16 July 2012

Any Size: Peplum

I've wanted to do a proper series of posts with other bloggers for a while now and I thought that this would be perfect.
Simply put, every week four bloggers of four different sizes (8, 10, 12, 14) will take one style and style it how they feel suits their sizes.
I think this is such a great thing to put out that no matter what size you are, you can still be fashionable and look gorgeous.

So, for my first week I chose 'Peplum' as it seems to be making its way around the fashion world at the moment, plus I love my newest peplum purchase so was the perfect excuse. So without further ado - here are my gorgeous fellow 'Any Size' bloggers for this week!

size 8: the lovely Lizee from Vanity Frills, size 10: myself, size 12: gorgeous Kat from jemimaandted, size 14: stylish Sera from theargoraphobicfashionista

Lizee: "I have fairly boney hips and so the Peplum dress helps to pad me out a bit!  I think that Peplum is ideal for any girl that would like to give themself a few curves, especially a dress like this that is also bodycon"
Me: "I love the shape this top gives me. I was a little worried it would make my hips look bigger but no, it helps to make even the simplest outfits look chic. I usually team it with jeans but thought I'd go smart with some floral shorts"
Kat'I'd ummed and ahhed about buying a peplum top because I sometimes wonder if they can accentuate your chest and hips, however this one was quite flattering and not too clingy. I like to wear it quite casually but you could easily dress it up with heels"
Sera: "went for a classic retro style, keeping the dress the main focus of the outfit and going out on accessories. As far as accessories are concerned I don't like to heap a whole load on, some cleverly picked and placed accessories really pull together an outfit. I love vintage feel clothes and peplum styles really tick my boxes!"

I wanna say a HUGE thanks to Lizee, Kat and Sera for helping out with this post. I love all the outfits and would suggest you go and check out their amazing blogs as well.
Hope you like this feature! Will be doing another next Monday, if you'd like to get involved send me an email on lisa@topazandmay.com or give me a wave on twitter - my handle is @topazandmay

What do you think of this feature? How would you style pelpum?


  1. I love this feature!! I'm a size 16/18 so it's always good to see styles on different sizes x

    1. Thanks! Means so much that you like it! :) x

  2. i think this is sucha good idea! its really interesting !!



    1. Thanks hun :) and thank you for taking part in next weeks! x

  3. great idea! if your peplum top is from topshop, I've got the same one, and I think it really fits perfectly and makes any outfit more classic and polished:)
    If you've got ideas, I would love to participate in the next post:)
    xx Kate


    1. definitely! I have all my others for next weeks but will keep you in mind for the next few :) x

  4. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to take part in such a fun challenge! I'd love to be kept in mind for future ones! I'm a 12/14 depending on item of clothing! xx

    1. Thanks so much for being a part of it! And I will of course keep you in mind :) x

  5. So weird me and my friend are doing this too! Shes 5ft11 and a size 8 and i'm 5ft4 and size 10/12.
    Such a good idea I think

  6. I love being a part of this, thank you! All of you girls look lovely! :) xxx


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