16 January 2013

Easy Meals by Rachel Allen

Yes I know, a completely different kind of post from me today. With the plan of moving in with the boy this year I thought it was probably about time I got a couple of cook books so I could do some lovely home made meals. His Mum is probably the best cook I know so he has been spoilt for life - something I now have to live up to! So, I had a look through some of them in WHSmith with the view of finding meals Adam will actually eat (he is very picky!)

Eventually I stumbled across Easy Meals by Rachel Allen, it's a mix of different types of recipes ranging from mussels to oreo sundaes. It is full of original recipes that are easy to make and scrummy to eat. So far I have tried one recipe, chicken and chorizo rice, and it was so good. Ridiculously easy to make with minimal ingredients and incredibly tasty.

I really want to try Spanish Mussles. I love mussels and if they are in a restaurant I will usually pick them. I love that with this recipe it's mixed with something other than white wine and garlic - I can't wait to give it a go!

Overall, fab first cook book for the little house girlfriend (bit soon to say wife) and I'm so excited to try everything out... Orea Sunday anyone?

What recipe books couldn't you live without?

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