11 January 2013

Mac Power Point Eye Pencil

MAC Power Point Eye Pencil in Duck £14.00

I seem to have caught the MAC bug. Shame I can't spend any money at the moment (damn house fund). I had thought about getting a brown liner for a while, just for a bit of a softer look around the eyes and when I got some pennies for a post I thought it was the perfect opportunity to explore MAC a bit more.

As there isn't a MAC near me I had to order it online, which is always a gamble, but it came really quickly so I was quite impressed by that. Not only that but I really do like the colour. You can build upon it if you need it darker, but generally it's quite a nice colour anyway.

It's ridiculously easy to use as well. It's precision perfect and really soft so you can use it for a thick line (like above) as well as a quick line for an "I can't be arsed" look. It lasts for a good few hours as well so you can't really go wrong!

Price wise, I'm just gonna say that MAC is going to have to be a luxury for me - I just can't afford it now with trying to save for a flat deposit (to buy!), but the products really are worth the extra few bucks.

What MAC products couldn't you live without?


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