24 April 2012

Revlon Top Speed Nail Varnish

Have had a little bit of a Revlon haul at the moment... poor bank balance!!

One of my new favourite purchases is this gorgeous shade of Revlon Top Speed Nail Varnish...

605 Emerald

This is my first experience of a proper greeny shade and it's very unlike me! But I completely love it - especially as it made my Dad say "why are your nails green... it looks weird"... Good times!

I don't know about you, but I'm always very dubious of any nail varnishes that claim to be quick drying etc as they usually disappoint. However, this actually does what it says on the tin (of bottle as it were). It literally dried so quick, I didn't even have time to blink! By the time I'd finished my second hand the first was dry and I could apply the second coat. I was really impressed.
Was very surprised at how quickly and how well it dried so I can definitely recommend this :) 

I do apologise about my terrible nail painting skills though as the boyf has just pointed out they are terrible and has volunteered to do them from now on - will be holding him to this!

Tips on painting nails please?


  1. That is a gorgeous colour! For tips on nail painting, I have no idea, bless your boyfriend for offering to do them haha. Practice makes perfect though!


    1. Haha he is well trained bless! He always does my toes already so may have to promote him to hand nails as well!!

      Will take a look at your blog hun :)

  2. Love the colour!



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