, I do like them - but that isn't why I love the Oscars. I love them because of the dresses. I love the glamour and I just LOVE the dresses, the accessories and ugh, love love love. So, with that in mind I popped together my top five dresses from Oscar history.

Mila Kunis is Elie Saab 2011
This is without a doubt my favourite. The year of Black Swan and Mila's rise to superstardoom. I love Elie Saab as a general rule but this is so gorgeous and actually really a bit saucy for the Oscars. It's so girly, yet sexy and the colour is rare for the red carpet. 

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior 2013
Last years Best Actress winner. This was the dress that caused the trip up the stairs and I absolutely love it. It's a proper princess dress but I loved the way she styled it, with the back necklace, really simple accessories and up-do. Her Calvin Klein party dress was just as gorgeous.

Amy Adams in L'Wen Scott 2011
We all know I love my navy so I was going to love this. I think Amy Adams is quite often over looked, this dress is actually amazing. Glitzy, slinky and sexy yet classy. I love the jade accessories that go with it as well, very different and a gorgeous colour as well. 

Kate Winslet in Ben De Lisi 2002
This is the one dress that always sticks in my mind when I think of the Oscars. This is a gorgeous red, slinky, sexy dress with a twist. The shoulder arrangement is just beautiful and incredibly different as well, not too bridal. Uber glamorous.

Reese Witherspoon in Vintage Dior 2006
The year Reese won her Oscar she wore this beautiful vintage dress, very bridal but not too much. I just think it is incredibly beautiful and just sigh worthy. I love the simple accessorises, it doesn't need too much, and very simple hair as well. Just plain pretty.

What's your favourite Oscar dress?
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