28 February 2013

Dr Jart BB Beauty Balm

Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm (travel size)

This BB cream has been raved about over a ridiculous number of blogs. It's one I have always thought about trying, but at £18ish I couldn't really justify it. However, I then saw this little travel size version on a blog sale for £4 and thought, why the hell not.

I have used it on its own and as a base for my foundation as well and I really like both uses. On its own I have found it to be pretty naked coverage. It absords really well and doesn't look like you're wearing make up, which I like. It evens the skin tone and doesn't aggravate my oily skin.

As a base I have found that it holds my foundation in place really well and doesn't adjust the colour too much, which I have found with some tinted bases that I've used.

It's thicker than my Maybelline BB Cream, but thinner than the Body Shop version - so it's a happy medium. It's thicker than my liquid foundations so I feel it helps with coverage, but it really is invisible when it's on the skin. It's like your skin but better.

I'm really happy with this product and I'm very tempted to purchase it nearer summer time for my holiday as I prefer these to foundations, plus it contains SPF - always handy! At the moment I'm happy just using the travel version as a base though. No idea where you can get it from, I'm sorry!!

What are your favourite BB creams?

27 February 2013

Steal her Style: Mila Kunis


I have a serious girl crush on Mila Kunis - and it has been forever since I've done one of these posts (my only other one see here) - so I thought I would combine the two! I love Mila's style. Her daytime look is incredibly laid back, especially since she has been with Ashton Kutcher, yet her evening look is simply gorgeous. My favourite ever Oscar outfit goes to Mila and that beautiful Elie Saab number. If I ever go to the Oscars (ha!) I want to go with Elie Saab!

I love this look. It's so casual and yet looks really chic and fashionable. I definitely want some jeans like this - new on my wishlist!

I love the look leather jackets give an outfit, but I'm so picky with them, but I love this Oasis one and think it's very similar to the one Mila is wearing in this post. And these shoes - I had to put the Tory Burch ones as I couldn't find anything remotely similar and I just fell in love with them.

Such a great outfit to go into the Spring with! And of course, let's all just drool over Mila *drool*

What is your favourite outfit of Mila's?

26 February 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection Compact Powder


I bought this powder to go with the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (review here). It was 3 for 2 and I've never really bothered with a powder before so I thought it was about time I gave it a go.

This powder is meant to be ultra creamy, lightweight and super blendable to leave you with a natural looking finish. It's also meant to last up to 14 hours.

For me, it is a very creamy powder, very soft and really easy to apply. It comes in quite a large pot to have to house the pad underneath. Not a big fan of the pad, but useful for on the go touch ups. I do just tend to use this on long days when I need a touch up - like when I'm at work all day and need to go straight to uni.

It's a very adaptable colour, very transluscent so I've found it can go on top of different foundations, however it is better over a yellow toned foundation as opposed to a pink one. I wouldn't say it lasted for 14 hours, or that I really noticed, but for what I use it for I really like it. So easy to use on the go and it's great at combating any shine or oily patches.

If you have read my reviews on the foundation version you will know that it did bring me out in spots, however I haven't had the same experience with this - maybe because I don't use it every day, but overall, really happy with this product!

What powders do your recommend?

25 February 2013

Rebro Me Collection


I'm sorry, but LOOK HOW CUTE! Owl's seem to be absolutely everywhere at the moment and I've loved the trend. Adam's mum loves owls and I swear it's beginning to rub off on me.

Rebro is a jewellery brand that I've recently discovered and I have fallen in love with these pieces. These earrings are from their "Me Collection" designed by Bronagh Reid as her first collection. The pieces are fashion forward, at the same time as suiting all styles.

I picked these gorgeous silver earrings with swarovki drops on the end, your choice of colour. I chose blue because, let's face it, blue is my favourite colour. They are really sweet and good quality as well for just a tenner. I love how it arrives as well inside the gorgeous silk silver bag, tied together with a little keyring with an "R" atttached. Such a nice touch, one you don't see very often.

Overall I really love the collection. It's very now, but will last throughout many different fashion seasons. I would definitely recommend going to have a look! With Mother's Day coming up as well this could be the perfect website to go to!

What pieces would you choose?


24 February 2013

Forest of Dean

It was half term this week, and me and the entire family (dogs included) headed off to the Forest of Dean for the week. So we have Mum and Dad, my big brother Simon, his girlfriend Hanah and their border collie Willow, Adam and I, my little brother Will and of course, Arthur. A full house!

We had a chalet for the 9 of us and it was lovely. On Tuesday we went up to Symonds Yat Rock and all you could see was mist everywhere.. it was incredibly surreal but beautiful. Then we headed down to the pub for some drinkies and then a walk along the river. I had to miss out on that due to my bloody foot, but Adam and I went back to the pub for some drinks.

Wednesday Adam and I tried out the hot tub, and then he unfortunately had to go home due to work (boo). The rest of us went off to discover King Arthurs cave in the middle of a forest... then back to the pub and then off to the family (cough) quiz - that wasn't really for families. We came third though and then headed back to the chalet for creating Oreo Tuffles (recipe to come soon with link to Hanah's new food blog) and drinking games.

Thursday Hanah, Si and Dad went off for a bike ride, and then we headed off on a Sculpture Walk (well, I lasted 10 minutes before limping back for a hot chocolate). Then back to the pub for more drinks and dinner.

It was such a lovely relaxing trip away and we were all very sad to leave... Sorry for the mass of photos!! I would defintiely recommend it for a country trip away!

What did you do last week?

23 February 2013

Golden Eye


So this is how I've been wearing my eye make up for the past few weeks, it's ridiculously simple and it's a natural look for everyday.

I start off with dusking my eyelids with the a gold shadow from the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette and then run over it with my Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Crayon in Bulletproof Beige, which I also use in the inner corners to open my eyes up. The crayon ensures the gold colour throughout the entire day.

Next I go to my liners. I use my Gosh eyeliner pen to do my lash line and the flick. This tends to last all day and I love it at the moment as opposed to my usual black. I then do my waterline with my Mac pencil for a subtle line and to open my eyes up. Then it's finished off with black mascara, cause lets face it - nothing beats it.

This look tends to last me for an entire day and is suitable for work. I would definitely recommend picking up the scandaleyes eyeshadow crayons, they are so easy to use, really quick and really last. Definite a great buy!

What's your current everday eye look?


22 February 2013

Any Size: Midi Dress

I'm on a roll with Any Size at the moment! And this week we have all four sizes - yay! This week we have a trend that seems to be growing and growing and I have recently jumped on it as well! Midi dresses! Let's see how this weeks bloggers rose to the challenge!

size 8: Laura from Tiny Twist
I love Laura's style and this midi dress looks amazing on her with the high bun. The colours are great and the bodycon style really suits her tiny figure.

size 10: Me
My first dress, very tight fitting but very lady like and flattering! Not so much in this picture.. but in real life it looks very flattering and I love it.

size 12: Jen from The Big Burd
Mixing two trends, midi dresses and velvet and this looks gorgeous on her, the colour suits her skin tone perfectly and makes her look teeny tiny!

size 14: Laura from Chambray and Curls
Showing that bodycon midi dresses suit all shapes and sizes, and showing you how to style the trend for an every day look as well. I love it!

Big thanks to my Any Size bloggers, Laura from Tiny Twisst for featuring again and for Jen for stepping in at the last minute. And the other Laura for such a fab look!

How would you style your midi dress?

21 February 2013

Rimmel Scadaleyes


This was a complete impulse buy. Rimmel was 3 for 2 and I needed something to go with the foundation and powder, so somehow this ended up in my basket. More than anything I think I was just intrigued by the idea of an eyeshadow as a crayon as such.

So how did I get on with it? Actually quite well really. I feel like I've been spoilt with my new Tarte eyeshadows, so I was expecting to hate this compared to them. But I actually really like it. It's so easy to apply and it blends really nicely. It was a bit weird to start with, but you get used to it.

Like I said, it blends really easily with your fingers, and I imagine it creates an incredible smokey eye affects with the same product in a different colour, for example this and Bad Bronze. I definitely want to try this out in different colours. The eyeshadow stays on for a good couple of hours. It doesn't stick to the creases and overall it's a nice product.

I know Clinique have bought out their version of this as well, so I'd love to try these as well (if I had the money!), who knows, these could be a really good dupe!

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Scandaleyes products? Which do you recommend?


20 February 2013

How I Style: A Country Break

As you may know, I am currently away in the Forest of Dean with my family - so I am probably a bit quiet on Twitter (depending on signal). Therefore I thought this "How I Style" would be incredibly apt!

1. Snuggling up by the fire
What I have probably been doing most evenings! There is nothing better than watching films or playing games all cuddled up in your favourite jeans (usually from Topshop) and a warm cardigan. Team that with some funky slippers and a matching scarf. Tucked in for the evening!

2. Walking the dogs
You need to be comfortable, warm and wear something that you don't mind getting to muddy! The comfiest thing I can imagine is my leggings, classic black is always the best. Team it with a denim shirt with a vest underneath for layers. Then add some Hunter wellies and a white parker-esk jacket and you have the perfect walking outfit!

3. A Pub Lunch
In a forest full of pubs what else can you do but frequent them regularly! I love to dress up a little, but still stay casual. So a floral dress is just the ticket with some tights. Pop on some brown ankle boots and a matching slouchy handbag and you have yourself a pub outfit! Pop a blazer on as well for the outside.

So what do you think... Would you be ready for a country break?

19 February 2013

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation


I went off to the Rimmel section of Boots with the intention of repurchasing their Wake Me Up foundation. However, Boots seemed to be pushing this product so I thought why not give something new a try! It's supposed to be one of those foundations that matches itself to your skin tone to create a flawless look.

Now, I've been using it for around two/three weeks now and there are definitely amazing things about this product, but one major strike against it for me which I will get to in a minute.

So the pros, this applies like a dream, its a really silky liquid foundation that applies really easily and absorbs well. The colour match is pretty much spot on, if a little light. However, it seems to lighten my skin and make it look a bit brighter. It lasts for a really good fews hours as well and overall it really does give a flawless finish.

Now the strike, it has bought me out in a few spots - which is not great. I was wondering what it was and the only thing I've really changed is my foundation, so I'm so disappointed as overall the foundation itself is amazing and one of my faves. If it wasn't for this it would be up there with my Clinique foundation, which is my favourite, but I probably wouldn't pick it up again because of this.

Please remember that skin care is subjective - so what might bring me out may work amazingly on you. I would recommend trying this foundation out before you write it off because it is fab. Just breaks out my skin. Sad times.

Have you tried anything from Rimmel's Match Perfection range?


18 February 2013

Battle of the Blushes

Following on from my "War of Concealers" post which you all seemed to love, I thought I would do one on the blushes in my collection that seem to fight against each other to be worn... So let's take a look at the contenders!

No7 Natural Blush in Soft Damson
This was the first blush I've every really loved and as you can see, it's near the end of its life. It's a deep natural pink that lasts a good couple of hours. It's a lower end blush so it's great just to apply on days you can't be bothered to get all made up.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in Radiant Rose
A creamy blush with a hint of shimmer, it's definitely once that combines a blush with a highlighter. It applies really easily for a cream blush and it stays for a good couple of hours, but it is definitely an evening out blush thanks to the shimmer. It's not too much of a day blush. I do really like this though.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface
This here is the best blush I have ever had the priviledge to use and is my everyday blush. Its the perfect nude pink for my skin tone and literally lasts the entire day without a touch up. However, you can only get it from the US, the No7 blush is a fantastic dupe for when it eventually runs out.

All three of these have a place in my make up bag, the Tarte blush is definitely my favourite and I would highly recommend it to anyone, but the No7 one really is a good dupe!

How many blushes do you live with?

17 February 2013

Sunday Catch Up #2

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loving the bestie  |  fishtail plait  |  gorge earrings from Rebro  |  celestial
apocalips  |  testing the new wellies  |  alphabet snake at college  |  bringing home a big stick

I hope you have all had a lovely week! Mine has been a bit up and down - but hey, it can only get better! I am off to the Forest of Dean with the fam tomorrow, so if I'm a bit quiet on twitter this is why! I have posts scheduled for every day so you won't go without I promise!!

So it was Pancake Day and V-Day this week - spoilt! On tues I went to head to Becca's house for our annual pancake day, but unfortunately couldnt make it thank to a post being in the middle of the road on the way to hers - and I don't know how else to get there, so I ended up at Adams watching Mamma Mia with his mum instead. Still a good eve!

For V-Day, I was at college and in a foul mood (long story) but me and Adam decided to go out Saturday night instead for a meal and some romaaance. As we are all about saving atm we haven't been out to dinner since November - so I was very excited about this and it was the perfect evening - in my perfect new BooHoo dress! Which will be featuring in an OOTD soon I promise!

Otherwise, life has been a bit boring tbh! My parents have booked a villa in the south of France for July though so hopefully me and Adam will be joining them - we just have to pay for our flights!

I hope you all have a great week - I know it's half term for some of you so have a fab week off!

16 February 2013

Strawberry Body Polish


Just a mini post today about this product that I've been loving. It's a body scrub from The Body Shop, their strawberry one, which contains walnut shell and kiwi seeds to exfoliate.

First of all, it smells incredible - even Adam loves the smell and he hates strawberries - and secondly, it's amazing. I've used scrubs before and none of them have cleared my back up as much as this does. I get quite a lot of blackheads on my back, but since I've been using this it's really cleared it up.

Will definitely be repurchasing this, I got it for Christmas in a set so I didn't originally buy it, but thanks to who did!

What body scrubs do you use?

15 February 2013

Any Size: Checked Shirt

So, I saw someone say the other day that checked shirts were just for the "larger sizes" as it hides a multiple of sins. Now, I totally disagree - checked shirts are for everyone! I know some people think they are unflattering for smaller sizes but nuhu, totally wrong.

Now, again I am missing my size 14... This is due to a technical issue at her end! But she will be featuring in Any Size in the future - I blame technology! So just three of us again, unfortunately! So here we go...

size 8: Chelsea from Through Chelsea's Eyes
SO happy to have Chelsea on here, one of my fave bloggers styling a gorge shirt with some denim shorts, and fab pink dip dyed hair. Love it!

size 10: Me
I always feel like I need to wear mine whilst slouching, so I've teamed mine for leggins, a baggy vest and a woolly hat. Perfect for a lazy day off. O and can't forget arthur!

size 12: Gillian from Gillian Etc
Gillian has returned in this really cute outfit. Showing that checked shirts can be worn smart. This is such a geek chic look and I love it!

As always a huge thanks to those involved in todays post! I'm very excited for next weeks as I love the theme and hopefully there will be FOUR of us!!

How would you style your checked shirt?

14 February 2013

Passion Peel Off


Happy Valentines Day readers! As a treat I got sent this lovely card from Montagne Jeunesse which includes a little treat so that I can pamper myself for my V.Day plans! Let me introduce you to the Passion Peel off, a peel off face mask containing pomegranate and passion flower designed to gently peel away dead skin to leave you face feeling clean and fresh for that big date.

The mask itself smells gorgeous, so fruity I literally could have eaten it. It's really easy to apply and remove as well - the thing that always worries me about peel off masks is leaving bits behind but the removes so easily and quickly it's fab.

My skin felt so clean afterwards as well and was noticeably brighter, definitely felt ready for my valentines plans!

I'm not actually doing anything with Adam tonight as I'm at college until half 9 (eek!) so Adam is taking me out over the weekend, it's a complete surprise, all I know is I need to wear a dress! Cannot wait and I will definitely be repurchasing this to give my face a little boost for my night!

This product is now available from Asda as well as other leading retailers, as well as online at www.montagnejeunesse.com and as always their products are always suitable for vegetarians and they use natural products where possible.

What are your valentines plans?

13 February 2013

how i style: valentines day

So, I just want to apologise to those anti-valentines readers of mine as today and tomorrow are a bit valentines orientated - just a warning!

Okay so, there are many things someone can do for valentines and these outfits I've tried to reflect loads of different options, all of which involving red.

1. Girly day of Anti-Valentines
For those who hate valentines, a girly day is exactly what you need. Just slouch in with films and chocolate and just enjoy being a girl! Match a comfy red jumper with some pale jeans, ones that show off you figure so you feel fab about you. Then team it with some comfy Uggs and a girly scarf. Voila, hello girl's day!

2. Lunch Date
Whether it's with a girlfriend or a boyfriend this outfit suits both occassions! This H&M dress is gorgeous, casual yet cute and teamed with this blazer you get that incredible pop of colour that makes the lunch seem more formal. Add some gorgeous ankle boots and voila! You're ready for anything!

3. Dinner Date
This is strictly for a date with the boyf. I fell in love with this dress, it's sexy yet ladylike and so so cheap as well! I've popped it with some statement hoops earrings, and although I can't afford them - who wouldn't put these Loubs with this dress... Who wouldn't want them? And what guy could resist you in this outfit... None.

I hope you all have lovely plans for valentines, whatever you're doing and I hope you liked these outfits!

Which would you wear?

12 February 2013

Natio Clever Stick


O look it's Natio again. This brand is becoming a really big staple in my make up collection. I love that they are all natural and their products are of a really high standard. And they are Australian, and I love all things Australian!

This product is their very cool Clever Stick, a large faced concealer which works to give an even, but high level of coverage to hide all those nasty blemishes and dark spots. The advantages of having a large faced concealer is that it can do large areas in one go (kind of obvious but, you know). All you do is dab, and then rub in with your fingers to give a  natural look.

It has a really smooth consistency and applies like a dream. This colour is a little bit dark for me, but will definitely come in handy should I ever get a tan, and I am still using it, it just takes an extra bit of rubbing to absorb the darker colour.

Overall, a really nice product and a clever idea (hence the name) and I would definitely recommend this as a matte, creamy concealer.

Have you tried a large faced concealer before?


11 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips


Yes, I caved to the hype. These have been everywhere in the blogging world, and I mean everywhere. Not only is it everywhere, but everyone has been raving about them and if it's anything I can't resist it's a highly hyped, affordable new lip product. So, with Boots vouchers and my Boots points I went off to take advantage of Rimmel's 3 for 2 offer.

The idea behind these is that they are a liquid lipstick as opposed to a lipgloss - I think (I'm not exactly an expert) this basically means it's more pigmented than a lipgloss and is designed to feel and act more like a lipstick than a sticky gloss.

I've found this product really easy to apply, the wand has a slight dip in the middle to collect more of the product and I found that this helps it to apply a more even colour across the lip. The colour itself is very highly pigmented, more so than most lipsticks I have tried and I think this could be due to the liquid element of it. I've found, in terms of staying power, more than anything when it's first applied it just sits on the lip more than absorbing it. It transfers very easily when first on as well. However, give it about ten, fifteen minutes and the colour is absorbed by the lip, more like a lipstick, and stays pigmented and glossy. The gloss fades after about an hour, but the colour stays for an extra couple. I have found that it has been a little drying on my lips, which isn't too fab and a bit off putting, but overall I do like this product and have been reaching for them quite a lot.
Nova is a vibrant, hot pink, it's not quite as bright as Apocaliptic, and that's why I chose it. It's a nice shade for evening wear or if you just fancy something a bit special. It is very striking on the lips and I do really like this one.

This is a nice nudey pink, with a bit of mauve in it. It's a fab everyday shade and was the first one I really wanted. I've worn this the most so far and this is definitely my everyday choice out of the three. I have found the colour fades more on this one than the other two though.

To begin with I wasn't 100% about this one, but it has definitely grown on me. It's a bright orangey coral that is quite pretty and I would imagine would look amazing with a tan. It's definitely a holiday shade.
Overall, I do really like these and I would love to try out the colour Stella, which is a very orangey pink and looks incredible on other people. These are great, and have become a real staple in my make up bag!

Which colours are you loving?
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