7 January 2013

Marc Jacobs Dot

Marc Jacobs Dot (Christmas Present)

I don't wanna pop the price on here as it was a pressie and I don't want to know - plus I think it can be a bit rude if you know how much some bits and bobs are! I have popped a link above so you can have a peek - but don't tell me!

I have been coveting this since it came out months ago and kept squirting myself in Boots on my lunchs. It's a really fruity, flowery fragrance, but it isn't overpowering and it has a subtle sweetness to it. It has a floral heart with jasmine and vanilla. I love the scent and I think it's a really good every day scent and I think it will really come into it's own in the Summer - I can see it being my summer scent!

Now - the bottle. HOW CUTE! If I'm honest this is the reason I was drawn to it. I just love Marc Jacob's perfume bottles. They are the prettiest things and completely different to what else is out there. Love love love.

Overall, I do love this fragrance. It's battling it out with Daisy at the moment as my favourite scent for day wear, so they are just taking it in turns!

Have you tried Dot? What perfume did you get for Christmas?


  1. My mum also got this for Christmas, she loves it and I think it's really nice too! I think I'll have to pinch it every so often and spray myself haha x


  2. I want this soooo bad! Hopefully one day :) xx

    1. Hopefully :) it's definitely worth waiting for x

  3. I haven't tried this but think I may have to have a sniff when I'm next in Boots xx

    1. Definitely give it a go :) pretty much ended up doing this most lunch times when I worked near a boots! x


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