10 July 2012

Pale Jeans



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I'm a little bit in love with Topshops Superskinny Leigh Jeans, as is everyone else I know, and I've been umming and ahhing about getting this colour for a while. When I went to London with the girls I threw caution to the wind and broke my usual black, navy and grey jean pattern. I love this colour. It literally makes the most casual of outfits look stylish. Plus they are ridiculously comfortable. They come in so many different colours, I swear my Mum has them all, and I am lusting over another couple of colours at the moment but I've limited myself to one every pay day!

Thanks to my lovely friend Andra I have discovered the power and beauty of Superdrug accessories - look at my gorgeous tribal necklace - only £2.99. Not kidding, and I haven't stopped wearing it. Ditto the scarf, another Superdrug find for a mere £4.99. Bargain! Again, not stopped wearing it since.
You will also note my lovely Links bracelet with a couple of charms I haven't shown you before. There is my lovely little butterfly that my brother and Hanah got me for Christmas when I got the bracelet, and a graduation hat for when I graduated (stating the obvious there).

Do you have Topshop jeans? What colours are you sporting?



  1. Oh my word I can't believe that necklace is from Superdrug it's gorgeous x

    1. i know! i love it in there now, was like £2.99 and I can't stop wearing it! x

  2. that outfit is gorgeous, i still have to get a pair of leigh jeans :) xo


  3. Those are great jeans - love the colour!

  4. I am so going to invest in some Leigh pants. I keep feeling them (wow - sounds a bit FREAK ;)) in store and want them so much! xo


  5. super cute jeans, they really suit you! I love those pants, I've got them in black, blue and light pink, and I basically live in them:)
    xx Kate


  6. love how a skirt can transform an outfit. and i love the toches of turquoise in the jewellery! really lovely! xx


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