14 May 2020

Nursery Planning & Inspiration

Image from Mamas and Papas

One thing I was always so excited to do when we found out we were expecting was to plan and sort out the nursery. It was something I was determined to have done by the time baby came, and it would be a functional yet cute space. I also wanted it to be something that could last a little while, and suit either gender as we don't know what we're having. But where did I start?

11 May 2020


Being pregnant, and growing a huge bump and pair of boobs, shouldn't mean that you lose your style. It's always something I thought about and would look at many maternity sites, options and Instagrammers to see how they were dressing and what my options would be. And although for a lot of the first half of my pregnancy I lived in leggings, I was determined to keep my usual Spring style for the second half.


7 May 2020

Pregnant in a Pandemic - How I'm Feeling

When you first start trying to get pregnant or see the little blue lines on a test, you envision your pregnancy and what it'll be like. Will you feel ill, how big will you get, what will your maternity wardrobe look like, who will plan your shower etc. I don't think anyone ever imagines they'd be spending a large chunk of it stuck at home, isolated from their friends and family. But that's where we currently stand.


4 May 2020

How to: Combat and Manage your Dark Circles

When I asked my friends what sort of content they'd like to see over May Madness, I had quite a few requests to talk about how to cover up dark circles. It's not a huge surprise seeing as they have young babies and toddlers! It's something I've also struggled with lately (thank you uncomfortable sleepless nights), so I decided it was time to pop on my testing and research hat and find the best ways to combat these dark circles and share my own tips and experiences.

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