18 September 2012

Any Size: Bodycon

After an Any Size break last week (was in Dublin when it's usually organised so!) Any Size is back with a bang and includes one of my all time favourite fashion bloggers this week, Amy from Little Magpie who is up for a Cosmo Blog Award (excited!).

This week is bodycon. I really wanted to do this to show people that any size really can wear bodycon, it's a style that lots of larger sizes shy away from, however if you get the right dress with the right structuring it can really work to your advantage!

size 8: Amy from Little Magpie
One of my fave ever bloggers, and she looks gorgeous here. This black bodycon shows off her tiny, curvy figure to perfection and she has styled it with rocky accessories for a toughened up look! Total girl crush alert.

size 10: me
A bodycon skirt, styled for everyday wear. Just to show really that bodycon doesn't have to just be evening wear, if you style it right!

size 12: Missy from Never a Dull Moment
A gorgeous colour against Missy's skin and the perfect dress for her figure as well. It hugs her curves in all of the right places, and is a very classy, ladylike body con while still looking sexy.

Size 14: Gem from Gem Seren Beauty
Proving you don't have to be a size six to be sexy in a bodycon! She looks incredible in this dress, it shows off all her best bits and her long gorgeous legs!

A big thanks to all my bloggers this week - loving how they've styled their bodycons for them! I'm also loving the response I'm getting from doing Any Size, have had such amazing feedback and comments and I love you guys for providing it!

Let me know if you'd like to be involved in Any Size at all, it isn't restricted to the sizes above, so whatever size you are - get in contact!!


  1. They look great! :) Love Gems Dress. Amy looks like Kristen Stewart!! xx

    1. amy does doesn't she thats the first thing i thought, only prettier :-)

  2. ooh i love gems dress, thanks for including me hun :-) this was on my birthday last year hopefully this years looks better :-)

  3. such a brilliant post idea, I always think certain styles wont work on me but it just shows it doesn't matter what size you are its how you style it

    love your blog
    new follower



  4. great post, love that you had this idea!:)
    xx Kate


  5. Aw thank you so much for the lovely mention! You and the other ladies look lurrrrvly xxx

  6. I love these any size posts, keep them up, they show different ways of styling things up whatever size you are! x


  7. Amy definitely looks like Kirsten Stewart! I thought this too.

    Ps: I'd love to be involved in Any Size. I emailed you a while ago but perhaps you didn't get it.


    1. Did you? Sorry hun I didn't see it - send me an email on lisa@topazandmay.com and i'll let you know whats free :) x

  8. Lovley! id love to be part of this again!!


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