12 September 2012

Natio Mineral Eyeshadow Trio

Natio Mineral Eye Shadow Trio is Subtle Glamour £8.80*

As one of my new favourite brands, I was always going to love this eyeshadow pallette. I had high expectations! Luckily, these were met!

These eyeshadows contain pure pressed minerals, which is meant to aid in long lasting colour and a crease free look. The trio is specifically designed to co-ordinate with each other, and if you look on the back it'll show you just how to use the three to their full potential. Which I love about it! It tells you exactly where to put each colour, and I usually suck at this so this gets a bit thumbs up from me.

At first glance the colours look like they really shouldn't go together. But when they do it's magic. It's also quite fun to mix and match what goes where, however it never looks as good as the suggested order.

I love the colours as well, they are named "subtle glamour" which to me suggests an evening eye, however I have been using this for the day as well as it still works really well - it's a good day to night product.

It's staying power is what you would expect really, around 6 hours I found, which I think isn't too bad and even then, they are still there, just not as vibrant as a couple of hours before so it's really just a touch up you need, and the case is handbag handy so it's no problem at all!

I have used Natio's powdery eye shadows (review to come) as well, and I definitely prefer this set to the powders. It's easy to use, blend and has a longer wear. I would definite recommend looking at the and the other colours they do in the trios.

Have you tried Natio eye shadow? What eye shadows do you team together?


  1. oo ive never heard of this brand before but I really like the look of this, I like how they advise you where to put the colours x

  2. Ooh they are really gorgeous shades, I've been wanting to try out eyeshadows for ages since I never wear them!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done


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