8 April 2015

The Life Post | I'm Engaged!!!

SO glad I can finally post this! I've been waiting until I've told all family/friends I wanted to tell in person before this went on any social media/blogging site - basically this is why I've had radio silence since it happened...

Anyway.... I'M ENGAGED! Eek. Still feels so weird to write/say that. After 7 (and a bit) years with my boyfriend (now fiance) he popped the question and I said yes! So how did he do it? Well...

3 April 2015

The Haul | Mini Benefit Haul & First Impressions

It's been a while since I splashed out at Benefit. The last time I did I went to a counter and had a mini base makeover. I spent a lot... I decided, after realised I needed to replace my foundation very soon, to put in an order. There were a couple of other bits I wanted to purchase as well so voila, three items and a lot of restraint later, I had three new items. I thought I'd combine some first impressions with these as well, however as one is a repurchase I'll just pop a quick bit about why I like it and link to a full review.

2 April 2015

The Favourites | High End Repurchases

We're ploughing through high-end week on T&M! Today's video, and the only high-end themed video, is all about those products I keep repurchasing that make me want to hide my purse.

1 April 2015

The How To | Spending on Skincare

Is skincare one or two words? I never know... Oh well. Carrying on with my high end week I wanted to talk today about why I think it's worth spending more on skincare rather than settling for budget offerings. Don't get me wrong, some of my favourite skin care products can be picked up in Boots - but they tend to be the mid level brands, like La Roche Posay. One brand I never know if it counts as high end or drug store... Compared to some of the products I'll talk about today it's drugstore...
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