19 April 2012

Coral Contrast

I am a bit of a navy whore... If you look in my drawers you will literally see a sea of navy so I like to buy accessories and cardigans etc to completely contrast navy.

Here is a perfect example. I recently went to Bournemouth for the day with the girls to do some shopping and see Steps ....

Cardigan: Topshop, Top: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Belt: Levi, Necklace: Lola Rose, Bracelet: Lola Rose, Sunglasses: Accessorize

I think the coral of the jewellery and the teal of the cardigan really help to contrast to excessive navy in the outfit (self admitted navy addict). This necklace is one of my absolute favourites and I really do wear it a ridiculous amount...
The Levi belt came from my lovely boyf after he discovered it was too small for him and they wouldn't let him refund it (uh oh...) so I got it (yay!) and I actually really like it, it fits perfectly around my waist and it the perfect tone of brown as well.
This outfit was very comfortable, but not incredible warm so I ended up having to buy a new jumper in H&M to keep me way (yes... i HAD to!)...

Jumper: H&M (please excuse the cheesy grin!)

What colours do you like to contrast?

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  1. I also love the teal colour! Just bought a skirt in the topshop sale in that colour and I'm in love :)
    Thanks for an idea on what jewellery to wear with it xxxx


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