1 September 2012

Links of London Keepsake Charms

Links of London, Keepsakes Wishbone Charm £35*

We all know I love my Links. I wear my Links bracelet near on every day and I'm always looking for new charms for birthdays or christmas. I want my charms to have meaning behind them, which is why I'm so excited about Links of London's new Keepsakes collection. Each charm in the new collection has a little meaning behind it - which I love!
Links offered me the chance to choose a charm, and with basically restarting my career path at the moment I thought I could do with all the luck I could get - so I went for a lucky wishbone! It has "Make a Wish" written up one side of it (sorry, I couldn't get a fab picture of that, stupid camera) and I just love it. As you can see it's settled safely on my Links bracelet with my other charms!

I have popped my top 3 favourites from the Keepsakes collection below, I've based these on what I would personally get at the moment, which is anything to do with luck and also my birthday in November! I am a sucker for anything scorpio!
There are so many charms I love that you can use for mums to be, birthdays etc - there's a huge range to choose from! Just click here to have a look!

Shooting Star Charm £35  |  Lucky Horseshoe Charm £45  |  Zodiac Pebble Scorpio Charm £45

What charm would most suit your life at this moment in time?

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  1. I love wishbones so much, I've been looking for a little necklace for ages:)
    xx Kate



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