20 September 2013

Nails | Mini Nail Haul

I went on a little shopping spree with my Mother the other day and somehow came back with four different nail polishes (among some other bits and pieces) so I thought I would pop them on here and show you some of the autumn colours I'll be sporting.

I've wanted to try one of these for a while, you get polish one end and a glitter top coat on the other. I chose this shade as it matched a new dress I'd bought and it was also a very autumnal shade. It's not the easiest to apply as it's quite a long tube, but the colour is gorgeous and I love the glitter affect.

Usually I don't go for an irridescent shade, but I love the colour of this for autumn. It's a gorgeous pink purple that's infused with Rimmel's lycra formula which I find lasts for days without chipping and has a wide brush which makes it super easy to apply.

I just loved the name of this, so cute. It's the perfect autumn orange as it's not too bright. It's more of a burnt orange which adds that touch of autumn to it, but it's also not an out right red with screams Christmas to me. Not quite there yet! Again has the wide brush for ease of use and the usual fab Essie formula.

Okay, so not the most Autumny shade, but I really do love this colour. I've been putting off buying it for a while but I couldn't help myself. It could be an autumn shade - it has a gorgeous tone to it that could be worn all year around and really is pretty.

I haven't bought many nails stuff lately as I've been getting gellish from the boy's Mum (she's bought herself a kit) but to be honest, I like to change my nails as much as possible so I'm back to my magical colouring box of nail paints - so be prepared to see more nail posts! Hope you don't mind...

What's your favourite autumn nail colour?



  1. Satellite is gorgeous, and mint candy apple is definitely still on my lust list! Great picks!

    www.gleepface.com | a british fashion & beauty blog

  2. Your mum has a Gel Nail Kit - best mum EVER!!
    I have tried to limit the amount of nail polish I buy as I have so many I never get round to wearing. But I have seen some brands are releasing some amazing Autumn / Winter collections I may cave & buy some
    The Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra in Grape Sorbet is a very pretty colour & quite unusual too.
    I have one of those double ended Revlon polishes in Galactic & love it. Esp the glitter side.

  3. Wow I love Satellite it looks perfect for Autumn! !

    I love Gellish, doing a simple french mani then you can paint whatever colour over the top and remove it if you get bored!!




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