9 September 2013

Trends | MAC Lipstick Finishes

As with any blogger who has tried them - I've become addicted to Mac lipsticks... if I have a spare £15 (recently up from £14) then I know exactly where it's going... However, when I first started I was little bit confused about the finishes - so I thought I'd pop onto some trusty bloggers, do a bit of research and get these finishes explained! I personally have tried Lustre, Cremesheen and Satin - so the others I had to rely on some other sources! So here we go...

One of my favourites, it's basically exactly as it says - it is a creamy lipstick that glides on and leaves a glossy sheen. This has a good colour pay off, with medium even coverage. However, cause of the sheen it doesn't have as long staying time as soon of the other formulas.
Top 3: Coral Bliss, Crosswires, Fan Fare

With the most shades available in this finish you're bound to find one you like here. It gives a slight frosted finish, not too glossy, but can be a tad dry. The colour pay off isn't as great as some of the other finishes, but it's nice for an everyday finish.
Top 3: Plumful, Lovelorn, See Sheer

Probably my favourite out of the three I've tried. This gives a very even silky finish to the lips and has the best colour pay off that I've tried. It's long lasting, but can be a touch drying as it doesn't have the gloss element to it. It's basically a matte lipstick, with a touch of silk.
Top 3: Pink Nouveau, Mac Red, Rebel

Amplified Creme
Basically a longer lasting, more pigmented version of cremesheen. This range is full of bold bright colours, that have a creamy application and a sheen finish - kind of like cremesheen on red bull. If you love your brights, I would go for this finish.
Top 3: Vegas Volt, Girl About Town, Brick-O-La

Very similar to Lustre, but a bit more shimmery and iridescent. Again, less colour pay off with these and not as bright a range as some of the others, although again, like Lustre, has the largest range of colours to choose from. If you like your shimmery lips these would be the finishes for you.
Top 3: Costa Chic, New York Apple, Bombshell

Definitely the smallest range of colours, this is as the name suggests. The sheerest coverage of all the finishes. They leave the lips looking glossy, with low colour pay off and low staying power. Colour range is very limited, and very natural-esk.
Top 3: Hue, Pervette, Hot Tahiti

Again, exactly as the name suggests. This lipstick is completley matte - so if you like your gloss finish stay away from these. The longest lasting of all the finishes, but some can be uber drying so I would suggest balm preperation for these. Some bright bold colours in this range as well
Top 3: Lady Danger, Please Me, Ruby Woo

So there you go! Hope that's helped at all - it helped me while researching it to find the difference between them. They are mainly common sense, but it's nice to have the clarification. Most of my Top 3's are from looking through swatchs on blogs and reviews - I have Coral Bliss, Plumful, Crosswires, Fan Fare and Pink Nouveau and I would recommend each and every one of those. I can't wait to buy my next one!

What's your favourite finish?


  1. I'm definitely a matte kinda girl. I bought a lustre one but i just didn't like it so sold it and got a matte - neon orange. Which i then dropped and stood on :( GUTTED!


    1. Aww no! Not cheap to replace either good ole Mac! I haven't tried a matte one yet but definitely want to, I love the satin so hopefully will love that too!
      L xx


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