26 March 2016

Life | A Day Down Southsea

I have to admit, it's been a long time since I've posted on here. Life has been so hectic lately it's unfortunately had to take a back seat, however it's nice to step back sometimes and enjoy yourself. That's exactly what I wanted to do this Easter weekend. Last Easter I got engaged, so it had a lot to live up to, however I was determined that Good Friday would be a great day. Oh and be warned - picture heavy post!

With that in mind, Adam and I decided Good Friday would be our day, as we did last year, and we ended up down Southsea for the day. Now, we live pretty near Southsea but I'm a bit ashamed to say I've never really exploited this and had a proper explore. So I took some photos along our day and and thought I'd share some great spots with you.

The Tenth Hole
This is definitely somewhere I feel I've been missing out on. It's a little tea room down Southsea on a golf course. The food is amazing, it's incredibly cute and reasonable. We started here for brunch and it was incredible. The coffee was just right and the food amazing. I went for Eggs Royale, which tasted as good as it looks, and Adam went for a full English. We then topped it off with one of their amazing cakes. If you're down Southsea looking for somewhere to eat definitely check it out. Their lunch menu is just as good as their breakfast/brunch and the atmosphere is so relaxed, it's great for a little resting spot.

Canoe Lake
I'm ashamed to say I don't think I've ever been here before. Shame. On. Me. It's stunning in the sun and looks like so much fun. There's a cafe with ice cream and such, a massive kids area and a lake (as the name would suggest). The lake is filled with swans (and seagulls pretending to be swans) as well as swan boats that Adam refused to go on with me. I think it's the perfect picnic spot so if you're in the area definitely check it out. Just watch for snappy swans. 

Bluereef Aquarium
I hadn't been to an aquarium for a while, and someone had mentioned going to one lately so I had it in my head. Luckily Southsea has one! It isn't the biggest in the world, or the most impressive, but it's quite a nice stop along the way and I love watching different animals. Including two cheeky stingrays that seemed to love having their photos taken. It's a lovely little place to take the family if you have young kids - all of them around us absolutely loved it - and it's not too pricey either.

Southsea Seafront
We decided to have a wonder along the seafront to see what we could find. We had the intention of walking to the aquarium (which we went to) so we decided to walk there and I'm so glad we did. Its stunning and I feel guilty for not taking advantage of living near the sea enough. There's so much to see along the seafront, and the people watching isn't bad either! It's quite chilled and relaxed at this time of year, and it's just nice to sit and watch the world go by. Or skim rocks, your choice.

By walking along the seafront you get to see loads of other bits and bobs you can stop off at and explore, such as Southsea Castle and the D-Day Museum. I went to these on a school trip years ago and I think if you're into history and the wars you should definitely check these places out. Also, the hills at the castle are perfect for rolling down... Just saying. 

There's loads more down Southsea that you can see, like Clarence Pier. I've spent many a day and evening down here on the rides, at the arcades and at the crazy golf so I would definitely recommend checking that out as well when it's nice. I think today has turned me into a Southsea convert. I had such a lovely time and it was so good to get out of our little bubble and do something we don't usually do. Plus, I'm definitely heading back to the Tenth Hole to try all their cakes... The Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake has my name on it!

What's your favourite thing to do down Southsea?
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