26 September 2015

The Haul | Lush Bathbombs

I do love a Lush bath. I do find them really relaxing and I really do look forward to them. Pop a bath bomb in, a little bit of bubbles and stick Netflix on my laptop. Then soak. What more could you want? I realised as I went to have a bath the other day I had run out of bombs, shock horror, which of course meant I had to go and pick up some new ones...
I ended up buying three (end of month, lack of money, desperate for bath bomb life) and they are all quite different, which is really nice. One is a long term favourite, and the other are new to me, and Lush, so I really wanted to share them and my first impressions of them with you.

This is actually my favourites of all bath bombs, not going to lie. It just makes my entire bathroom smell like lemon sherbert which I absolutely love (Adam, not so much). It looks like quite a boring bomb on first encounters, just a bit white, however once you pop it in all sorts of colours start exploding out, turning your bath a lovely golden orange colour.
This bomb is great for if you need a pick me up, or just need uplifting.

This literally made my bathroom smell before I'd even used it. The scent of it just overtook the bathroom completely - which is good if you like the smell (like me), not so much if you don't (like Adam). It has a woody fragrance to it as it contains sandlewood oil, and again is one of those that looks boring on site - but once in the water it oozes out oranges, purples and turqoises. Not a huge fan of the colour left, but it also has gold glitter in it so beware - your bath will be sparkly for days afterwards.
This bomb is great for a long, contemplative soak in the tub

This was probably the one I was most excited about trying - Disney have a lot to answer for. It has a very light, refreshing scent of floral, which is just so pretty and great for putting you in a good mood. The bomb itself is gorgeous, beautiful tones of blue swirling together with glitter - so so pretty, and so so me. Once you let it loose it does pretty much what you'd expect - no surprises with this one really. You get a lovely blue bath with a good amount of blingy glitter.
This bomb is good for cheering you up, letting your anger go...

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  1. I love Lush but have never tried a bath bomb, the Dragon's Egg sounds really nice x

    Zoe Mountford x


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