31 July 2012

Any Size: Little Black Dress

It's hard to go wrong with a little black dress. It's a fashion old timer and compliments everyone. It's a definite staple in any wardrobe for any size.
Check out how my gorgeous bloggers have styled it!

size 8: the cutey Kirstie from Coffee & Cakes  |  size 10: me
size 12: the gorgeous Danielle from Tinks Tale  |  size 16/18: the beautiful Penelope from Penelope's Beauty Obsession

Kirstie: The gold belt and bag are both vintage and I always seem to go to them when I wear a black dress, I just feel like it adds a wee bit of something special to it.
Me: This LBD can be more smart of a little bit more 'off-duty' on a rainy day I like to team it with a coloured cardigan and some gold accessories. It comes in at the waist so helps excentuate my curves.
Danielle:The best way for me to be able to feel comfortable in a little black dress was to choose something quirky and safe! I love how the one straps wraps around the opposite shoulder, the dress also had loose layered sides, perfect to disguise my yummy mummy flabby tummy and love handles from just giving birth
Penelope: i am a size 16 in most items of clothes, for the little black dress post i used my dress from new look and a belt from forever 21, i love the detailing on the back of the dress and the belt helps to create a waist in the dress because it is quite baggy and gives it a bit more detailing to distract from my arms.

As always a big thank you to my bloggers for taking part. This series is getting such overwhelming feedback, I love that it's been so well received. 
Next week is coloured jeans (yay!) and I'm in need of a size 10 with a coloured jeans fetish so get in contact! Also let me know if you want to take part in the future :) just leave a comment below and I'll pop you on my ever growing list! So exciting!

30 July 2012

Life Through a Lens #2

bargain buy  |  arthur's paddling pool  |  coolest flip flops ever  |  cute
soggy puppy  |  pressie in the post  |  red lips  |  thank you!
Pickles  |  pressie from Florida  |  Cardiff haul  |  too much of this consumed this weekend
my 'niece' willow  |  new jeans  |  impulse buy  |  GB nails

I am exhausted. I need a weekend where I actually have my lie ins but not going to happen anytime soon! I had a bit of a crappy week last week if I'm honest. Little things helped to cheer me up like my soggy puppy and splashing him in the paddling pool, and lovely gifts from Montagne Jeunesse, reaching 10,000 views on here and also receiving Pickles, my new work mascot - definitely needed at work!

Also, me and the boy finally booked to go to Dublin for four days in September - can't wait! It's going to be so nice just to go away with him and relax. We also booked to go to the Harry Potter Tour in the same week. As you know I have already been, but he is a bigger fan then me and was very jealous when I went so I promised I'd take him!

The weekend was so good though. On Friday we went to me friends pub to send the boys brother off as he's moving to Madrid for a year (totally jealous). Drank far too much but was a fantastic evening! Then early Saturday morning the boy and I travelled up to Cardiff to visit my brother and Hanah for a belated birthday weekend. We did shopping (opps) and lots of drinking! Again... I got to see my gorgeous niece Willow though, isn't she perdy!

This weekend won't give me much time to rest I have to say as I'm off to London to see the swimming finals of the Olympics - could not be MORE excited! Hello half naked hunks!

I hope last week was better for you then it was me! Here is to what will hopefully be a much better week...


27 July 2012

Liz Earle Mascara Base

I've been wanting to try something from Liz Earle's new make up collection and when I spotted this I thought "why not". I've never tried a mascara base before, I've not even really heard one of felt the need for one but the blogger in me was curious. So a tenner later and voila - it was mine.

It's a creamy consistency and applies onto the lashes really easily. I pop it on before mascara and it separates my lashes as well as instantly lengthening them. It feels a bit weird having white lashes but it doesn't last long. I pop mascara over the top and voila. 
I have it helps keep my lashes separate, even with the most clumpy of mascaras and helps to hold it for long then usual. Perfect!
Not only that but my lashes feel so soft. Whenever I touch them, instead of getting stiff mascara lashes, I get soft natural feeling lashes. A winner with me.

So I managed to live 22 years without this, and I could probably live without it - it's not a definite need but I don't want to live without it. I'm loving this product and would definitely recommend it. It's just a genuinely lovely product, again, by the lovely Liz.

I'm off to Cardiff this weekend so forgive me if I'm a little silent this weekend (me, silent at the weekend?). Yes I know I usually am - apologies! I am attempting to schedule posts for you so fingers cross they work! 

Have you ever tried a mascara base? Which would you recommend?

26 July 2012

Wedding Butterflies

dress: dorothy perkins  |  cardigan: french connection  |  shoes: new look  |  bracelets: lola rose, links of london, pia  |    necklace: lola rose

One of my cousins recently got married, the first of all of I might add! It was a really really lovely day. They church was so pretty, and although I personally won't be getting married in a church (nothing wrong with it, just not for me), it was a gorgeous church and a lovely ceremony. The reception was help in a marquee with draped ceilings and chandeliers, which I loved. I don't get to see my cousins a lot so it was really nice to see them, catch up and spend the day with family!

This was my wedding outfit. I first heard about this dress from my friend Amber who said "Oh my god, I saw this gorgeous maxi dress in a magazine and it has your name on it, it's blue with butterflies!", so I went on a hunt because let's face it - blue and butterflies is o so me. I found it on the Dorothy Perkins site and fell in love, instantly, and my lovely Mummy bought it for me for the wedding.

Now, as you can see it isn't blue. I got home and my Mum went "your dress is upstairs" so I raced upstairs and my first reaction was WHAT IT'S GREEN! I don't have a lot of green. However, after trying it on I realised how perfect it was. The colour compliments me so well and the silhouette is so flattering. And let's not forget the butterflies. I would like to say that on the website it does look blue - honestly! I went and double checked, but the description on the website does say Mint Green. Note to self: read the descriptions!
On hindsight I'm so glad it was green. It's so completely un-Lisa it's perfect. I wasn't sure about the black edging at first, but now I think it just adds to its beauty. It adds a bit of an edge to it so it's not just floaty pretty.

I'm so glad I wore this to the wedding. I was planning on my waterfall dress seen here, however about 80% of the female guests were in waterfall dresses - so quite glad I decided not to! It was perfect as it wasn't the warmed/sunniest of days so a maxi kept me warm, and yet didn't overheat me on the dance floor!

What do you think of the colour? Would you wear this to a wedding?

25 July 2012

Revlon Just Bitten

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey

I seem to have gone from not really caring about putting anything on my lips to being near obsessed. I blame all of you! 

So this is my latest lip crush. I love Revlon's Lip Butters and I've had my eye on Just Bitten for a little while, but thought I'd wait a little while. Then Boots had a special deal, only £5.99 instead of £7.99, and my self restraint (cough cough) disappeared. Oppsy bought it! After swatching all the testers I settled on Honey. 
It's a deeper pink with natural undertones. Once on it's like your lips but better. I love it for that.

It applies ridiculously easily, however unlike the butters you do need a mirror for application otherwise it can end up everywhere. It feels really smooth and silky when applying and leaves my lips feeling moisturized. It smells of peppermint as well - yum! It took me a while to figure out the smell, I had everyone at Amber's BBQ smelling it to find out (no jokes) and success, peppermint! Or spearmint, can't decide which.
It lasts quite long as well. When it's first applied it has a balmy sheen to it, this fades in about an hour but the colour stays behind.
It is described as a balm stain and it is exactly that. It feels like a lip balm and it acts like a lip balm.

I have fallen a tad in love with this product. It has become an everyday staple for me now (sorry Caresse and Lip Butters). I must learn to mix my look up! But I would definitely recommend this. I can't wait to try some more shades!

A lot of people are comparing these to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, I personally haven't tried one but if they are as good as these fantastic - but for half the price I think I'll stick with my Revlon thank you!

Have you tried Chubby Stick or Just Bitten? What shades are you loving?

24 July 2012

Life Through a Lens #1

I love these types of posts. I know a few people have slated them but I love to see what bloggers get up to, maybe cause I'm nosey who knows! 
I had been waiting for my phone upgrade so I could get instragram to do this as I have a Blackberry (boo!), but I got impatient so I thought I'd show you some pics for the last couple of weeks of my life!

scones with friends  |  lola rose pressie  |  wedding dress  |  new viewing with boy
race for life  |  house moto  |  arthur cuddling my bear  |  wedding reception
my chair!  |  with brothers  |  false!  |  dress for date
superdrug bargains  |  back on the road  |  new lips  |  walking in the sun

These have been from the past couple of weeks. They have been a bit hectic and trust me, life isn't slowing down! In the past couple of weeks I've been working full time (boo) but have also had my cousins beautiful wedding and I also took part in the Race for Life on Sunday - my legs are STILL aching! So glad to finally see the sun, really nice to walk to work in it I have to say and I hope it stays for the weekend!

This week I have a lot going on so will be loads of photos, me and the boy have just booked the Harry Potter tour for our week off in September, and we'll be booking Dublin this week too. We're also off to Cardiff this weekend to see my brother and Hanah, and on Friday we have the boy's brothers leaving party as he is off to Madrid for a year (jealous much!?). So I'm sure you'll get to see all that!

How is life with you? Do you like these kinda posts?

23 July 2012

Any Size: Maxi Skirts

This weeks Any Size post is about a favourite of mine - Maxi Skirts! I recently purchased my first one and fell completely in love! Much the same as this weeks bloggers featured.

So without further ado...

size 8: the mini Georgina from self titled Georgina Goodman  |  size 10: me :)  |  size 12: the thoroughly lovely Caroline from All About the Girl (a fave!)  |  size 14: the sweetie pie that is Becca from The Lazy Fashionista

Georgina: I love this kinda style for me! It means I can keep my legs warm  but still keep my twist on a long skirt. I never wear a full length top with a long skirt as I think it's too much material!
Me: I'm a maxi dress lover, so a skirt wasn't far behind! It's so comfortable to wear, especially in the summer for a bbq and be dressed up and down so easily! Here I've teamed it with a plain vest and jacket, but also works well with prints.
Caroline: I'm a maxi convert, this is the first one I've owned and I'm on the hunt for more! I really dislike my legs so the maxi is perfect for me. I still feel really feminine but I'm covering the part of my body I hate the most.
Becca: A high-waisted maxi skirt with a cheeky crop top was perfect for the ten seconds of sun we got in July! I find the high waist  makes the crop top look workable for my size, just giving a cheeky flesh flash!

Thank you to my lovely bloggers again! I think you all look fab and are definitely working the maxi skirt! You can find their blog links above!
If you'd like to get involved with Any Size just ping me an email on lisa@topazandmay.com or send me a wave on twitter! Or even comment below :)
Keep an eye out for next weeks!

How would you style your maxi skirt?

20 July 2012

Follow Friday

So, as a testament to those on the shortlist for the Cosmopolitan I'm doing a special Follow Friday for those I'm voting for! I'm loving so many of the blogs this year and I love that some of my favourites are in nearly every category! Check out my favourites below, visit them and enjoy!

This category was so easy for me. I have a total girl crush on Amy from The Little Magpie. She has such a unique sense of style, she is really brave with a lot of her outfits and has a definite addiction to floral crowns!
Check out her blog here and I would urge you to vote for her as she's fab!

This was a toughie for me as I love What Olivia Did as well, but at the end of the day I went for Temporary Secretary as there isn't one outfit she's shown that I wouldn't wear. I've seen so many dresses shes worn that I've almost bought myself but lack of money has stopped me! Check her blog out here

 Jemima and Ted
This is such a tough category as I love Llymrls, but Kat from jemima and ted got me into blogging, she's the first blog I read most days and I honest think its a fab blog. She's become such a good friend as well, her posts are always honest and so nice to see a bit of an underdog in the running. Please check her blog out here and go and vote - go go go!

 belles boutique
Again another tough category, but Belles Boutique was one of my first regular reads and its a blog I really aspire to be like. I love Laura's What I Wore posts of her make up (I want her make up collection!) and I love that her blog is attainable, its drug store mixed with high end which I love. If you haven't already seen it go check it out here, I promise you won't regret it!

 love mealie
Such a cute lifestyle blog! I love amelia's quirky little posts and her quirky photos as shown above! Her recipes as well look super scrummy. Just a really nice easy read and it always manages to brighten up my day when I pop over for a visit! Check it out here :)

The Londoner
I love this blog for a variety of reasons including her hair, figure, life in general - I want it all! What I do love about it is Rose's recipes - if you haven't checked it out please do, just for her Slutty Brownie recipe alone that I have still to attempt - so many yummy suggestions! Go have a peek and I promise you'll be addicted to Rose's life, click here !

Probably a top 5 blog for me. I LOVE her blog an videos, I'm often trying to sneakily watch her videos at work in silence...! I want every product she reviews, it's bad for my purse and I blame her for all the beauty products on my wish list! Go check her blog out here and her youtube channel here, I would definitely recommend it, you'll never look back!

I want to say a big CONGRATS to ALL blogs on the Cosmo shortlist, such an achievement you should all be really happy! Am very jealous, but so happy for you all!
You can vote here for your favourite blogs and definitely check out the above beauties!

Who are you voting for? Do you love any of the ones above?


19 July 2012

Slouchy Summer

cardigan: topshop | vest: H&M | leggins: topshop | boots: H&M | necklace: lola rose | nails: misguided mismatch & barry M glitter

So this is just a very easy, slouchy outfit I threw on last night before going to the cinema and decided I loved it quite a lot. Such a simple outfit and yet I think looks quite stylish, I blame the cardigan for it. 
I do like my baggy, slouchy clothing. When I was a teeny size 8 i definitely went for tight stuff, but now I'm a little bigger (thanks uni) I can't always get away with it, and I find my baggy stuff so much comfier.
As you can see I've still managed to incorporate some of my favourite aspects into an outfit - lace and Lola Rose, as well as my new favourite H&M boots on (hi £15 in the sale) which are one of my best buys ever - I've only had them about a month and I haven't stopped wearing them. Although Arthur does like to run off with them in his mouth, so guessing he likes them too!

These nails are totally different for me. I got this bright orange coloured Misguided nail varnish free with Cosmo (?) this month, I deliberately searched for the orange as its totally different for me. This is three coats worth with one coat of Barry M glitter on the top and I love it, just think it's so summery (hint to weather) and so different yay!

So not much happening in life at the moment, just the usual stuff! Had my cousins wedding last weekend which was lovely and I'll pop the outfit on in a couple days. I wore my gorgeous new Dorothy Perkins Maxi and I can't wait to show it off. I'm also off to do the Race for Life this weekend eek! Haven't done any training which is bad but definitely going to give it a go! I'm doing it with Amber and Andra dressed as fairies (we are the Giggle Fairies) and we're running in memory of Amber's Nan :) we've raised quite a bit so far so am so proud and hope the weather holds out ! Wish me luck!

What's your slouchy 'summer' outfit? Wish me luck for Race for Life?


18 July 2012

Wishlist: Skin Care

Since starting my blog I have become more and more conscious about skin care and what I'm putting on my face. Which has been a god send for my skin, not so much for my purse as it seems I have expensive taste as you'll see from my wishlist!
Most of these products are a wish either from bloggers reviews (mainly Anna) or from using other products from the brand, or by using samples.

#1. Entire Zero Oil Range for Origins: 
I got a sample of the Oil Free Lotion when I recently purchased from Origins and I've just fallen in love with it. My skin has never felt more moisturised and it helps to balance out my complexion. I'd love to use the rest of the range to try out to see if they were as good as the Liz Earle cleanse/toner collection and which combinations go well together. I am however definitely buying the lotion once I've next been paid.

This is an 'Anna's' fault product. After watching her recent skin care video I fell in love with the idea of product. The fact that it's an overnight to resurface and firm you skin and is recommended as an anti-acne product, it sounds perfect to me. I went straight to the nearest website to purchase it until I saw the price. This is a spanner in the works for me, I'm so dubious to buy any skin care for over £25 in case it doesn't work. But I'm still dreaming about this product.

I've been using a sample of this in Ivory for the past two weeks and am totally sold on this product. It lasts, gives great coverage and doesn't make my skin break out in oily patches or acne. This will be another pay day treat for me as I haven't found another foundation that matches my skin tone as well and does exactly what I want from a foundation. It was love at first contact!

Now this is another recommendation from Anna however I'm dubious to purchase as it's had mixed reviews across the blogosphere. It's meant to smooth away lines, tighten pores and refresh your skin, as well as helping to set your make up. All with a spritz! Would love to try it but for the price it's a pretty pricey mistake to make if it doesn't work for me.

Couldn't have a skin care wish list without Liz Earle! Even since I tried Cleanse & Polish and the Toner, I can't live without them and this is the recommended moisturiser to go with. I've been using the Origins sample as stated above but I'd quite like the full set - as with the Origins one! Bit greedy me opps!

I would love to know if you'd tried any of these products and what you made of them - see if you can convince me to sway either way of purchase - to buy or not to buy! The moneys fate is in your capable hands!

Which of these would you recommend?


17 July 2012

Origins Out of Trouble Mask

I always hear amazing things about Origins so I'm always happy when I get one of their products through the door. I bought this product after browsing their blemish and oil control section on their website. After hearing great things about their drink it up mask I thought I'd treat myself to this. I was looking to buy their Drink It Up mask, but my main skin concern at the moment is my oily completion and my spots seem to be running riot on my face, and none of my usual tricks seem to be working. So I took a chance with this.

The first time I used this I have to say I felt so disappointed. Face clear of make up and I popped it on and after a couple minutes it felt like my face was burning. I stayed with it and after another 5 minutes I had to take it off. My face was slightly pink and it didn't seem to do anything. But I thought no, I will try again and I'm so glad I did.
So again, face clear of make up I popped the mask on, however I didn't put it on so thickly this time. Thankfully no burning sensation this time and after the full 10 minutes I took this off with a warm flannel and no pink skin (yay!). My skin looked clearer and to begin with I didn't see any significant difference with my skin. However fast forward one sleep and what a difference. I woke up to the softest skin I think I have ever had. I don't know if this is down to the mask or Origins Zero Oil lotion (I got a free sample with this purchase), but either way - loved how my skin felt. Not only that, but the redness around my spots was significantly reduced. 
I've used this a couple of times now and I'm noticing a difference with my skin so I couldn't be happier. Money well spent and I will definitely be buying the Zero Oil Lotion when my sample runs out as well.

Have you tried Origins masks? Which would you recommend?


16 July 2012

Any Size: Peplum

I've wanted to do a proper series of posts with other bloggers for a while now and I thought that this would be perfect.
Simply put, every week four bloggers of four different sizes (8, 10, 12, 14) will take one style and style it how they feel suits their sizes.
I think this is such a great thing to put out that no matter what size you are, you can still be fashionable and look gorgeous.

So, for my first week I chose 'Peplum' as it seems to be making its way around the fashion world at the moment, plus I love my newest peplum purchase so was the perfect excuse. So without further ado - here are my gorgeous fellow 'Any Size' bloggers for this week!

size 8: the lovely Lizee from Vanity Frills, size 10: myself, size 12: gorgeous Kat from jemimaandted, size 14: stylish Sera from theargoraphobicfashionista

Lizee: "I have fairly boney hips and so the Peplum dress helps to pad me out a bit!  I think that Peplum is ideal for any girl that would like to give themself a few curves, especially a dress like this that is also bodycon"
Me: "I love the shape this top gives me. I was a little worried it would make my hips look bigger but no, it helps to make even the simplest outfits look chic. I usually team it with jeans but thought I'd go smart with some floral shorts"
Kat'I'd ummed and ahhed about buying a peplum top because I sometimes wonder if they can accentuate your chest and hips, however this one was quite flattering and not too clingy. I like to wear it quite casually but you could easily dress it up with heels"
Sera: "went for a classic retro style, keeping the dress the main focus of the outfit and going out on accessories. As far as accessories are concerned I don't like to heap a whole load on, some cleverly picked and placed accessories really pull together an outfit. I love vintage feel clothes and peplum styles really tick my boxes!"

I wanna say a HUGE thanks to Lizee, Kat and Sera for helping out with this post. I love all the outfits and would suggest you go and check out their amazing blogs as well.
Hope you like this feature! Will be doing another next Monday, if you'd like to get involved send me an email on lisa@topazandmay.com or give me a wave on twitter - my handle is @topazandmay

What do you think of this feature? How would you style pelpum?

15 July 2012

eye CANDY London Magnetic Wave Nail Lacquers

eye CANDY London Magnetic Wave Nail Lacquers*

I reviewed Barry M's very cool magnetic nail varnish a little while ago here and loved the effect it had on my nails and the compliments I got from people wondering how I did it. This nail varnish is very similar however all colours have the same pattern. I got to try out the Artic colour as seen above. The way it works is that the polish contains tiny metallic micro mineral and iron particles. All you have to do is paint your nails then hold the magnet in the lid directly above the nail and instantly this fantastic pattern occurs. Teamed with this colour it reminds me of those metal plate things that you probably recognise from the pattern itself. 
I love how this works, it's so easy to use and I love the colour. It also comes in two other colours, Bourdeaux (a deep metallic red) and Expresso (metallic coffee colour) and I'm curious to see how these look.

You can get this brand from from Sainsbury's everywhere and this will set you back £10. Quite a difference to Barry M's which is half the price and I think the quality is around the same if I'm honest. I do love the product, the price puts me off slightly but I think I'd go for it as a pay day treat.

Have you tried eye CANDY nail varnish at all?


13 July 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Benefit They're Real Mini Mascara £9.50

I've been umming and aahing about buying this since it came out. After a million great reviews I decided to give in, and then when I saw Boots had a little travel version I knew this was the perfect first way to buy it. I usually buy mini mascaras if I can, or the sample ones as I travel to and from the boys a lot so it's so much easier then transporting a full size mascara.
Anywho, so I bought it hoping it'd live up to all the blogger hype and my god does it. Am a bit in love with this mascara. Not only does it lengthen and curl, it seperates as well and doesn't clump. It really does work in a way that your lashes can still look natural.

As you can see here, it only takes one coat to make a difference. One meesly little flick of the wand and voila, hi gorgeous lashes. I will definitely be buying the full product once my mini one runs out, this has become an absolute staple in my make up routine. No idea how I managed to live without it! I know I'm way behind on the blogosphere, but hey, I love the product and I want to shout about it :)

What other Benefit products can't you live without?


A Year Ago Today: I Graduated

A year ago today I graduated. Which is ridiculously scary. Where on earth did that year go? I'm feeling rather nostalgic so I thought I'd share my memories with you from my graduation day :)

Now, leading up to my graduation I went out with some friends and got a bit drunk, as you do. Whilst drunk I decided running in heels, up a curb, would be a fantastic idea. I fell, danced on an injured ankle all night and woke up to a golf ball on the side of it. O dear.
Off to the hospital I limped and turned out it was sprained, but was told NO HEELS for my graduation. To say I was mortified is a little bit of an understatement. Especially when my Mum made me wear trainers and a bandage on it all day, though I drew the line at walking across the stage in them and photos in them so I popped my trusty Prada pumps on instead. 
So there we go, I limped across the stage and voila - I'm a graduate!
Technically I should have BA (Hons) after my name on all business cards, but hey, who's picky!

So here are my favourite pics of the day. There would be a picture of me and the boy, but I'm not allowed to pop him on here so sad face. Enjoy!

My bestest friend in the entire world, Amber, is graduating on Monday and I'm so proud of her! She's had a bit of a hard time lately but she has powered through and come out with a great degree. No one deserves it more!
For everyone else who is going through their graduations at the moment - enjoy your day! You'll never have another like it, make the most of it and spend it with those that supported you the most, in my case my parents and the boy.

Congratulations to you all!

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