1 January 2013

New Years... Goals!

Every year I make resolutions, and every year I fail - this is a year I really don't want to fail as my 2013 goals are a bit big!! So, instead of calling them resolutions - I will make 2013 goals!

After a pretty ridiculous year, ambition wise, I have had to have a serious rethink about what I actually want to do with my life... Marketing didn't work out so well (the place more than the actual job) so I ended up back at Staples, and while it's not a bad job, it's not what I wanna do forever. So I've decided that I would like to be a Media teacher at College. So, to get this started I have applied for a pre teaching course which is one evening a week, for 15 weeks and I will go from there!
Although I want to start my training in 2013, I would also quite like to have a job in a college/school to get me started by the end of the year... Here's hoping!

Preferably one that doesn't mind driving in rain, or doesn't have huge cracks on the windscreens and where the radio works. Don't get me wrong, I love Percy (car). I have had him for nearly 5 years, I got him from eBay and he has passed every MOT he's been put through and overall has been a fab little car. However, I feel his little life is coming to an end - and as I need a car to get to work and back - I really do need to buy a new one. I'm thinking finance could be the way forward, so hopefully by March I will have a new (old) car that loves driving in the rain!

This is my big one, and one which involves an awful lot of saving, preperation and stressing. We've been together for over 5 years now, so it is long overdue and we really just want to start our lives together now. We don't want to rent so that leaves us with buying through the Governments First Buy scheme - eek! Definitely a very grown up thing to do! He pretty much has his half of the deposit sorted, so it's up to me to get the rest so I will be living off minimal pennies for the next few months (boo) but it will be so worth it in the end. Our aim is to be in our own place by next Christmas and this is the goal I am determined to reach.

I have lots of little ones as well, like stop biting my nails, keep my room tidy, have a mass clear out etc etc (the ones I make every year and fail at) but these are my biggies!!
Any tips to helping achieve any of these will be greatly appreciated!

What's your 2013 goals?

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