12 July 2012

Book Club: Fifty Shades Darker & Fifty Shades Freed

As seen here I've done a recent review on the first Fifty Shades book and was a bit undecided, but I decided to struggle on and read the next two in the series... And I'm so glad I did! I thought I'd pop both in the same review as I feel the same way about both of these so, here we go - Book Club #2 is here!

Fifty Shades Darker by E L James. (second book)

So, this book starts about four days after the first book ends after Ana leaves Christian. The book is centered around them trying to establish a 'vanilla' relationship with kinky sex mixed in. Also add a little danger when one of Christian's ex subs turns up wondering how he can love Ana but not her. YAY STORY! I have to say, I fell in love with Christian in this book. In the first one he really annoyed me, but this book made me do a complete 180. The thing I love about this book is that there was an actual story to it, not just sex. And there isn't as much sex in this one as there is the first one - yay! I felt like I was finally allowed to get to know the characters, identify with them and relate. I felt like I could finally get into the story and enjoy it. I still wouldn't say it was the most incredible writing in the world, or the best book I have ever read. But compare it to the first book and it's a definite improvement. As opposed to the three weeks it took me to read the first one, this took me around four days. You begin to understand by Christian is the way he is, definitely fell a little bit in love with him.

Fifrty Shades Freed by E L James (third book)

This book carries on with Ana and Christians unorthadox yet addictive relationship, however in this book they are trying to deal through their marriage and Christians controlling tendancies. Again add a little danger with someone looking to seek revenge on Christian and his family and voila - MORE STORY YAY! You get to see more of other characters in this book as well such as Mia, Kate, Ethan and Elliot. As well as Christians parents and Ana's relationship with her step father Ray. Which is a nice change as even though it is still mostly about Ana and Christain you get a bit of a break from them as well. There is more kinky sex in this one then the second and it was verging back into the realm of a porn story at times, but it's more balanced then the first book. Again you can identify more with all the characters and gain a full understanding of Christian and his behaviour.

So, definitely preferred these two books and would recommend them whole heartedly and I've spoken to many who feel the same. Now, this is a little rant - I saw a comment on FB during the week actually saying "all those dumb people that read 50 Shades" and I want to clear this up. Yes, this book is full of sex, and no, it's not an intellectual read (minus all the long words I don't understand myself) but that doesn't make its readers dumb. Books are a way of escapism, like films so they don't have to be an intellectual read and frankly I'm pleased there is a book that isn't ashamed of its sexual natural that's aimed at women. Women are allowed to like sex too and they are allowed to read books such as this - it DOESN'T make them dumb! Everyone is allowed a form of escapism and everyone is allowed to have their own tastes. Sorry to rant but this made me angry!
Anywho, these two have kinda reinstilled my faith in E L James, I am however worried what the film will be like now they have said they're going to make one... I think a porn film is slightly different to a book with kinky sex in it but we'll see!


  1. I'm on the last book (almost done with it) and I really enjoyed the series! I can't wait to see who they cast as Christian for the movie version :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. You're a brave person - I couldn't find the strength in reading more then the first chapter of the first book. I sadly found it too badly written and the author is missing some key BDSM lifestyle mannerisms in how it's written. Plus the lead female protagonist was just whiny. I keep hearing how it's all meant to be super dark BDSM sex but from what i've heard and the bits I've seen it's just vanilla sex spiced up a little which puts me off because I prefer proper BDSM novels if that's the case.


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