26 November 2013

Outfit | Birthday Suit

cardigan: h&M | dress: topshop | necklace: lola rose | boots: schuh

So, it may be nearly two weeks later but this is what I wore on my birthday - hence the name. No, I'm not naked - sorry to disappoint! This outfit is made up of three pieces I got for my birthday as well.

Firstly the dress, one I have been coveting for a while. It's so different in terms of patterns, mixing it up is very not me, but I wanted to be daring and I love this. It fits so perfectly and is the epitome of a gorgeous shift dress.
I always look forward to getting Lola Rose for my birthday. This is one of their new pieces and I love it. It's big and long and versatile. It'll go with absolutely everything. And the boots, you've probably seen them in black on here but tan is awesome as well. I blame Miss Paige for these completely. So comfortable and really the only shoes my foot feels comfortable in at the moment.

I love this outfit, it was so comfortable on my birthday and perfect for a relaxed lunch with the fam. I can just imagine wearing a jumper over this dress for when it gets colder, or even popping a shirt underneath to have a collar sticking out the top. Who knows!

Also, today is my six year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend. Six years eek! It's gone so quickly and I cannot wait for the next six...!

Do you love this dress? How would you mix patterns?



  1. That dress is so pretty, congrats on 6 years! xx


  2. I love this dress. It looks great. I've been debating getting the maternity version. X


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