23 June 2015

The How To | Creating a You/Beauty Icon Hybrid

I love playing with make up, which is probably why I write a beauty blog. It's fun to try new products, new looks and it's fun to try and recreate the looks of some of your favourite stars. I'm not a trained make up artist, or anywhere close for that matter, but then neither are most of you. Not everyone is a natural and not everyone can recreate the exact looks shown on some of our favourite beauty icons - but we can but try.

When I'm trying to recreate a look from one of my favourite beauty icons I find the trick is to pick up on three key features of their look. I use those three key features, and then fill in the blanks to suit me. I do find when completely recreating someone's look it is never fully successful because - let's face it - I am NOT that person and I do NOT have their make up artist. Therefore by just taking the three key features and working with those, I can adapt it into a Lisa/Icon hybrid. Yup, got to love a hybrid. I have three main beauty icons whose looks I like to incorporate into my little hybrid situation (shown above) and each one has a totally different look for me. Below I've popped each three feature for each icon and also spend and save products to help you achieve these looks.

For me Emma Stone is definitely at the top of my list. I don't see her as a conventional beauty, but she is so naturally beautiful it's inspiring. No matter that hair colour she tries it suits her, and no matter what make up look she tries she keeps it translucent so you can still see her natural beauty shining through. Case and point... Freckles.

 Who isn't loving Taylor Swift at the moment? Or for the past few years. For me its been interesting watched her grow into her beauty style and own her own personal twist on a classic 50's look. She's bought a look that is adaptable for almost anyone and made it modern again. Yet whenever you see this look you still think "Swift".

Oh Shay. Shay is an absolute natural beauty, whether she's wearing barely there bases or glammed to the max - she takes confidence to a whole new level. She always look confident and that is something infectious. What I love about Shay and admire is that no matter what her lip and eye trend, her base is always flawless and glowing.

Let me know who you're top beauty icons are at the moment and how you achieve their look!
This blog was created as my entry to become House of Fraser's next Beauty Ambassador (see the post here) so wish me luck! All ££ spend products can also be found in their beauty department here.

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