31 August 2012

Laurens Way Fake Tan

Lauren's Way Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion in Darker than Dark £17.95*

When I was sent this I was a fake tan virgin. There, I've admitted it! Stone me if you will but I've never really had the inclination or the guts to do it. Plus I always like to see my tan progress on holiday, which you can't do if you have a fake one. However, seeing as I have NO HOLIDAY this summer - let's give it a go!

Now, if I'm honest I'm not a huge TOWIE fan so I was dubious about using a product from one of their casts ranges. However I'd heard some great things so lets give it a go! The fact that it was Darker then Dark scared me - but I perservered! I'm really glad I did!

It came with the mit, so all I did - as a total novice - was do one squirt then rub all over my lower leg, next squirt upper leg, same on the next leg, then one squirt per arm and I left my belly alone as it's never on show. 

It was really easy to apply and it blended in really nicely. I liked that you could see where you needed to really rub it in as well. I also LOVED the smell. So many people moan about bicuity fan tans, however this smelled of oranges which was a pleasant surprise!

All in all, the colour was exactly what I wanted. It wasn't too dark, and it wasn't orange - it was a natural brown! People did notice I was tanned, but no one mentioned that it looked fake (unless you looked at one of my feet opps). If you want to see what I look like after I've tanned you can see it on this post, however it's a bit hard to tell - silly camera/sun!

Now, a couple of things I did learn from this experience as a first time tanner:

1. Don't let your wet dog chase you round the garden half an hour after application - I ended up with a little white slash mark next to my knee. Bad puppy.

2. Rub into feet AFTER you'd rubbed the majority into your legs - otherwise you get tango feet.

3. Also, I had just shaved my legs and the tan clung to those poors and little stubbly bits left quite a lot - I'm not quite sure how to combat this as I know you're meant to leave it four hours after application before getting wet - any suggestions?

So, this was a rather long post - however I think this product needs it! For a first time tanner, this product was perfect. The colour wasn't too dark, it was easy to apply and it has stayed nicely. I would definitely recommend it. However, tips on how best to fake tan would be appreciated as I'm such a novice!

Have you tried Laurens Way Fake Tan? Tips on how to best apply please!


  1. I gotta say i hardly accept to loose my summer tan so im all up for self tanning (better for skin than sun beds) can we find it in France ?
    Ill have a look..

  2. They say to either shave 24 hours before or 24 hours after to stop the little dark patches around open pores! I don't know if it matters which more personal preference :) Ive heard good things about Lauren's way but was half expecting the typical "orange" Essex tan haha. Glad it isn't! X


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