30 September 2013

Make Up | Mac Bombshell

I was a bit naughty and had a little mini MAC haul, like two items, but still very naughty. One of these items was (of course) a lipstick. However I managed to change it up a bit and get it in a finish I hadn't get tried. See, I'm a rebel!
I saw Bombshell on Beth's blog and instantly fell in love. I've been after a gorgeous light rosy pink for ages and this was the exact colour I'd been lusting after. The idea of it having a Frost finish did put me off at worst, but low and behold it ended up on my doorstep anyway.
Bombshell is described as a rosy pink with frost. It is exactly that. I'd read a few posts saying it wasn't really that frosty or shimmery, but it really is shimmery on me. Usually I'm not one for frostiness or shimmer but I don't mind it with this as the colour is so gorgeous. I have been wearing this as my everyday shade ever since.

I wouldn't go overboard and go "I'm a shimmer girl now" as I'm really not. I have a couple of other lipsticks that have shimmer and I really don't like them, but this one is a winner with me.

Would you wear a frost finish lipstick?

27 September 2013

Giveaway | September

I wanted to start a new little feature as a thank you to all of you guys. So what I'm going to do, instead of a favourites post at the end of every month, I'm going to do a wee little giveaway to say thanks to you guys for sticking with me. It will only be a small one every month, it will be the top 3 products that I've loved that month. I love my blog, but those days when I'm feeling blue and unloved the fact that you guys are still here and still reading really spurs me on so that's why I want to say a big thanks.

So this month I want to giveaway the following three items - ones that I couldn't have lived without this month and that I've been reaching for continuously.
1. Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
2. Mac Fix+ 
3. Essie Chubby Cheeks

I've loved these three products this month and I hope you guys will too! So T&C's... You must be a follower of the blog on either here (GFC) or BlogLovin. I will be checking so no cheats please. There are also optional entries as well but that's the one must.
Also, only UK only I am afraid - I just don't have the funds to ship anything abroad atm, hopefully I will do soon so will let you know when that changes.
So! Just fill out the form below, competition will run for one week so get your entries in! Enjoy!!
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26 September 2013

Trends | Micellar Waters

Micellar waters seem to be everywhere at the moment, wherever you go you hear about them. Any skin care posts they seem to pop up. So are they worth the hype and what do they actually do? Now, I am not going to pretend to be an expert but I'll do what I can...

When I first heard of Bioderma it was described to me as a "chemical cleanser", so instead of wiping the make up off and around your face the water breaks the make up down as much as possible to take it off. Sounds a bit scary doesn't it. Basically it's a water based cleanser, so less nasty things inside and less harsh on your skin. Of course it depends on the product as to how effective they are for you and how harsh they are on the skin. 

The idea behind these is that they are a cleanser, however I wouldn't use them as your only cleanser. I would pop these in as part of your double cleanse routine. Micellar water, then cleanser. Removes most of the make up so you can let your cleanser do more of the deep clean it needs to. Then again in the morning for a quick cleanse to remove any over night dirt.

For me, this is definitely worth the hype. I couldn't live without mine. Most make up removers for me just tend to be oil based - so just don't agree with my oily skin, but these just seem to strip the oil with the make up and do a fab job. If you're like me and have oily skin then I would definitely recommend the above micellars. If you're wondering if Bioderma is worth the hype... Yes, it really is. It is still my favourite that I've tried and definitely the best at removing make up. But if you can't get hold of it, the other two are great as well.

If you have more sensitive skin I would steer clear from B.Pure as I've found this to be slightly harsher than the other two. The L'Oreal version is perfect for more sensitive skin as it is really gentle and easy to use. It's a lot more viscous than the other two as well (basically more watery).

As I said, I'm not an expert and I don't want to pretend to be (so if you hear professor voice in there just virtually poke me), but personally I love micellar waters. They do exactly what I need them to do and have filled a hole in my skincare routine that really needed filling. I definitely have my eye on a couple of others so I will keep you posted...

Do you think micellar waters are worth the hype?


25 September 2013

How I Wear | Staying In Halloween

It is almost the end of September (already?!) and that means one thing.... its nearly Halloween! I know, bit soon, but my family seem to go a bit crazy for it... The entire front of our house gets decorated - I mean graves in the lawn, motion sensored skeletons, motion sensored hands in the letter box, Dad as a wolf, dog as the devil... You name it we've probably had it.

It has been a couple of years since I've been to a proper Halloween do, or really dressed up, but seeing as my parents make sure a big deal out of it I do try and dress a little grunge on Halloween, you know, getting in the spirit. I have popped said outfit above and I love it.
Red and black is the epitome of halloween for me (night and blood... spookay!). These red leggings are from Topshop, and since I will most likely to be staying in and watching Hocus Pocus whilst we get trick or treaters, leggings is definitely the comfiest option for me. Teamed with this gorgeous black and tartan blouse from Boohoo - you can still be stylish whilst sitting on the couch right? And, because I'm always a cat on halloween, these gorgeous cat ears from Asos. Meooow.

If you are going out for Halloween, I would recommend doing it the right way in a ghoulish costume - it's fright night after all, so you might want to put your scariest self forward. This list predicting the top costumes for 2013 has a few suggestions should you find yourself a bit stuck in this department, or you could simply recycle last years costume! 

What will you be wearing this Halloween?

*This post is a collaborative PR post


24 September 2013

Make Up | Staying at the Boys

So last week and this week I am housesitting with the boy at his house, which i LOVE doing. However, one thing I hate is packing my make up for such a stay. It usually involves any newbies, or faves, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see what I'm using on a day to day basis...

First of all, the bag is from Lola Rose, I'm sure you've seen me wear their jewellery but they also dabble in cosmetics and this is a little cute washbag of theirs that I love.

Make Up Brushes
Cliche, yes, but I live by the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply my foundation and also blend everything in - especially if I've gone a little overboard with blusher. Yes it needs a bit of a clean but there you go. Also up is the Real Techniques Contour Brush - this I use for bronzer and blusher. I love using it for blush as it's a bit more precise then the blusher brush and also super soft. For eyes I just have the lil old padded brush from god knows when.

Here we have what is turning into my all time favourite foundation from Benefit, their Hello Flawless in Ivory Believe in Me. I love how this looks and feels on my skin, a very lightweight liquid foundation. We also have a newbie for me, the new Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation. I've not tried a mousse foundation since Maybellines Dream Matte Mousse in my teens so I was dubious, but so far I am loving it. We cannot ignore Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, an old favourite that just goes everywhere with me (I have about 4 of these in various places). 

I seem to have bought about six different cheeks products with me. Overkill? First up is a holy grail product for me, 17's Glow Shimmer Brick, perfect for highlighting and a little bronze. Then we have five blushes. A newbie from Rimmel again, their new Stay Blushed liquid cheek tint. Currently LOVING it I have to say, really pretty, easy to apply but not too long lasting I've found. Then my two fave cream blushers at the moment, which actually look identical really, Bourjois Cream Blush in Healthy Glow and Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium. Basically the same colour, but the Stila version is a little more nudey. Then my two favourite powder blushes, Nars Deep Throat, a gorgeous shimmery peach, and Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface, the longest lasting blush in the world in a dusky pink. Lastly is a brand new newbie, Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Adored - not sure if it's a blush, a highlighter or a powder so I've been using it as a blush/highlighter and so far I LOVE it.

My eyes seem to stay the same everyday, so this was a really easy choice. For shadow we have Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On & On Bronze, LOVE this, gorgeous colour and lasts for hours. On top of this I pop L'Oreal Superliner, my little cat flicks, then my Chanel Inimitable Eye Pencil on the waterline. Depending on my mood you will either see No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara or L'Oreal Telescopic. Both lovely, but No7 gives a more natural look for me I think.

Probably the hardest to slim down, but we have Baby Lips in Pink Punch - a gorgeous everyday baby pink that is really moisturising. Mac Plumful, a holy grail autumn lippie for me that I am sporting most days if I'm honest. Fallen right back in love with this recently and a new one for me from Mac, Bombshell, a frost finish gorgeous pink that I've fallen hard for. Then we have Bourjois Color Boost in Orange Punch for the sunnier days, and a newbie - Revlon ColorStay Suede in Socialite. A gorgeous nude pink shade that literally doesn't come off. Love this range and would highly recommend it.

Okay - so probably one of THE longest posts I have done in a while, but one I really wanted to share with you so I hope you enjoyed! 

What products would you take away with you for two weeks?

23 September 2013

Make Up | Daddy's Little Girl


I know, the Archies Girl collection was mooonths ago, but I totally missed out on it when it originally came out. So when Paige and I popped into Gunwharf the other week and found discounted, discontinued Mac we couldn't resist. We both ended up with this gorgeous Satin shade.

This is so not what I would have even looked at online, I coveted Betty Bright everytime I saw it reviewed, but I love this colour. It's a violet pink which is incredibly bright, and very different for me. It's a bit like Pink Nouveau, but on steroids. Lasting power is really great as well.

I just love the packaging. It's so cute and fun, it really is totally unique to anything else I have and I love it for that. I bought this for £11 in a discount store run by the Lauder company and I would definitely recommend visiting it if you're in Gunwharf.

Have you tried any of the Archie's Girls collection? Which is your favourite?


22 September 2013

Life | Nothing to Wear

I'm having a bit of a mare with my clothes at the moment. I just stare at my wardrobe thinking I have nothing to wear, knowing I do I'm just not in the mood for any of it. I'm having a a bit of a crisis. I have a lot of stuff in my wardrobe that I do like, I'm just so meh about it at the moment.
I'm beginning to think it could be cause I'm feeling a bit like that about life at the moment as well. There have been a few things happening lately where I just kinda sign and think is anything actually going to go right. It's one of those times...
So I need a bit of a shake up! Where I've been blogging more about beauty then fashion lately I think that's where all my money is going... So the past couple of pay days I've been trying to focus on sorting my wardrobe out. I've bought so gorgeous pieces (mainly dresses) that I'm totally in love with and feel they have already added a little something to my everyday routine.

Basically, I wanted to write this post because I need your help guys - what do I need to do to sort my wardrobe out at the moment! I need your expertise...! What staples should I be investing in to get me out of my rut?

What styles do you think I should try?


20 September 2013

Nails | Mini Nail Haul

I went on a little shopping spree with my Mother the other day and somehow came back with four different nail polishes (among some other bits and pieces) so I thought I would pop them on here and show you some of the autumn colours I'll be sporting.

I've wanted to try one of these for a while, you get polish one end and a glitter top coat on the other. I chose this shade as it matched a new dress I'd bought and it was also a very autumnal shade. It's not the easiest to apply as it's quite a long tube, but the colour is gorgeous and I love the glitter affect.

Usually I don't go for an irridescent shade, but I love the colour of this for autumn. It's a gorgeous pink purple that's infused with Rimmel's lycra formula which I find lasts for days without chipping and has a wide brush which makes it super easy to apply.

I just loved the name of this, so cute. It's the perfect autumn orange as it's not too bright. It's more of a burnt orange which adds that touch of autumn to it, but it's also not an out right red with screams Christmas to me. Not quite there yet! Again has the wide brush for ease of use and the usual fab Essie formula.

Okay, so not the most Autumny shade, but I really do love this colour. I've been putting off buying it for a while but I couldn't help myself. It could be an autumn shade - it has a gorgeous tone to it that could be worn all year around and really is pretty.

I haven't bought many nails stuff lately as I've been getting gellish from the boy's Mum (she's bought herself a kit) but to be honest, I like to change my nails as much as possible so I'm back to my magical colouring box of nail paints - so be prepared to see more nail posts! Hope you don't mind...

What's your favourite autumn nail colour?


19 September 2013

Outfit | A Tartan Dream

dress: river island | necklace: lola rose | boots: H&M | lips: mac plumful

This dress is an autumnal dream. It's really on trend with the tartan fabric, and it's thick enough to wear during the colder months. It also has this super cute Peter Pan collar to add that little bit more detail.
This is part of River Island's Chelsea Girl range - I love River Island at the moment, everytime I go shopping lately and pop in I end up with so many items in the dressing room, half from the Chelsea Girl range. It's also very affordable - not as much as H&M but far more affordable then Topshop has become lately.
This dress was a very purse friendly £25 and I can imagine wearing this all autumn long.

I am really enjoying getting back into the trend of doing outfit photos. It had gone off kilter for a little while, but I love doing it and where I am trying to shake up my wardrobe a bit, the outfit posts are really helping me to think about it all a little bit more.

I would definitely recommend the Chelsea Girl range - I've popped my top 5 from the collection below... Enjoy!

What's your top autumn find this year?


18 September 2013

Skin Care | Piz Buin After Sun

Okay, so we are surrounded by rain at the moment so this seems a little off kilter, however I've been wanting to review this for a little while as it was a real summer saviour for me.
My mum uses Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess and knows how much I'd love to steal it, but that I also can't afford it, so she gave me this to try and it is a brilliant dupe. The idea is that basically you use this as an after sun and it helps turn your burn, or any sun affects into a natural gorgeous tan. There is no colouring, or fake tan within it so your colour is all natural - it just gives it a bit of a help along.

I used this all summer and it's helped to prolong the brown and turned any turn into a tan quicker than anything else I've used before. I would definitely recommend this as a great Bronze Goddess dupe. 

At just over a tenner it's still not the cheapest of After Sun options - but I didn't buy it so I can't complain. If you are on a budget then maybe look for another tan intensifier - Garnier seem to have some great ones. But if you can afford it, I'd definitely go with Piz Buin.

What's your favourite After Sun?


17 September 2013

Skin Care | After Shower Routine

Yes, yes that it actually me post shower, no make up, just in towels. Wow don't I treat you guys. Anywho, this post occured to me whilst doing my after shower routine (funnily enough) and I thought well I will just do the pictures now and see how we go... So there you go, that's the story of the picture. Again, you're welcome.

So, what do I do after the shower? Well I always find my skins feels dry after showering. It's not as bad since using L'Occitane Shower Oil but it still needs something so I pop on Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion. I love Nivea, whenever a moisturiser doesn't seem to be working I always go back to it - you just can't beat it as far as I'm concerned. It's a lotion rather than a cream, which I prefer as it doesn't feel so heavy, and really my skin isn't overly dry or flaky so a lotion works fine for me.

For the face, I love cleansing after a shower. I always forget to take my make up off before it, so a quick swipe of Bioderma and what's left after the shower (usually panda eyes) it's all gone. Then, onto Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - a cleanser I've gone back to lately. A beautiful cream cleanser that's fresh and beautiful on the skin. Then I moisturise the face - at the moment I'm loving Vichy Aqualia Thermal* as it's super super hydrating and not oily or greasy - so perfect for my oily skin. 

So, apart from the dodgy after shower picture, I think it all goes very well and very smoothly! Smoothly... get it, smooth skin... I will stop now.

What's your after shower routine?


16 September 2013

Trend | Red Lips

I'm not going to lie. Red lips have never been "my thing". It's never the first colour I usually reach for and it's definitely not the first shade I'm drawn to when swatching in a shop. However, I do have some that I absolutely love and when they do come out (rare) they are very appreciated. I've picked the top five from my collection to go through...

Me and lip crayons are soul mates, and when I saw this red one I desperately wanted to give it a whirl. It's a lovely matt-esqe stain that's not too dark, but also not to pale that it fades into non existence. A nice red for those who aren't 100% confident to try a big bold colour.

A darker red, with a more satin finish to it. Not quite matte but not quite glossy. It's a classic 50's red as I see it and it's gorgeous. Lasts a good couple of hours, and is defintiely for those a touch more confident with their reds. Ironically I bought this for a 50s themed evening!

Not quite as pinkish as it looks here, it is actually a gorgeous pink toned red. For me this is the perfect red as it's warm, more like a stain than a gloss and incredibly wearable. I fell in love with this and would recommend for those who are trying to transition from pinks to reds, or have a warm complexion.

This shade is notorious amongst bloggers and I can understand why. It's a dark cherry red that is dramatic and utterly gorgeous. It's more blue/purple toned than others and I would only recommend this is you're a seasoned red professional - otherwise you might find it a bit of a shock!

I love this colour. It's a tad lighter than 107, so more wearable, really incredibly long lasting and just gorgeous on the lips. It's a true cherry red, as you'd expect by the name, looks gorgeous with a gloss over the top or left matte. Just make sure you prep your lips first with this one!

Overall I do really like a red lip, it's classic and glamorous, but it can be scary. My advice would be to dip a toe... don't jump in the deep end! And always always prep your lips before a red lip as every crack will show through.

What's your favourite red lip?


15 September 2013

Outfit | A Walk in the Park

top: topshop | jeans: topshop | necklace: lola rose

So this is what I wore for a walk in the park, well a forest actually it just didn't sound as good for the title. On Bank Holiday monday (I know, aaages ago now) I went for a walk with Adam and the 'rents down in a forest with the pooch, hence the plimsoles which I never, ever wear so I've ignored that they exist in these photos.

I wanted to show this top though. I have it in a couple of colours and if I'm feeling lazy and not sure what to wear or just need something to add a little something extra I just pop on one of these. With the cute little peter pan collar and lace design they add a really subtle, everyday edge to any outfit and are just really simple and easy to wear.

Today I am moving in with the boy... for two weeks. His parents are away so I'm moving a little bit into the country and away from civilisation to house/cat sit with him. I'm very excited, but also a little sad as we still haven't moved in together yet and it's nearly 6 years down the line. We decided very early on not to rent, but to get a mortgage so it's taking a little time... but we are almost there - so close! So fingers crossed for us!

How's your sunday going?


13 September 2013

Make Up | Revlon BB Cream

I actually bought this months ago. I went looking through all my photos to see what I've missed and found it in my June folder... Opps! I can't believe I haven't reviewed this sooner, bad blogger. You may have seen this BB cream in my recent BB creams post (here) but I wanted to give it a bit of a more in depth look as I do really like this product.

Most BB creams I try have a dewy affect, which usually I'm not a huge fan of due to my oily skin, but this one has a gorgeous matte like finish that I love. It is one of the thicker BB creams that I have tried, and when it comes out the colour does look scarily pale - like it would turn you into a vampire (hello Edward Cullen) however once blended in it actually creates a really natural look.

For me the only thing missing from this is longevity. This doesn't last for very long if I'm honest, for short use this is great, but for all day use it's not what you want to go for unfortunately. Otherwise, if you just need something for the evening or just a lazy Sunday then this is perfect for you.

Have you tried this BB cream? Are you fed up of BB creams now?


12 September 2013

Make Up | No7 High Shine Lip Gloss

I got this as part of one of No7's "Free Gift" offers, it's a mini version on one of their High Shine lip glosses in pale pink colour, Coral Kiss. Personally, I wouldn't say it's a coral at all but each to their own.
I am not a lip gloss person - just gonna point that out now, I don't like the feeling of them and for me they just feel continually heavy and I feel like I'm back in my teenager years when wearing them. But, I thought I would just give it a go!

So things I like about this, I like that it's a doe foot applicator, I hate the squidgy applicators - they are just messy, you can't control them and just aggravate me (rant over). Whereas these are really easy to use, apply and control. The colour is really cute, it is a PINK (not Coral) but it does have a little bit of subtle gold shimmer running through it. It's very subtle on the lips so good for an everyday shade. It's not too stick either - yay!

So what don't I like about it... Well, it's a lip gloss. I'm sorry! For someone who loves lip products I'm so weirdly against lip glosses, I just shrink away from them. This is still heavy and feels it on the lips - so when wearing it on holiday I did feel like my lips were sweating (is that even possible?!) but that is my only con.

I think if you like lip gloss than you will like this, however if you are like me and tend to avoid, then I woudn't recommend it. Like I said, it's probably mainly because I am not a lip gloss type of gal - but hey, gotta avoid something right?

What type of products do you avoid?


11 September 2013

WIshlist | Pandora Autumn Collection

I love my Pandora bracelet. I have a brown leather one and I love every single one of my charms. Recently they've launched their new Autumn collection and it's a goody! So, I thought with birthday and christmas coming up and the inevitable piles of little white boxes I will be receiving, I should put my two cents in writing and give you guys my top 5.

I absolutely love the simplicity of this ring, and how unique it is. Usually I go for the typically girly things, so a feather is a bit different for me. I really love the design. I think it would just be a really nice little quirky silver ring and would make a lovely little special gift.

I love the murano charms as a rule anyway, I just love how delicate they look and the patterns you can get inside them. My bracelet seems to have a blue theme so this little buddy would fit right in with all its other blue bead friends.

Very autumnal, we have leaves. Again I love the openwork charms, they are classic and great if you're looking for more a budget present for someone as they are one of the cheapest charms, yet one of the prettiest. I love the detail on this leaves version.

I just LOVE these. They are the prettiest earrings I have ever seen in my life, I just want to snatch them up and run away with them. I love the size, i love the detail, i love the colouring. Just everything about them really and if I had a spare £200 I would treat myself!

I really like the plain version of this, however the little inscription just seems to make this even cutest and that little bit more special. I love jewellery that means something to me, and I have a feeling if I ever received this it would mean a hell of a lot. Just a cutie.

If you want to browse the Autumn Collection yourself just click here. It is a really gorgeous collection and in my opinion one of the best yet. I love it - hello birthday/christmas list!!

Which is your favourite from the collection?


10 September 2013

Outfit | A Bloggers Date

dress: forever 21 | boots: H&M | necklace & earrings: Lola Rose | ring: forever 21

On Saturday I went on a date. Kind of. I went to meet a new friend for lunch, this friend being the lovely Paige from paigejoanna.co.uk (go visit now!) and I must admit I was pretty nervous. We'd met before at a blogger meet up a couple of weeks ago and got along really well, and we'd spoken a few times since so we made lunch plans. I was a lil worried that it would be awkward at times but it turned out I needn't have. We got on really well, talked a lot, and even went for a little (big) shop afterwards. 

Now, when you are meeting a fashion blogger for lunch your usual "omg I have nothing to wear" train of thought goes into overdrive. Luckily I'd just received this gorgeous bird print dress from Forever 21 and knew I wanted to wear this. So even with the rain I got my stubby little legs out and headed on over to Gunwharf. I really do love this dress, it's a baby doll fit so oversized, but flattering and I love the print.

After lunch Paige and I went a shopping... We both ended up with the same MAC lipstick from the discontinued Archies Girls collection (review coming soon) and I also ended up with a dress (see pic here). Now a word of warning - a fashion blogger, meeting up with a beauty blogger, around shops is just a bad idea. If we weren't both short on cash at the moment it would have been a bank account disaster... O well, we will save that for when we are rich and famous.

All in all, I had a lovely day and I cannot wait for our next "date". It's actually really nice to have someone down the road that does blogging as well - as much as my friends understand it and love that I do it, it's nice to not explain why I'm taking a picture of that seeminly uninteresting object...

So here is to the next date! And the next outfit that goes with it....

What do you think of my new dress? Bird prints for the autumn!


9 September 2013

Trends | MAC Lipstick Finishes

As with any blogger who has tried them - I've become addicted to Mac lipsticks... if I have a spare £15 (recently up from £14) then I know exactly where it's going... However, when I first started I was little bit confused about the finishes - so I thought I'd pop onto some trusty bloggers, do a bit of research and get these finishes explained! I personally have tried Lustre, Cremesheen and Satin - so the others I had to rely on some other sources! So here we go...

One of my favourites, it's basically exactly as it says - it is a creamy lipstick that glides on and leaves a glossy sheen. This has a good colour pay off, with medium even coverage. However, cause of the sheen it doesn't have as long staying time as soon of the other formulas.
Top 3: Coral Bliss, Crosswires, Fan Fare

With the most shades available in this finish you're bound to find one you like here. It gives a slight frosted finish, not too glossy, but can be a tad dry. The colour pay off isn't as great as some of the other finishes, but it's nice for an everyday finish.
Top 3: Plumful, Lovelorn, See Sheer

Probably my favourite out of the three I've tried. This gives a very even silky finish to the lips and has the best colour pay off that I've tried. It's long lasting, but can be a touch drying as it doesn't have the gloss element to it. It's basically a matte lipstick, with a touch of silk.
Top 3: Pink Nouveau, Mac Red, Rebel

Amplified Creme
Basically a longer lasting, more pigmented version of cremesheen. This range is full of bold bright colours, that have a creamy application and a sheen finish - kind of like cremesheen on red bull. If you love your brights, I would go for this finish.
Top 3: Vegas Volt, Girl About Town, Brick-O-La

Very similar to Lustre, but a bit more shimmery and iridescent. Again, less colour pay off with these and not as bright a range as some of the others, although again, like Lustre, has the largest range of colours to choose from. If you like your shimmery lips these would be the finishes for you.
Top 3: Costa Chic, New York Apple, Bombshell

Definitely the smallest range of colours, this is as the name suggests. The sheerest coverage of all the finishes. They leave the lips looking glossy, with low colour pay off and low staying power. Colour range is very limited, and very natural-esk.
Top 3: Hue, Pervette, Hot Tahiti

Again, exactly as the name suggests. This lipstick is completley matte - so if you like your gloss finish stay away from these. The longest lasting of all the finishes, but some can be uber drying so I would suggest balm preperation for these. Some bright bold colours in this range as well
Top 3: Lady Danger, Please Me, Ruby Woo

So there you go! Hope that's helped at all - it helped me while researching it to find the difference between them. They are mainly common sense, but it's nice to have the clarification. Most of my Top 3's are from looking through swatchs on blogs and reviews - I have Coral Bliss, Plumful, Crosswires, Fan Fare and Pink Nouveau and I would recommend each and every one of those. I can't wait to buy my next one!

What's your favourite finish?

8 September 2013

Body | Vaseline Spray & Go



When I saw this on a couple of blogs I was very excited. I am the laziest person in the world for caring about the skin on my body. Face, sure I will look after it, but body, meh that can take care of itself. Since I've come back from holiday I have noticed my skin being drying and flakier, so when I saw there was a solution for this for all the lazy girls out there I ran to my nearest Boots and snatched it up.

I don't really know why I expected this to be amazing. If you think about it, it's never going to be ridiculously moisturising for your skin if the concept is spray and go... But hey, I was taken in. Basically, you spray, rub it in and well, go. So what did I think? Well, while my skin was super dry this really made no difference whatsoever. However, I for those everyday skin troubles, and just to top up your moisture levels this is actually really nice. Very refreshing and just a really nice quick fix.

If you do have sensitive skin that needs real moisture, don't go for this. However, if you're like me and normally just need those quick fixes this is exactly what you need. It comes in three different varieties and I have my eye on the Cocoa version next...

Have you tried these new Spray & Go moisturisers?

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