3 April 2015

The Haul | Mini Benefit Haul & First Impressions

It's been a while since I splashed out at Benefit. The last time I did I went to a counter and had a mini base makeover. I spent a lot... I decided, after realised I needed to replace my foundation very soon, to put in an order. There were a couple of other bits I wanted to purchase as well so voila, three items and a lot of restraint later, I had three new items. I thought I'd combine some first impressions with these as well, however as one is a repurchase I'll just pop a quick bit about why I like it and link to a full review.

This is my third bottle of this and I love it as much now as I did when I first tried it. It's a beautifully natural looking foundation that gives medium coverage whilst allowing your skin to breathe. I've put a full review of this here so if you want to know more I'd check it out. I've also used this in my latest GRWM video here.

This has been EVERYWHERE lately and was in pretty much nearly every February Favourites video I watched. I'm a bit bored of my usual mascara so I decided to give it a go...

First Impressions:
Um. Hello lashes I didn't know I had... To be honest, the brush confuses me slightly as it's long one side, short the other so I just kinda did whatever with it - but it lengthens them SOOOO much. Not so much volume I'd say, however I do love the length it gives. Lasting power, right now, is also really long. We'll have to see if it stands up to the London commuting test though...

I have Posiebalm and use it so much. It's a beautiful balm and I love the colour. I've wanted to try another one for months and decided that a hint of red may be just want I wanted...

First Impressions:
I really like the colour of this on my lips, it's more of a pink then a red which I guess I should have expected but it's such a warm tone it really brings life to the lips. The balm is as moisturising as the Posie version, longevity isn't amazing but it's a balm so I expect to have to reapply a lot. Overall, really pretty.

Overall, I'm really happy with my mini (pricey) haul. So far so good and first impressions are definitely on the thumbs up side! I will definitely keep you guys updated though...


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  1. Roller Lash is my new obsession! I love it, it works wonders for my lashes!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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