13 April 2012

Filthy Gorgeous Nails

A fab product from my She Said Beauty April box.

in 'Tu-Tu Much"

This is a longwearing, high shine, high pigment professional quality nail varnish. You can see from the above picture just how much shine you get off of this nail varnish.
Que "I can see my face in it" shine quotes...

I absolutely LOVE the colour. It's so loud and bright. While I'm not huge on bright lippys and bright eyes I love having bright nails. Now I have stopped biting them (trying to anyway) I love having my nails painted and looking fantastic. 
I applied 3 quotes as the first 2 quotes were quite low on colour, but as will all nail varnishes you just need to add a couple more quote for enhance its colour.
Without a base quote it lasted really well and I didn't get any chips for a couple of days. It was also really easy to apply, i really liked the brush.
However, it doesn't dry as quickly as I'd like. First time I applied it I started doing stuff as I would do other nail varnishes and it came off and chipped and ended up on the inside of my cardigan sleeve... So leave it a while to dry after you've applied it.

Otherwise I absolutely loved this and think its THE perfect colour for our current weather as it can brighten up any grey outfit!

What's your favourite bright nail varnish?

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  1. what pretty shades definitely great for Summer. mine is China Glaze flip flop fantasy!



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