28 August 2012

Any Size: Dipped Hem

A dipped hem has been one of summers biggest trends. I first saw it when I went to Oz last year and saw dipped hem dresses everyone.
Now my Any Size bloggers show you how to make the style suit you!

size 8: Kayleigh from Couture Girl
This stunning girl has popped on a stunning dress (which I wanted but couldn't find!). It showcases her gorgeous figure perfectly, pulling in at the waist and showing her long legs!

size 10: me
I feel that sometimes a shift can save you on days you don't feel attractive, and can hide any insecurities! Make it a dipped hem and black and voila - perfect dress!

size 12: Emily from Emily's Recipes and Reviews
I think this skirt is gorgeous on Emily. The colours look fab against her skin and dark hair. It showcases her gorgeous figure. I just absolutely love this outfit.

size 14: Anastasia from Dainty Desires
Finally found an Any Size post for this girl! We've been trying for ages haha! This is such a simple dipped hem outfit and she's teamed it perfectly for a casual day!

I love the dipped hem trend, I think it's ladylike and flattering and can suit all shapes and sizes. Thanks to my lovely ladies! I suggest you check out all their fab blogs!

Next week will be Any Size: Stripes! I am looking for a lovely size 12 blogger with a love for stripes! If you'd like to be involved in the future, let me know and I'll send you future options!

How would you style your dipped hem?


  1. I love Emily's skirt. So pretty. I love this feature to bad I'm a size 16/18 xx

  2. Thanks for featuring me hun :) everyone looks great! Xx.

  3. Can you please tell me whr can I find size 10 dress given in the picture?


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