3 March 2014

The How To | Evening Skincare Routine

After last weeks Morning Skincare Routine I've popped up my evening routine as promised. This does actually take me longer than my morning, but that's because I give myself a deeper clean in the evening. Taking all my make up, dirt and grime away from the day and making myself feel fresh for the next day. So let's see...

First up is, of course, cleansing. I like to double cleanse every evening - I really notice the difference when I don't do it so it's definitely a rule of mine. I remove my make up with a micellar water, my evening choice is of course Bioderma Crealine. For me it's still the best at removing eye liner, lipstick and all make up. I use a large pad for the face then the normal round cotton pads for the eyes and lips. Next step of cleansing is Ren Clearcalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser, a gorgeously smooth cleanser that makes my skin feel ridiculously clean and helps control blemishes. It's specifically for blemish prone skin so it is the perfect cleanser for me, and was recommended by Ren themselves via Twitter. Next we go to toning. I saturate a large cotton pad with my Lush Tea Tree Toner Water and wipe over my face, remove any left dirt and any cleanser from my skin. Then I mist it over my face as a finishing touch. One a week I put a blemish controlling mask to help my skin - in particular Origins Out of Trouble mask, a firm favourite of mine. If I have any large blemishes I use my blemish controlling method (see here) which involves my toner and Origins Super Spot Remover. Lastly I pop Origins Make a Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment, I use this a treatment and also a moisturising as it has some amazing moisturising properties. 

I do have some other bits I substitute in every now and then, but to be honest this line up is definitely my go to at the moment. It's made a huge different to my skin and I intend to keep at it for the foreseeable future. I am definitely up for trying other products so any suggestions would be appreciated!

My Skin Type: I have typically oily skin which is also blemish prone. Very occasionally it can be dry, this is due to an imbalance of oil in my skin.

What's your evening skin care routine?



  1. Skincare posts are my favourite :D I use all of the Origins products you have listed here too !

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  2. So many of my favourite products! I love the Origins Super Spot Remover, Tea Tree Toner. These are my fight against blemishes.


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