13 August 2012

Life Through a Lens #4

The Body Shop party  |  bathroom all done  |  new babies  |  yummy pudding
new hair do  |  mag haul  |  choccie haul  |  my nails v the ad
coveting  |  yummy lunch  |  i'm dating Iron Man  |  new lips & hair do
mini feast at work with kat  |  Hill Head  |  Arthur  |  brother really enjoying closing ceremony

Last week was long! Or at least it feels like it to me anyway! It started with a little Enrapture package and a Body Shop party - which has resulted in me becoming a consultant myself! Eek! So if you are in the Southampton/Fareham/Portsmouth area and you want a party - lemme know! I'm not completely up and running yet, but will hopefully be soon!

This weekend was really lovely. I went to Brighton on Saturday with the boy and his parents, where the boy become Iron Man (and Thor) and made me look at HUNDREDS of trainers! Who knew there were so many different types of trainers?! We then went to Hove to see greyhound racing. I'm gonna be honest and say I was a tad skeptical about seeing it - I'm a bit against horse racing due to a lot of them dying etc. But I had a really good evening! The dogs absolutely LOVED it! There were no jumps, no injuries and no chance either. I also won two racings (yay!) and came away winning £4 on one race and £7 on another - big spender that I am!!
Sunday was spent at a charity dog walk held by my friend Hanah. We of course took Arthur who had a great time running with other dogs and Dad spent the entire time wanting to join in with kite surfing! In the evening we of course watching the closing ceremony - YES SPICE GIRLS!

I have something a little exciting happening behind the scenes atm, which I will hopefully find out about within the next week so I will let you know when I do! Otherwise this week is very quite - thank god! I haven't had a quiet weekend for so long! I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing at all!

How was your week?


  1. HURRAH FOR ENRAPTURE <3 Also lovin the hair do :)

  2. really want some chocolate now, hehe! love the hair do :D xo


  3. really like the picture you took of yourself with your phone, in the second row from the bottom, you look so beautiful!:)
    xx Kate



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