28 March 2016

Style | Collar-Style Necklaces

Up until a few months ago I was stricktly a long necklace kinda gal. I have a few silver necklaces that mean something to me so I always tended to wear those non stop and just add a long necklace to accessorize. However, a lot of what I wear now is high necked and therefore needs something that little bit extra.


26 March 2016

Life | A Day Down Southsea

I have to admit, it's been a long time since I've posted on here. Life has been so hectic lately it's unfortunately had to take a back seat, however it's nice to step back sometimes and enjoy yourself. That's exactly what I wanted to do this Easter weekend. Last Easter I got engaged, so it had a lot to live up to, however I was determined that Good Friday would be a great day. Oh and be warned - picture heavy post!
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