11 May 2020


Being pregnant, and growing a huge bump and pair of boobs, shouldn't mean that you lose your style. It's always something I thought about and would look at many maternity sites, options and Instagrammers to see how they were dressing and what my options would be. And although for a lot of the first half of my pregnancy I lived in leggings, I was determined to keep my usual Spring style for the second half.

I have always love Spring and Autumn the most in terms of styling. Summer can get too hot so you're basically going off of comfort, and Winter can get too cold so the jumpers roll out. But Spring and Autumn are where you can really show your personality and style. So for my pregnancy, I wanted to make sure I still did the same. I tend to live in midi skirts and dresses, Converse, t-shirts and leather or denim jackets. However isolation has put a little spanner in the works there, so it's mainly comfy usual style pieces. So I thought it only fair that this months style wishlist, centred around my Spring maternity wishlist.

I have been living in dresses during my second trimester, I've just found them to be in general a lot more comfortable, lightweight and they can grow easily (in most cases) with the bump as it grows. Floaty, summer style dresses are where my eyes have been drawn so wanted to share five maternity dresses I'm coveting at the moment.

New Look Green Midi Dress £17.99 | Topshop Black Floral Mini Dress £39.99 | ASOS Green Mini Dress £15.00 | H&M Striped Maxi Dress £29.99 | New Look Navy Dress £17.99

There's no rule that says you have to stick to the maternity section when you're pregnant. I'm still wearing pieces from my old wardrobe that were more roomy and floaty, and they work perfectly. Plus it means they'll still be good to wear after the baby comes, so it feels like less of a waste of money at times. I have bought a couple pieces, however I either sized up or have gone for more floaty, oversized pieces to try and compensate for bump.

H&M Leaf Midi Dress £19.99 | Topshop Black Drop Hem Dress £29.00 | Urban Outfitters Green Ditsy Floral Dress £45.00 | H&M Blue Tropical Dress £29.99 | Urban Outfitters Purple Floral Maxi Dress £59.00

The last couple years I've definitely been a Converse only kind of girl at this time of year, however - try tying laces with a belly, I dare you. Also, I'm fully aware that my ankles and feet may begin to swell going into my third trimester. Fun times! So it feels like the perfect time to pick up some super cute, and wearable sliders or slip-on sandals - whatever you fancy calling them. Quick and easy to throw on, and you can still look on style.

H&M White Slip Ons £12.99 | Topshop Black Croc Slip Ons £19.00 | Zara Metallic Strappy Slip Ons £29.99 | Topshop Coral Twist Slip Ons £42.00 | Zara Leopard Print Slip Ons £19.99

If you want to see more maternity style inspiration then check out my Pinterest board here. If you'd like to see more of my specific style you can view my "What I Wore" video here, and make sure you follow me on Instagram as I share all my outfits on there and save to a highlight called "Bump Style".

What's on your maternity wishlist?


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