25 July 2012

Revlon Just Bitten

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey

I seem to have gone from not really caring about putting anything on my lips to being near obsessed. I blame all of you! 

So this is my latest lip crush. I love Revlon's Lip Butters and I've had my eye on Just Bitten for a little while, but thought I'd wait a little while. Then Boots had a special deal, only £5.99 instead of £7.99, and my self restraint (cough cough) disappeared. Oppsy bought it! After swatching all the testers I settled on Honey. 
It's a deeper pink with natural undertones. Once on it's like your lips but better. I love it for that.

It applies ridiculously easily, however unlike the butters you do need a mirror for application otherwise it can end up everywhere. It feels really smooth and silky when applying and leaves my lips feeling moisturized. It smells of peppermint as well - yum! It took me a while to figure out the smell, I had everyone at Amber's BBQ smelling it to find out (no jokes) and success, peppermint! Or spearmint, can't decide which.
It lasts quite long as well. When it's first applied it has a balmy sheen to it, this fades in about an hour but the colour stays behind.
It is described as a balm stain and it is exactly that. It feels like a lip balm and it acts like a lip balm.

I have fallen a tad in love with this product. It has become an everyday staple for me now (sorry Caresse and Lip Butters). I must learn to mix my look up! But I would definitely recommend this. I can't wait to try some more shades!

A lot of people are comparing these to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, I personally haven't tried one but if they are as good as these fantastic - but for half the price I think I'll stick with my Revlon thank you!

Have you tried Chubby Stick or Just Bitten? What shades are you loving?


  1. Honey is such a lovely colour, i really need to try these theres so much about them recently! xo


  2. This is the shade I have my eye on, it's gorgeous!x


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