27 July 2012

Liz Earle Mascara Base

I've been wanting to try something from Liz Earle's new make up collection and when I spotted this I thought "why not". I've never tried a mascara base before, I've not even really heard one of felt the need for one but the blogger in me was curious. So a tenner later and voila - it was mine.

It's a creamy consistency and applies onto the lashes really easily. I pop it on before mascara and it separates my lashes as well as instantly lengthening them. It feels a bit weird having white lashes but it doesn't last long. I pop mascara over the top and voila. 
I have it helps keep my lashes separate, even with the most clumpy of mascaras and helps to hold it for long then usual. Perfect!
Not only that but my lashes feel so soft. Whenever I touch them, instead of getting stiff mascara lashes, I get soft natural feeling lashes. A winner with me.

So I managed to live 22 years without this, and I could probably live without it - it's not a definite need but I don't want to live without it. I'm loving this product and would definitely recommend it. It's just a genuinely lovely product, again, by the lovely Liz.

I'm off to Cardiff this weekend so forgive me if I'm a little silent this weekend (me, silent at the weekend?). Yes I know I usually am - apologies! I am attempting to schedule posts for you so fingers cross they work! 

Have you ever tried a mascara base? Which would you recommend?

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