8 September 2013

Body | Vaseline Spray & Go



When I saw this on a couple of blogs I was very excited. I am the laziest person in the world for caring about the skin on my body. Face, sure I will look after it, but body, meh that can take care of itself. Since I've come back from holiday I have noticed my skin being drying and flakier, so when I saw there was a solution for this for all the lazy girls out there I ran to my nearest Boots and snatched it up.

I don't really know why I expected this to be amazing. If you think about it, it's never going to be ridiculously moisturising for your skin if the concept is spray and go... But hey, I was taken in. Basically, you spray, rub it in and well, go. So what did I think? Well, while my skin was super dry this really made no difference whatsoever. However, I for those everyday skin troubles, and just to top up your moisture levels this is actually really nice. Very refreshing and just a really nice quick fix.

If you do have sensitive skin that needs real moisture, don't go for this. However, if you're like me and normally just need those quick fixes this is exactly what you need. It comes in three different varieties and I have my eye on the Cocoa version next...

Have you tried these new Spray & Go moisturisers?



  1. I like the idea that you can just spray it on, its a fun concept.
    I have been wanting to try it & might pick up the Cocoa version.

    1. It's a very handy product! I want the cocoa version too :)
      L xx


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