13 July 2012

A Year Ago Today: I Graduated

A year ago today I graduated. Which is ridiculously scary. Where on earth did that year go? I'm feeling rather nostalgic so I thought I'd share my memories with you from my graduation day :)

Now, leading up to my graduation I went out with some friends and got a bit drunk, as you do. Whilst drunk I decided running in heels, up a curb, would be a fantastic idea. I fell, danced on an injured ankle all night and woke up to a golf ball on the side of it. O dear.
Off to the hospital I limped and turned out it was sprained, but was told NO HEELS for my graduation. To say I was mortified is a little bit of an understatement. Especially when my Mum made me wear trainers and a bandage on it all day, though I drew the line at walking across the stage in them and photos in them so I popped my trusty Prada pumps on instead. 
So there we go, I limped across the stage and voila - I'm a graduate!
Technically I should have BA (Hons) after my name on all business cards, but hey, who's picky!

So here are my favourite pics of the day. There would be a picture of me and the boy, but I'm not allowed to pop him on here so sad face. Enjoy!

My bestest friend in the entire world, Amber, is graduating on Monday and I'm so proud of her! She's had a bit of a hard time lately but she has powered through and come out with a great degree. No one deserves it more!
For everyone else who is going through their graduations at the moment - enjoy your day! You'll never have another like it, make the most of it and spend it with those that supported you the most, in my case my parents and the boy.

Congratulations to you all!



  1. Nice photographs - made me remember that it's four years since I graduated from my BA. Still never done anything with my degree mind lol

  2. this is too cute, I just want to hug you;)
    xx Kate



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