31 August 2012

Laurens Way Fake Tan

Lauren's Way Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion in Darker than Dark £17.95*

When I was sent this I was a fake tan virgin. There, I've admitted it! Stone me if you will but I've never really had the inclination or the guts to do it. Plus I always like to see my tan progress on holiday, which you can't do if you have a fake one. However, seeing as I have NO HOLIDAY this summer - let's give it a go!

Now, if I'm honest I'm not a huge TOWIE fan so I was dubious about using a product from one of their casts ranges. However I'd heard some great things so lets give it a go! The fact that it was Darker then Dark scared me - but I perservered! I'm really glad I did!

It came with the mit, so all I did - as a total novice - was do one squirt then rub all over my lower leg, next squirt upper leg, same on the next leg, then one squirt per arm and I left my belly alone as it's never on show. 

It was really easy to apply and it blended in really nicely. I liked that you could see where you needed to really rub it in as well. I also LOVED the smell. So many people moan about bicuity fan tans, however this smelled of oranges which was a pleasant surprise!

All in all, the colour was exactly what I wanted. It wasn't too dark, and it wasn't orange - it was a natural brown! People did notice I was tanned, but no one mentioned that it looked fake (unless you looked at one of my feet opps). If you want to see what I look like after I've tanned you can see it on this post, however it's a bit hard to tell - silly camera/sun!

Now, a couple of things I did learn from this experience as a first time tanner:

1. Don't let your wet dog chase you round the garden half an hour after application - I ended up with a little white slash mark next to my knee. Bad puppy.

2. Rub into feet AFTER you'd rubbed the majority into your legs - otherwise you get tango feet.

3. Also, I had just shaved my legs and the tan clung to those poors and little stubbly bits left quite a lot - I'm not quite sure how to combat this as I know you're meant to leave it four hours after application before getting wet - any suggestions?

So, this was a rather long post - however I think this product needs it! For a first time tanner, this product was perfect. The colour wasn't too dark, it was easy to apply and it has stayed nicely. I would definitely recommend it. However, tips on how best to fake tan would be appreciated as I'm such a novice!

Have you tried Laurens Way Fake Tan? Tips on how to best apply please!

30 August 2012

Video: Everyday Make Up

This was probably my favourite video so far to film, apart from the hair up/no make up ness! Anywho, I hope you enjoy it. I love seeing these videos on other blogs as you get to see what they really use, so yeah!

Products mentioned:
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB  |  Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation & Concealer  |  Bourjois Bronzing Powder  |  Topshop Cheeks in Head over Heels  |  Real Techniques Buffing Brush  |  MUA Eyeshadow Pallette in Heaven and Earth  |  Chanel Eye Pencil  |  Liz Earle Mascara Base |  Benefit They're Real  |  Clinique Chubby Stick

There is gonna be some more of these, such as Sunday Make Up and Evening Make Up as well. And let me know if you'd like any other videos done at all! I'd love it if you could subscribe to the channel if you haven't already - would mean a lot! I'm really enjoying doing them so I hope you're enjoying watching them!

Do you use any of these products? What videos would you like to see?


29 August 2012

Bioderma Crealine H20

Bioderma Crealine H20 £12.90

If I'm honest, I don't really know what this is called. It's all in french! So I'm going to call in Bioderma! I decided to bite the bullet with this after continually seeing it on Anna's blog and then seeing it on Lily's as well.

As you know I've been having difficulty looking for a good eye make up remover so I thought this could be the solution! It's a water based solution and from what I understand of other reviews, instead of wiping make up off, this actually dissolves the make up which makes it easier to remove and cleats the skin. It's part of a new wave of cleaners appearing everywhere called Micellar Water Cleansers. I've been using this before my Liz Earle Cleanser in the evening and in the morning as well, just to make sure all bits of make up are gone.

I've been using this for a couple of days, and I have to say I do love it on first impressions. It's very light, clear and easy to use. Just saturate a cotton pad and wipe over the skin and eye area. (You know it's fine for eyes as it says "Yeux" on the bottle - so proud I know that ha!). It removes make up and dirt really easily and it looks like it'll last forever!

I've only just started using it so I will definitely give you an update on how it's affecting skin etc but so far so good - really loving it!

You can't get this in the UK, I had to get it from this seller on ebay. It literally took two days to come so I can't recommend it more highly.

Have you tried Bioderma before? What do you think of it?

28 August 2012

Any Size: Dipped Hem

A dipped hem has been one of summers biggest trends. I first saw it when I went to Oz last year and saw dipped hem dresses everyone.
Now my Any Size bloggers show you how to make the style suit you!

size 8: Kayleigh from Couture Girl
This stunning girl has popped on a stunning dress (which I wanted but couldn't find!). It showcases her gorgeous figure perfectly, pulling in at the waist and showing her long legs!

size 10: me
I feel that sometimes a shift can save you on days you don't feel attractive, and can hide any insecurities! Make it a dipped hem and black and voila - perfect dress!

size 12: Emily from Emily's Recipes and Reviews
I think this skirt is gorgeous on Emily. The colours look fab against her skin and dark hair. It showcases her gorgeous figure. I just absolutely love this outfit.

size 14: Anastasia from Dainty Desires
Finally found an Any Size post for this girl! We've been trying for ages haha! This is such a simple dipped hem outfit and she's teamed it perfectly for a casual day!

I love the dipped hem trend, I think it's ladylike and flattering and can suit all shapes and sizes. Thanks to my lovely ladies! I suggest you check out all their fab blogs!

Next week will be Any Size: Stripes! I am looking for a lovely size 12 blogger with a love for stripes! If you'd like to be involved in the future, let me know and I'll send you future options!

How would you style your dipped hem?

27 August 2012

Black as Night

dress: river island  |  wedges: topshop  |  necklace: topshop  |  ring: lola rose & tiffanys  |  bracelets: pia and links of london  |  nails: essie all tied up  |  puppy: arthur

After seeing this dress on one of Lily's haul videos I knew I had to have it. I don't have a dress like it, but I've been searching for one for god knows how long. It's just a large tshirt dress with a dipped hem. It's got a silky feel and clings to everything, so it always creeps up at the front when walking. O well.

It's just gorgeous and perfect and I love it. The boy told me it looked like a bit of a bin bag from the back, but o well - he shouldn't be looking at my back should he! Plus, I disagree. I think it can be dressed up and down, here it's dressed up for a summer bbq (not that I went to one but, you know - that's the general idea).  I can see me wearing it in New York with some wooly tights, ankle boots and a coat, which I can then wear out for dinner as well - it's a transition outfit!

So thanks for the tip Lily! I love it and couldn't be happier with it!

How would you style this dress? It doesn't look like a bin bag does it...

25 August 2012

Essie Mojito Madness

Essie Nail Polish in Mojito Madness £7.99

This is me, popping my Essie cherry. Yup I've gone and done it! I hope you're proud.
I decided my first colour should be something totally different to what I currently have, and I completely fell in love with Mojito Madness, not just for the name (can't beat a good mojito!). I love the jade tones and the creamy, solid finish.

Even though I was a bit reluctant to part with £7.99 on a nail varnish, I couldn't be happier I did. Not only is the colour to die for, but the polish itself is so easy to apply - probably the easiest I've used. The brush is thick and only takes a couple of strokes to cover the nail. Not only that but you don't have to dip it back into the pot for an average of three or four nails. Love it!

It also dries quickly and lasts for ages. I was wearing this colour for around four days with one tiny chip before I changed - and that's only to try out a different Essie varnish!

I would definitely recommend Essie to any nail fanatics. You can get the diffusion range from Boots which has a ridiculous amount of colours available - all of which are incredible! I want the ENTIRE collection please!

Have you tried Essie? What colours would you recommend?

24 August 2012

Video: MUA haul

I love watching peoples haul videos. It makes me feel like I've been shopping with them and also gives you an insight into what other bloggers buy themselves.
I recently popped my MUA cosmetics cherry and bought myself a whole haul of stuff - check out what I bought and what I think of it!

I am looking for a couple of guest bloggers for the beginning of September when I got off to Dublin for a few days - please let me know if you're interested by giving me a nudge on twitter!

Hope you like the video! I seem to have bought a ridiculous amount of cosmetics since pay day a couple of days ago so I will be doing another haul video soon I'm sure!

Let me know if you have any video requests!

What products do your recommend from MUA cosmetics?

23 August 2012

Natio Moisturising Lip Gloss

Natio Moisturising Lip Gloss in Clear £8.80*

Hey, at least it's not another lipstick. Lip gloss is TOTALLY different.

This is another of my gorgeous Natio products. I have fallen completely and utterly in love with this brand. Another reason why I want to live in Australia I think! Or at least go back one day...!

In appearance this is just another clear lip gloss, or so I thought. Lip gloss for me create images of sticky, childish make up. Well, this proved me wrong! The gloss applied so easily, just a slick here and there and voila! And the best part, it's not sticky! I love it. I wear it over my Topshop lipstick in Innocent (hence the pink on the wand) and it looks perfect! It combats the drying of the lipstick as well - magic!

Worn alone it is really moisturising, it lasts, it looks so natural as well. Also, I'm so happy it's a wand. I really don't get on with lip glosses that you apply with a brush. We just aren't friends at all.

I'm completely in love with it and will be snapping it up from Debenhams as soon as this runs out! I think its quite a reasonable price considering it comes from Australia, and the quality of the product. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Have you tried Natio products before? Which would you like to try?

22 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: New York

Firetrap Anderson Coat in Night £45  |  Abandom Pila Playsuit £10  |  Tfnc Peplum Lace Dress £42  |  Vero Moda Meilin Dress £28  |  Ugg Bailey Button Gloves £65  |  Abandon Zippy Boots £40

As some of you may know, I am off to New York in December with my Mum for her 50th birthday (not that she looks it!) I definitely want a whole new wardrobe for it, and what better place to look then USC!

USC is a store I used to visit a lot with my parents and always wanted everything in there! It has such a wide variety of women's clothes, different brands, different styles - the women's clothing section is definitely a must see! After a recent trip to Brighton I rediscovered the wonder that is USC, and realised this was the perfect place to look for my NY wardrobe!

I love the women's dresses. Especially the black lace peplum dress above, perfect for smart evenings and dinners with the mother with some tights and gold accessories - simple and chic! As well as this flippy dress, perfect with tights and these boots for wondering around the streets of New York, wrapped up warm with this coat (you know I love my navy) and these Ugg gloves - something I've been looking to get my hands on! This playsuit is so cute as well, I couldn't resist! Again with tights it can be dressed up or down for one of those days that take us through from day to night. Parfait!

I can't wait to go - and I'm sure I will come back with a new wardrobe, but we all need something new to wear out there as well! It is New York after all!

Have you been to USC before? What do you think of their range?
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

21 August 2012

Any Size: Pattern Trousers

Patterned trousers are a trend that I still haven't braved myself yet! So for inspiration I've asked some fab Any Size bloggers to show us how it's done!

Such gorgeous trousers, why hello lace, and she makes it look so sophisticated and work appropriate! She can get away with this gorgeous pattern on her gorgeous pins!

I love this gorgeous, brave pattern! So different to what I've seen before and she teams it perfectly with this casual jumper and gorgeous glittering accessories.

The lovely Kat looks great in these simple patterned trousers teamed with her gorgeous coral heels (stupid banner blocking them) monochrome and coral is the perfect combination and keeps it simple and chic!

Showing that everyone can make patterned trousers look gorgeous! I love this pattern on her and they are so flattering with a simple tee and a gorgeous chic bun!

I'm definitely feeling a bit more confident about trying out patterned trousers! They have definitely proved that anyone can make this trend suit them!

If you'd like to take part in Any Size, let me know and I'll be sure to pop your name down for future posts! I have some really great bloggers coming up! A big thanks to this weeks bloggers, they all look fab and I couldn't do this without them!

How would you style your pattern trousers?

20 August 2012

Life Through a Lens #5

perfect monday eve  |  multiple stripes  |  gingerbread man  |  current book of choice
coral lips  |  chewing my ties  |  margherita  |  dye job
picnic  |  yummy milkshakes  |  sat night mirror pic  |  cupcake
playing tennis  |  forest walks  |  cider days  |  me and my boy

This week has been a mix of ups and downs! It's been a bit of a weird one if I'm honest. Not quite sure how I feel at the end of it but a part of me is breathing a huge sigh of relief. On Monday I celebrated Jennifer Anistons engagment by watching Wanderlust, the film on which they met - have to say, disappointed! Not brilliant. Anywho was a lovely evening with the boy. On Wednesday we went to the cinema and Thursday I went and dyed my hair, bit more brown then before!

This weekend was a bit of a mix. Saturday day was a nothing day, and then went out for dinner and drinks in my new fave dress (see here). Then Sunday was a girly day of picnic, cider and a little bit of tennis in the woods!

Life seems to be becoming a little bit clearer which is a relief! First time I've started to feel a little excited about my future in a while, which makes for a happy Lisa!

Hope you've had a good week! I'm excited for the Bank Holiday weekend I must say, a long weekend is needed and then the weekend after that I'm off to Dublin - YAY! Excitement!

Tell me about your week!

19 August 2012

Green Geometrics

dress: topshop  |  belt: mums  |  shoes:  new look  |  bracelet: lola rose  |  ring: accessorize  |  nails: Barry M 

This is what I have broken my shopping ban for. This gorgeous geometric dress. It's so completely different to anything I own. I tried it on it Cardiff a few weeks go but put it aside to buy a different dress and my gorgeous purple jeans. However it kept niggling at the back of my head! So, I gave in and I'm so glad I did.

It's the perfect mix of aztec and geometric and can be dressed up or dressed down. This is all dressed up for a night out for dinner and drinks, teamed with classic black heels and black accessories. It doesn't need much added on thanks to its patterns and colours! It's so flattering as well, clinched waist hello!

You might have noticed as well, my hair is a tad darker! I decided to pop some brown in it after watching series upon series of Gossip Girl and falling back in love with Blair's beautiful locks! Hence the curls too which are courtesy of my new, lovely Enrapture Encode Totem Styler.

I definitely want to do a post on dressing this down as well, maybe how to wear it in the autumn for a casual day out! Will keep you updated :) definite new favourite buy!

How would you style this dress? What do you think of my new brunette locks!

18 August 2012

DGJ Organics Hangover Hair

DGJ Organics Handover Hair Luxury Shampoo £5.99*

Shampoo for me is usually just shampoo. It washes, it smells etc etc. However since blogging it's another avenue of beauty that I've had to rethink.

Hangover Hair is made for "hung over" locks that are tired, dull and it's meant to turn it into full, glossy locks. The first thing that struck me about this product was the smell. Lavender is one of my favourite scents, it is the one thing in the world that is guaranteed to relax me. It won me over with its first smell!

You use it like a normal shampoo and they have a matching conditioner as well which I haven't yet tried. Even with just the shampoo my hair looked a little brighter. It felt easier to handle as well, and less frizz yay!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I actually preferred the way it made my hair feel to Bumble and Bumble BB Sunday Shampoo (please don't shoot me!!). My hair was easier to control, frizz was a no go and I loved the smell. All I will say is that I can get quite a dry scalp, and whilst Sunday Shampoo tends to sooth this, this shampoo has a habit of making it worse! It's only downside - otherwise my hair couldn't be more in love!

Have you used DGJ products before? Which would you recommend?

17 August 2012

Video: Top Ten Products

Welcome to my first every video for my blog - eek! Excuse the awful picture on the video above, I did choose a different thumbnail but o well!

The products featured in my video are:
bourjois magic nail varnish remover  |  origins out of trouble mask  |  liz earle cleanse and polish  |  SJP NYC |  Chanel Eye Pencil  |  Benefit They're Real  |  L'Oreal Caresse  |  Topshop Lips in Innocent  |  Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation  |  Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I'd love to know what you think so please give me your feedback! So nervous about this! Hope you enjoy!

What are you top products? Any videos you'd like to see me do? Feedback please :)

16 August 2012

Floral Shorts

tshirt: topshop  |  shorts: warehouse (sale) |  boots: H&M (sale)  |  necklace:  new look  |  puppy: Arthur

Firstly I would like to apologise for my pasty white podgy legs.I saw these photos and just went EGH. But there we go.

Here are a couple of great bargains I found in the summer sale back in June I think - god knows why I'm only showing you now! These shorts were a steal at £16 (i think). I love the pattern and they can be dressed up or down so easily! I've even worn them to work a couple of times. And I practically live in these H&M boots (£15!), they are so comfy and chic. Totally in love.

This is what I wore for work today, but with tights as it was raining this morning (bipolar weather). I think it's quite a chic work look and yet still a bit casual so I can just wear it to the cinema tonight as well. Even though they are tailored shorts they are super duper comfy!

And of course, it's Arthur! I haven't really shown him properly for a little while so I thought I'd add this gorgeous picture taken of him whilst I was posing! He was busy posing with his duck! Little scamp! Cute as ever, but the devil in disguise I promise you!

Also, I've just found out I've been shortlisted for Blog of the Month by British Style Bloggers, which is very exciting! I'm up against some great blogs including the lovely Caroline over at All About the Girl! Good luck to us all!

How would you style these shorts? Did you get any bargains in the sales?


15 August 2012

Topshop Lips in Innocent

 Topshop Lips in Innocent £8.00

I officially have a problem. I have more lipsticks now then I have ever had in my life. Someone help me? I still have three new ones to show you guys after this as well, and a lip gloss! Opps!

Anywho, I'm completely in love with this colour on me. To begin with I wasn't sure and I was a tad disappointed. I thought Innocent would be more of a nudey pink (because I don't have enough of these obviously) and the swatch on the lipstick itself looks like a nudey pink, the colour on the site looks nudey pink (even though it says pale pink) but it's come out quite a pinky pink. But not too pale thank god! It's taken me a few days to get used to it, but I am now addicted. It's so different from me, and I love that about it.

It is my first Topshop lipstick and I'm sure it won't be the last. I'm more impressed with the colour then the lipstick itself. I have found it to be quite drying on the lips so I need to use a balm before hand, but this decreases its staying ability for me. I have been wearing a clear gloss over the top which has actually improved this thankfully! It doesn't stay for hours and hours, maybe an hour tops. But it gives good coverage and really good pigmentation that you can build on.

All in all I am impressed. And desperate to buy more, especially Whimsical and O La La - but alas - hello spending embargo! Maybe next month...! I know everyone has been raving about Pillow Talk and Secret Admirer, but I think they'll just be a bit too pink for me!

Which Topshop lipsticks would you recommend for me to try?


14 August 2012

Any Size: Yellow

Yellow has been this summers shade - think it dangerous, think it crazy but it's true! The Any Size bloggers here show you how to keep it stylish for any size!

Size 8: Jess from Powder Blue
A very sophisticated look from Jess here! Love the blouse, I'm seeing birds everywhere at the moment so this is very in style! Suits her tiny frame perfectly.

Size 10: Katrina from Hellogorgeousx
A dipped hem skirt is perfect for our current weather and it shows off Katrina's perfect pins! She's funked it up with a graphic tee and gorgeous wedges!

Size 12: Sarah from Friday is Forever
The perfect coat I think! And a very secret agent pose! This shows off Sarah's curves and emphasises her lovely waist! The jeans are the perfect fit and match as well!

Size 14: Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista (reappearance!)
A sexy pussycat bow suits Sara perfectly! It flatters her figure completely! The mustard of her shirt brings out her gorgeous red hair and this vintage outfit suits her figure to a tee!

Some gorgeous bloggers here! I'd like to say a big thanks to Katrina as she managed to get this to me in under 12 hours as a last minute participant!! And also a big welcome back to Sera who previously featured in my first Any Size post!

Next week will be Any Size: Patterned Trousers ! If you are interested in getting involved please give me a shout on Twitter!

How do you style yellow for your figure?

13 August 2012

Life Through a Lens #4

The Body Shop party  |  bathroom all done  |  new babies  |  yummy pudding
new hair do  |  mag haul  |  choccie haul  |  my nails v the ad
coveting  |  yummy lunch  |  i'm dating Iron Man  |  new lips & hair do
mini feast at work with kat  |  Hill Head  |  Arthur  |  brother really enjoying closing ceremony

Last week was long! Or at least it feels like it to me anyway! It started with a little Enrapture package and a Body Shop party - which has resulted in me becoming a consultant myself! Eek! So if you are in the Southampton/Fareham/Portsmouth area and you want a party - lemme know! I'm not completely up and running yet, but will hopefully be soon!

This weekend was really lovely. I went to Brighton on Saturday with the boy and his parents, where the boy become Iron Man (and Thor) and made me look at HUNDREDS of trainers! Who knew there were so many different types of trainers?! We then went to Hove to see greyhound racing. I'm gonna be honest and say I was a tad skeptical about seeing it - I'm a bit against horse racing due to a lot of them dying etc. But I had a really good evening! The dogs absolutely LOVED it! There were no jumps, no injuries and no chance either. I also won two racings (yay!) and came away winning £4 on one race and £7 on another - big spender that I am!!
Sunday was spent at a charity dog walk held by my friend Hanah. We of course took Arthur who had a great time running with other dogs and Dad spent the entire time wanting to join in with kite surfing! In the evening we of course watching the closing ceremony - YES SPICE GIRLS!

I have something a little exciting happening behind the scenes atm, which I will hopefully find out about within the next week so I will let you know when I do! Otherwise this week is very quite - thank god! I haven't had a quiet weekend for so long! I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing at all!

How was your week?

12 August 2012

Natio Body Butter

Natio Meditate Body Butter £14.00*

Natio products are brand new on my horizon and I have to say, I am so glad they made their way into my life. They are an Australian company and luckily you can get their products here in the UK from Debenhams. I was lucky enough to be sent this and a couple of other products to try.

I do love a good body butter. I find them more moisturizing then lotions and creams, and they just feel nicer - just me? So when this one came through my door I couldn't be more excited. I'm not usually a rose scented kinda gal - however for this I'll make an exception.

The scent is quite mild, and yet you still get a wiff every now and then. It absorbs into the skin easily and quickly, leaving it feeling healthy and nourished. I've been using this for about a week now and my skin just looks so healthy and happy. And it smells gorgeous! I'm a rose convert I must admit!

It's also meant to have relaxing properties, which I definitely need at the moment. I won't say it's done that to me but that might be because it'll take a bulldozer to relax me these days!

I would definitely recommend looking Natio up. I have a couple more products of theirs to review, both make up bits, and I can't wait to show you more! I would say it is quite pricey for a body butter, however considering it's an Australian brand I'll let it off.

Have you heard of Natio before? If so what products would you recommend?

11 August 2012

BB Sunday Shampoo

Bumble & Bumble BB Sunday Shampoo 250ml £15.50 

Major impulse buy alert. I saw this reviewed on Kat's blog, next thing I know I've clicked on the link and confirmed my order. This is very unlike me when it comes to hair products, I'm just a bit of a skeptic if I'm honest!

Anywho, this shampoo is meant to be used once a week to clear away all product residue, dirt, grime, grease etc and just give it a really thorough clean. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I'm in love. My hair has never been so squeaky in the shower - seriously. First time I used it I was in the shower and extra few minutes just because I was squeaking my hair. Embarrassing confession there. Just given you all images of that!

Anywho, after dried it gives me hair extra bounce, volume and it just looks healthier. Not only that but it holds off the grease a little bit longer then usual - score!

It is quite expensive for a shampoo... I however used a link shared by Kat and it only cost me around £10. You can find it here! I would recommend this thoroughly, as a Bumble & Bumble virgin this was a great first product. I'd love to try their Surf Spray but I'm a bit dubious about the price :(

Have you tried Bumble & Bumble products before? Which would you recommend?


10 August 2012

Panda Eyes

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find me the perfect eye make up remover: Do you accept?

It appears I have a problem. I have four, highly recommended, removers and none of them float my boat. It's become an obsession to find the perfect one!

Nivea Visage Extra Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
This is a nice product, don't get me wrong. It doesn't feel oily (which is good) and it doesn't bring me out in spots. However, it's not kidding when it says "extra gentle". It's so gentle, it doesn't actually really do much.

No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover
This came very highly recommended so I had really high expectations! Now, it does remove make up, however it is so oily that it smudges more then removes, also it is ridiculously oily. Like breakout skin oily, not impressed.

Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover 
This is the one I'm still using. It is oily, but not as much so as the No7 remover and it removes more than smudges. However, it is still quite oily and still causes breakouts. It says it's suitable for all skin types, it is unfortunately not.

Simple Kind to Eyes Nourishing Eye Make-Up Remover Cream
I thought I'd try a cream as I haven't yet. Unfortunately no luck. It's lovely and moisturizing, but in terms of removing eye make up no luck unfortunately.

It seems to me that an oily remover works best on removing make up, which is fine but I need one that doesn't make me break out or look like a panda. I have recently ordered a Body Shop version, so I'm hoping this will be a bit better, but still - recommendations please!

Please please help - recommendations are needed bbloggers!

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