1 November 2013

Wishlist | My 24th Birthday

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So it's the first of November... which means it's my birthday very soon! Well, on the 13th. I will be the ripe old age of 24 (gulp) but hey, hopefully at 24 I will have moved out and in with the boy so I'm focusing on that! For my birthday what I really want is a new laptop so money has been requested.. However for those who don't want to give me money I popped a little list together of other things I want (all non beauty weirdly).

I tried this on a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. The mix pattern is so unique and just really cute. It fits perfectly and would go really well with my new boots and bowler hat. I can see this fitting into my wardrobe perfectly. The boy may hate it but hey - he doesn't have to wear it!

I have these in black now and I love them in tan as well. To be honest, my Mum has already bought me these for my birthday so i already know they are in the pot but I wanted to show them as they are the perfect cut out autumn boot!

My hair is a bit longer now, which means I can get back to curling it. I prefer more of a wave to a curl and am still on the hunt for the perfect tool to create the perfect wave. I'm back on the GHD's for now but this Babyliss tool has been on my mind for a while.

I blame my bestie Amber for this. She gave me series 1 & 2 to borrow and I am now hooked. The full set is so cheap for what it is on Amazon and I'm desperate to watch series 3... What happened next!? Also, who can resist a Salvatore brother? I'm currently loving Stefan but that may change...

I am going to do a beauty wishilist next week - don't worry I am still a beauty blogger so it would be bizarre to not have a beauty wishlist! But these are those etc things I've been lusting after for my bday!

What's on your current non beauty wishlist?



  1. Ooh vampire diaries is the best tv show!! Totally addicted. Love the dress too :)

  2. That dress looks pretty & the boots too x


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