25 June 2015

The Life Post | Adulting

Adulting. Something everyone fears when they get past 20, but can't wait for throughout the tean years. It's amazing how many times me and my besties have messaged each other over the last few days going "I feel so grown up today" but really, why do we have to be grown up? Just because we're 25... *cough*


23 June 2015

The How To | Creating a You/Beauty Icon Hybrid

I love playing with make up, which is probably why I write a beauty blog. It's fun to try new products, new looks and it's fun to try and recreate the looks of some of your favourite stars. I'm not a trained make up artist, or anywhere close for that matter, but then neither are most of you. Not everyone is a natural and not everyone can recreate the exact looks shown on some of our favourite beauty icons - but we can but try.


22 June 2015

The Haul | Boots & Body Shop Mix

Yes. I hauled. Because this is what happens when I get paid. I shop. I went for lunch with my best girlies and somehow came back with two bags of beauty goodness. Funny how that happens isn't it? I haven't done a haul for a while so thought I'd pop it all in video for you to watch!


21 June 2015

Sunday Spotlight | Glossy Boutique

This week's #SundaySpotlight is on a blog I literally discovered on Monday and fell head over heels for. She commented on one of my posts and I've been making an effort to comment back to anyone who does, so when I opened up her blog I was like ooooo me likey!


20 June 2015

The Dupe | Clinique Chubby Stick v Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

I know, there have been a LOT of chubby stick dupes in the drugstore. It even got to a point where I refused to buy any more lip crayon-esk products because I was so bored of the whole thing. However, Clinique's Chubby Sticks were the first to market and honestly - not many of the drugstore brands managed to remake the same formula, until this one.


19 June 2015

The Video Post | Q&A - Beauty Recommendations, Cat Chat and Wedding Planning

Welcome to my first ever Q&A! I was really excited about doing this as I've not done one before and I just think it's a really good way to get to know the face behind the blog/channel. I love watching Q&A's so let's face it... it was only a matter of time before I did one!


17 June 2015

The Wedding Post | Picking the Right Venue

After the dress, this is probably the biggest decision you'll have to make for your wedding. There are so many things to consider and honestly, it can get a little overwhelming. It's also probably the first thing you should book. Until you have your venue, it's very hard to do anything else or envisage what you want your wedding to look like. 

16 June 2015

The How To | 3 Concealers... 3 Jobs...

First up, yes, I know, they are disgusting. but this is what concealers look like then they're used every damn day. They get messy. Moving on... If you saw yesterdays video you would have seen me use 3, yes 3, concealers. This is a daily thing for me as I find the best concealers for each "concealer job" are all seperate products...


15 June 2015

The How To | "No Make Up" Make Up Look

I'm lucky enough that a couple of days a week I get to work from home - which usually means a lazy make up day. If I'm not going anywhere I just won't bother, however if I'm popping to the shop or going to see my Mum I'll put together my version of a no make up, make up look.

14 June 2015

Sunday Spotlight | More Than Adored

Welcome to the first installment of #SundaySpotlight - a weekly post of appreciation a particular blog/channel that I've been loving lately. I think it's so important to recognise other bloggers or youtubers as it is a community and honestly, it's probably something I've not done very well in the past. But I've had some lovely readers/viewers etc and I want to give back!

13 June 2015

The Style Post | Lucy Watson for Shelikes

I think Miss Watson is either someone you love or hate. Personally I love her. One thing you can't dispute though is her style - it's just perfection and honestly if I could have her wardrobe/figure I would die a happy happy girl. So when I saw she was doing a collection for Shelikes I was straight online, choosing my favourite pieces for my wishlist.


12 June 2015

The Favourites | Drugstore Morning Skincare for Oily Skin

You would have seen earlier in the year I popped together both my morning and evening skincare routines on YouTube, however as it gets warmer my morning routine diminishes slightly and those mornings there I have to rush to work, it gets very minimal. However, there are a few choice products I currently wouldn't dream to leave out of my morning routine and guess what - all of them are under £10...

11 June 2015

The How To | Current Hair Routine

I've never been much of a hair routine/product kind of a person. However, since getting my hair snipped earlier this year and the idea of getting married next year, I've started to take better care of my hair.

10 June 2015

The Wedding Post | Choosing Your Initial Guest List

*Image sourced from Pinterest
This is something we put together fairly early on, before we look at venues, and I did actually find it easier than I thought. However, I know it can be really tricky to narrow it down and justify your choices. To help choose your perfect venue you need to know how many people you want for your ceremony and wedding breakfast to start, and then a rough idea of evening guests. But how can you make sure you've got the right people?


9 June 2015

The Review | An Everyday Natural Mascara

There are those days where you don't really want to wear too much make up and you want to just look like yourself but better. One thing I really struggle to do is find a mascara that actually helps achieve this. It's my own fault, I love long lengthening volumising mascaras. And none of that says "natural".

8 June 2015

The Favourites | Top 10 Summer Nails

It's been a good old while since I've done any type of nails post. I just haven't had the inclination or inspiration to do much with mine, but since the sun has come out I am definitely back to loving nail colours! I do love a good summer nail.

7 June 2015

The Review | Bourjois Aqua Lacque

I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on these, but I decided to just give them a go and make up my own mind. Bourjois have a lot of new releases going on at the moment and these were the ones I was most excited about so I'm glad I did. But which side of the fence do I fall on?


6 June 2015

The Favourites | May 2015 Beauty Picks

May has been a bit of a weird month! The first half was a bit meh for me, however the end half was great. I managed to complete the 3 peaks challenge, and I got a promotion at work so that's all good! Anywho, I loved a good few products in May so have a few pieces to chat about.

4 June 2015

The Review | Joan Collins Divine Lips in Evelyn

I usually love red lip when it comes to bold statements, however when summer comes around I am all about the pink. Hello pink ladies indeedy. I have a lot of summer pinks, however I think I may have found the perfect bold lip pink - bold statement for a bold lipstick.


3 June 2015

The Life Post | 3 Peaks Challenge

1 | Mid point on Ben Nevis  2 | Top of Ben Nevis  3 | Fingerpoint Rock on Snowdon
So, I know today is supposed to be 'wedding' day, but this week I decided to substitute for a different life post. I very recently took part in the 3 peaks challenge - yes, I'm insane - and I wanted to share my experience, and tips with you all if you decide you want to go ahead and try it. But really, if you do - insaaaaaaane.


2 June 2015

The Food Post | Surprise Flapjacks

Part of me feels like I should learn how to make healthy cakes and treats, however when I look at these I just can't bring myself to feel guilty. I do love a good flapjack, however I tend to find some can be a bit dry. So I made myself some gooey versions with a little surprise...

1 June 2015

The Favourites | Top 5 Drugstore Blushes

Carrying on my feature on top 5 drugstore products, I decided this one would be all about the blush. I am a massive blush lover and there are some that I go back to every time.
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