21 September 2012

The Body Shop All in One BB Cream

The Body Shop All in One BB Cream in Light £12

I've actually only had this a few days, so not long, and usually I do like to wait a little longer before I post a review on something, especially something that could impact on my skin. However, this I felt couldn't wait. This product jumped the queue of reviews!

I've never been overly excited about BB creams. I've tried a couple, my favourite so far being the Maybelline one, however this surpasses everything I have tried so far - including tinted moisturisers and most foundations. It's up there with my Collection Lasting Perfection foundation - and you know how much I love that.

Anywho, so The Body Shop BB cream is a brand new product for The Body Shop. It comes in three different shades, light, medium and dark (I have it in light) and is £12.00 - so a touch pricey for a high street BB cream I think. It comes out white and is filled with pigments that burst when applied and rubbed into the skin so that it adapts itself to your skin tone. Now I'm usually really wary of products that claim they adapt to your tone as I feel it's a bit of boohakey, but this suits my skin perfectly. The only colour match that beats it is my Clinique Stay Matte foundation (review to come).

Not only that, but the coverage on this product is so good. It's really light, however heavier then other BB creams I have tried. I apply this with my fingers as I feel my usual buffing brush struggles to apply it, and then I just buff it in after I've rubbed it in to give it a natural finish.

Now, I know I'm slightly biased in terms of the fact that I've recently become a Body Shop Consultant, so I have to tell you their products are amazing. But you know me, I won't rave about it unless I really love. And I REALLY love this. It lasts the majority of the day (although this is helped with a primer) and it doesn't make my skin oily at all - which is the first non oil free product I've used that actually does this. The colour is amazing and the coverage is perfect - not too heavy but it still makes your skin look lovely.

I know I said that £12 is a tad pricey, however I think it was £12 well spent and I'd much rather repurchase this then other, more pricey foundations I have used in the past or am currently trying. My only gripe with it, is that I don't think it contains SPF - which is a bit naughty seeing as BB creams are meant to contain this. That would have made it my perfect product.

I would definitely recommend this! I've heard some people say the medium is a bit orange for them, I use light and it's perfect for me. I would recommend going into The Body Shop and asking them for a colour match, but I think general rule of thumb is light for those like me, medium for more olivey, tanner people and dark for dark skin.

I've just realised how LONG this review is - but I really do love this product and I really would recommend it!

Have you tried this BB cream yet? What products do you love from The Body Shop?


  1. I don't wear BB cream often but when I see "color adapting" my eyes just go blank like I-got-to-have-it, gimmicky they may be. Maybe it's the way they change colors like mood rings.
    Btw, love your plum under liner and invisible top liner you're wearing today.

  2. i'm using the maybelline bb cream, first i really liked it but seems like now im not getting on with it all.. don't know whether its got anything to do with being pregnant??? next time i pass bodyshop im gonna check it out... thanks x

  3. looks good, I want to try one of these bb creams, I am thinking about the clinique on or now maybe this one as well:)
    xx Kate



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