7 September 2013

Make Up | Maybelline Immortal Charcoal

So, after the amazingness that is On&On Bronze I wanted a new colour in these amazing eyeshadows. As a mostly neutral kinda gal I went for Immortal Charcoal. It's a metallic smokey dark silver that looks gorgeous once it's on.
I say once it's on because this is so much harder to apply then On & On Bronze. I found it really really stiff and just really hard to create an even finish as I can with the former mentioned colour. Very confused I have to say as the first one I used was so easy to use and apply, but this one I have real trouble with, which sucks as the colour is gorgeous - once you get it all on. 

As with On & On Bronze it is very long lasting and incredibly smudge proof - a really great thing about these products really in their lasting power. There isn't any fading and I love it for that.
If this colour was a bit easier to apply I'd be running out the door to buy others, but this has put me off a tad. Has anyone else had this issue?
Today I am off to lunch with the gorgeous Paige from paigejoanna.com so be prepared for some pics on Instagram and Twitter. I've been a bit sporadic in terms of posts this week - mainly just cause I've had a couple of things going on which have taken priority, and honestly it's been nice to take a bit of a back seat this week. Having said that I still got my 5 posts out this week so I can't really complain at myself! Hope you guys have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing!

What's your fave colour? What cream eyeshadows do you recommend?


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