28 November 2013

Outfit | Winter Exercise

I have been getting a lot more serious about exercise lately - I have a a gym membership and a sudden desire to go running (if it wasn't dark everytime I wanted to go that is). The only this I lack is a good gym wardrobe.
At the moment I am popping on some old leggings, a baggy tshirt and a jumper. Comfy yes, but looking good?
Not a chance... I've popped together three looks here to inspire me into sorting out my exercise wardrobe and yours... And let's face it. Who doesn't love pink? These types of outfits are great and inspire me to get fit and healthy - what about you?

Tshirt: Footlocker | Shorts: Dance Direct | Shoes: Footlocker | Towel: Sports Direct
I LOVE Zumba. I took part in a Zumbathon a couple of years back and although hard, it was so much fun. Now I go every week with my bestie Amber and we love it. I always feel like I've had a good work out but I enjoy it so I always want to go back. A good airy outfit is perfect for a hot work out studio.

Hoodie: Dance Direct | Leggings: JD Sports | Bottle: Sports Direct
When I push myself, I really do enjoy going for a good run. I pop in my ipod and just zone out for an hour. It's getting colder so popping on a hoodie and leggings will help to me that bit warmer! Running is so good for working every part of your body, and helping clear your mind if it's in need of a breeze through.

Top: Footlocker | Bra: Footlocker | Bag: Sports Direct | Leggings: JD Sports
When it's just too darn dark outside I like going to the gym itself. Have a go on the treadmill for a good half an hour and working it out on the cross trainer. I really do need a sports bra - normal bra's really just aren't good enough! Like running I just pop my ipod in and go for it, head cleared and body healthier - well, it's getting there!

I usually go in waves of trying to be healthy and do exercise, such as before holiday or after Christmas, but really I want to stay this way all year round and everyday. I'm not going to pretend I'm the expert - but I am getting there with staying fit. 

What do you wear to stay fit?

*This post is written in association with Dance Direct.


27 November 2013

Make Up | Super-Colour Fabu Lipstick


My second foray into S&G cosmetics and I am officially hooked. Why did I not try them before?! I felt the need to buy myself a new natural lip colour, but one with a hint of mauve to it and this fits the bill perfectly. I think lipsticks for more mauve/purple tones are perfect for winter and actually really suit my complexion.

This is a blush pink, as the name suggests, and glides on effortlessly. It's an incredibly comfortable lipstick to wear. It was in their matte lipstick range, bt this isn't very matte at all, it's more of a satin finish which I actually prefer. Staying power is about 4/5 hours without eating or drinking anything.

I also LOVE the packaging. It's a gorgeous matte black that screams quality to me and I love the S&G carved into the bullet. Not exatly needed but I like it.

I will definitely be picking more of these up. They are on the slighlty more pricey side of the drugstore brands, which is possibly why I've not tried them sooner, but they are gorgeous, good quality lipsticks. I can't wait to try my next one!

What's your favourite S&G make up product?


26 November 2013

Outfit | Birthday Suit

cardigan: h&M | dress: topshop | necklace: lola rose | boots: schuh

So, it may be nearly two weeks later but this is what I wore on my birthday - hence the name. No, I'm not naked - sorry to disappoint! This outfit is made up of three pieces I got for my birthday as well.

Firstly the dress, one I have been coveting for a while. It's so different in terms of patterns, mixing it up is very not me, but I wanted to be daring and I love this. It fits so perfectly and is the epitome of a gorgeous shift dress.
I always look forward to getting Lola Rose for my birthday. This is one of their new pieces and I love it. It's big and long and versatile. It'll go with absolutely everything. And the boots, you've probably seen them in black on here but tan is awesome as well. I blame Miss Paige for these completely. So comfortable and really the only shoes my foot feels comfortable in at the moment.

I love this outfit, it was so comfortable on my birthday and perfect for a relaxed lunch with the fam. I can just imagine wearing a jumper over this dress for when it gets colder, or even popping a shirt underneath to have a collar sticking out the top. Who knows!

Also, today is my six year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend. Six years eek! It's gone so quickly and I cannot wait for the next six...!

Do you love this dress? How would you mix patterns?


25 November 2013

Make Up | ELF All Over Colour Stick

I love the concept of these. One product that you can use on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Great concept but does it live up to it?

Personally I'm going to have to say no. I love these on my cheeks. A quick sweep, blend and voila. Done and looking great, natural and understated. Lips aren't too bad either, I just find it a bit harder to apply as it's a rather large face, but it can be done and again, looks really nice. Eyes on the other hand was just a disaster for me. Sorry but it just didn't work.

Really I did get these for the cheeks mainly so I'm not too disheartened. Lilac Petal is the lighter of the too, not very lilac at all I don't think, just a very pale yellow toned pink with a touch of shimmer to it. Very pretty but not too pigmented. Pink Lemonade wins it for me. It's a gorgeous rose pink that has just the right amount of pigmentation for a gorgeous glow on your cheeks.

For the price they are really nice little products. I've not used Lilac Petal an awful lot as I don't really think it does a lot, but Pink Lemonade is really cute.

Have you tried any all over make up products before?


22 November 2013

Skin Care | Spot Busting Treatments

I am one of those people that is highly sceptical of anything that promises to get rid of your spots. From experience very little actually delivers on that promise and I've spend so much money trying different things with little success. However, there are two products I've discovered that I always go to when my skin decides to play up. What rebellious skin I have!

Both of these are treatments, so an addition to your cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. I use either one of these, depending on my mood, after toning and before moisturising. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo is the first of the two that I tried. Very gel like in consistency I've found this is really good at calming redness and spots down, reducing them. It's quite drying so tends to dehydrate the spots so I guess that's why they shrink. The second of the two is the Origins Make a Difference Plus + which is amazing when you're having just really bad skin weeks. It just clears the skin up and keeps them at bay. Whereas the Effaclar Duo is good at diffusing them once they are here, the Make A Difference Plus + is good at keeping them away. I use this most days and then the Effaclar Duo for days when the Origins is losing it's battle against my naughty skin.

Either of these two is definitely worth getting. Effaclar Duo I would recommend if you're one a bit of a budget, however if you want to dish out a bit more then grab the Make a Difference Plus+ as it's definitely worth it.

What spot busters work for you?


20 November 2013

Outfit | Off to Bath I Go

dress: topshop | belt: topshop | scarf: lola rose | coat: topshop | necklace: tiffany | shoes: schuh

So the day before my birthday my lovely boyfriend took me to Bath. I've never been before and had always wanted to go. Whenever I go past on the train it looks so gorgeous and picturesque for a city. While there I dragged him around the Roman Baths and to do some Christmas shopping. The shopping is huge! There are so many shops I could be wondering around for hours and still find somewhere else.

Anyway, this is what I wore up. I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It's lovely a thick, so warm and very practical. It's blue as well so my favourite colours - basically made for a Lisa! I teamed it with this amazing Lola Rose scarf, a hand me down from my lovely Mum, and my faithful Schuh boots.

I'm having issues with my foot at the moment. Back in February it started hurting and I was told I had probably fractured it - although I couldn't remember doing it! Now it's come back, I've found that these boots make it so much easier to walk in. It has a slight heel so keeps the pressure off my arches and it has great support for the foot. The doctor has decided I need an ultrasound on my foot as it may be something to do with the nerves so just waiting for that to come through now - fun! Until then, I'm a limp a long!

Anyway, I have popped some pics from Bath below - so enjoy! I would highly recommend it to you all!

What's your practical winter outfit?


19 November 2013

Make Up | ELF Lipstick in Sociable

Another from my ELF haul. This lipstick is another one of my favourites. Now at £1.50 I wasn't exactly expecting an amazing quality lipstick and if I'm honest it isn't. It doesn't last too long and it's not the most comfortable of lipsticks, however it's a nice lipstick for the price you pay.

Sociable is a very blue based hot pink with a LOT of shimmer to it. The colour does disguise a lot of the shimmer though. It's a gorgeous colour, a beaautiful warm pink that warms up the complexion and is good for a quick shot of bright colour.

The packaging is cute, but cheap as you'd expect, it's very stiff twisting it up and down but for the price you really can't ask for anything more. If you're one a budget and need a hot pink for your collection this should be your number one port of call.

What ELF lipsticks do you recommend?


18 November 2013

Make Up | Bourjois Cream to Powder Eyeshadow

I've been wanting to try this since it came out a few weeks ago. I love cream eyeshadows as I find they apply a lot nicer than powder, however they always seem to crease like anything, so when I saw they were a cream to powder finish I had to give these a try.

This comes in six shades, I chose Prune Nocturne as I don't have any other shade like it and thought it'd be perfect for the Christmas season. It's a gorgeous deep berry purple colour with flecks of rose gold through it and a subtle shimmer. It's so easy to apply, it transfers to powder really quickly but is cream in the tub so you do need to work quickly to blend this in.

It doesn't crease (woop) and lasts for a good few hours. I'm not entierly sure what this obsession is with 24hour make up - I'm not awake for 24 hours so I don't really want my make up to last longer than my waking hours but hey. It doesn't last 24 hours but it does last a good few. I will definitely be getting more of these, I love the range of colours and think I prefer these to the Maybelline Color Tattoo just because of the finish these give. 

Have you tried these eyeshadows? Do you prefer these or the Maybelline Color Tattoo?


13 November 2013

Life | The Birthday Post

Today is my birthday! It's not only my birthday but my Mum's as well. The lucky lucky thing had to give birth to me on her birthday. Best birthday ever I think.... But I'm a tab biased!

Today will be spent going out for lunch with my Mum, Dad and Adam (the lovely men have today off) and then the afternoon will see relatives and friends come over to wish us happy birthday - and probably spoil us a little as well eek!

A big thanks to all those who have already wished me happy birthday, while you're reading this pop on over to see my Mum on twitter (here) and send her a birthday message as well - it was her birthday first after all!

Some people think it's a bit weird that we share a birthday, but I think it makes it extra special. It's probably the only thing me and my Mum share with anyone.... (if you try and get us to share chocolate with you.. we do bite)

So! Happy Birthday to my lovely Mum! Please be prepared for gift posts as well as pics on instagram and twitter throughout the day!


12 November 2013

Make Up | ELF Contour Kit

Probably my favourite out of everything I got from ELF is this little kit here. I have wanted to try the Nars version of this for a while but can't really justify the price, so when I saw this at the price I jumped feet first. Mine!

It's got two lovely creamy shades, one for contouring and the other for blush. Both perfect for my skin tone. The contouring one is quite dark so apply sparingly or you end up with huge patches of brown on your cheeks - not pretty trust me. Both blend together really easily and nicely creating a nice natural contour. I'm not an expert on contouring, or that bothered most of the time, but this makes it so easy and pretty.

I use the brown in the hollows of my cheeks (very little bit and blend up) and then the blush on the apples of my cheeks and blend up to the hairline.

A really nice product - one that will be on my repurchase list when I run out! A bargain product at such good quality.

What contouring kits do you like?


11 November 2013

Make Up | Kiss Ass Concealer

This is my first foray into Soap&Glory cosmetics. I've used their skin stuff before, but never their cosmetics. However with 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to try a couple of their bits that I've been thinking about trying.

First up is this. I've been needed a new concealer for a while and I've seen loads of fab reviews on this one so I thought I would try it out. It's a three piece set for all of your concealer needs. Step one is a undereye brightening concealer, slightly pinkesh but perfect for brightening under the eyes. It doesn't crease or wear off after a couple of hours and makes me look and feel refreshed. Step two is a superwear face concealer, slightly more grey than the undereye concealer it's actually the perfect colour to cover my blemishes. It blends so easily and looks really natural. It's not too matte and again, doesn't crease or wear off easily. Lastly is a concealer setting powder. Transluscent in colour it comes with a little pad to dab under the eyes and over where you've popped your face concealer. It just finishes it off and gives a flawless look.

I actually LOVE this product. Takes a little longer than your usual all in one doe foot concealer, but does a fantastic job. This little pot is a face saver for definite and well worth the £10 price tag. I'm not a huge fan of the different levels as it's little tricky to begin with trying not to loose the pad and also get to levels 1 and 2 on the bottom, but once you get used to it is worth it.

What's your number one concealer?


10 November 2013

Trends | The Lady is a Vamp

I want to start this off by saying this is NOT a tutorial. I'm not a make up artist or any kind of expert in applying make up. I just love playing with it and trying new trends. I've really wanted to try out this new vampish trend that seems to going around this autumn so I thought I would share the results with you!
I'd bought a couple new products to help with this as well so let me talk you through it...

For me, the idea of a vamp look is the eyes and the lips. Keep the eyes nice and dark and the lips deep and berry-ish. For the eyes I used new Bourjois Cream to Powder eyeshadow in Prune Nocturne, a deep purple berry with hints of gold flecks through it. I popped this all over the lid, adding another layer through the crease and lash line. Then I used Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Crayon in Blackmail as a liner along the lash line. Then, my usual Chanel Intense Eyepencil in Noir along the waterline. Add L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara and you had a nice vamp eye. I also used Soap&Glory Kick Ass concealer under the eye to help create a porcalin affect under the eye, just to make the eyes stand out more.

For the lips I used Mac Lip Liner in Cherry to create a nice matte base and outline, then I covered it with Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107. Both create a gorgeous dark vampy berry colour on the lips that make them stand out and make your skin look paler.

I love this look, it's quite a subtle vamp-ish look for me, I could have gone darker with the eyes probably but I'm not usually one for really dark eyes so I wanted something a little lighter as everyone is different. Again, I'm not a make up artist so there are probably better ways to create this look but hey, this is just me.

How would you create your vamp look?


Outfit | The Morning After

jumper: h&m | blouse: TU | jeans: topshop | necklace: accessorize | socks: topshop | shoes: schuh

So last night I went out with some of my best girls for a little birthday celebration. My birthday is on a Wednesday and I also share it with my lovely Mum which means we usually spend the day with each other and have family visiting, so a weekend dinner and cocktails with the girls is exactly what I needed for a fab birthday celebration.

Today however I am paying for it slightly. I am off shopping with the lovely Becca to spend her birthday vouchers so I need something comfortable and slight hangover worthy. Enter this outfit... I am LOVING collars over tops at the moment. Slightly addicted and not happy unless there is a collar somewhere. These jeans are lived in, so comfy and flattering I cannot live without them. This necklace was an early bday present from Bex and I love it. The colour is gorgeous and goes perfectly with the cream of this jumper.

These shoes - eek! Took me a while to actually have them but have been attached to my feet ever since. So comfy and really stylish too. Yay!
I thought I'd pop some photos up from last night as well, introduce you to my best girls while I get a chance! So here we go...

I met Bex through work around 6 years ago now and she also happens to be a lifelong friends of Adams (basically family). Funniest girl in the world, we've had some major drunken times/parties and a lot of fun. The one person in the world who understands the perils of working for Staples!

You've probably seen this face before. The sweetest girl and the bestest friend in the world a girl could ask for. The first one I go to for everything, we're basically soul mates we've decided (sorry boys!). Known her for well over 10 years but only really been close friends for the past 6, met her through Beth (below) her step sister.

My oldest friend in the world, she moved away to Cheltenham for Uni 5ish years ago and is still based up there until the end of this month until she moves back hopefully! We've basically proved long distance friendships can work! Cannot wait for her to come home, so many memories with this girl.

Thank you girls for an amazing night and for just generally being there for me. Love you!!

What's your morning after outfit?

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