Instax Mini 8 Camera

I can't even tell you how long I wanted to pick up a Polaroid camera. They do seem to be everywhere you look now, and in every flat lay you see on Instagram. But that's not why I wanted one. I love cameras, I don't really know anything about them, but I love them. I like taking photos and making a permanent snapshot of a memory, that means something to me. But, what I miss is getting them printed and the excitement of seeing how they all came out. With digital you can upload, edit, touch it up and it'll stay online forever. With a Polaroid, you take it as it is. It's incredibly old school, with an old style filter already added in, and cute little memories to stick around the house.

I ended up picking up the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera, in blue of course. I got mine from Amazon, and it came with 10 films. I thought perfect, that gives me 10 films to start with to decide whether or not I love it enough to buy more. Now, I've never done a "tech review" before, but I wanted to talk you through my thoughts on this particular camera.

First of all, it's bloody gorgeous. It looks really cute, really jazzy and it have a very fun design to it. The colour is beaut, and you have a range to choose from in blue isn't your favourite, and it's very bright and vibrant. I would say it feels a little chunky, but I guess it's part of the fun and the retro feel. My husband said it looks cheap and tacky, I'm not going to completely disagree - it is cheap for what it is and it a plastic camera, but I actually really like it. It looks super cute, it's very retro and its fun.

So it's not a rechargable battery - and at the moment I'm not sure how you tell when you've run out of power. You use AA batteries, so I assume once they've run out you just can't turn it on. It doesn't really bother me, it just means if I take it anywhere I'm also going to have to pack a load of batteries which isn't always ideal. The film itself is super easy to install and to store. It comes in a cartridge, each one holding 10, and you simply open the back, put it in and shut. Easy as pie. The films are a super cute size as well. They are mini so if you want standard Polaroid size you'll need to look elsewhere, but I love the size. They're adorable and perfect for how I want to use it and catalogue my memories. 

Basically, super duper easy. One of the easiest things I've ever had the pleasure of using. Putting the batteries in - done. I was always a bit eek about putting film in, but it's so simple as I've said above. The camera itself is really very simple. Turn it on, point and shoot. You do have settings at the front for different lighting areas which is really really hand, but honestly - point and shoot. Done.

Now, this was something I was worried about as a friend of mine has one and the focus doesn't always work. But, actually these are great. The quality and lighting is perfect, and they look like proper polaroids - it's also like it has a constant instagram filter, which is awesome. I really like how they come out, they're not too white and they're not to fuzzy. They're just a really little momento of a moment.

Overall, I think this was exactly what I hoped it would be. I love having it, and I love the photos we get out of it.I would highly recommend this one, it's super cute and I'm ordering some new film as we speak...

Much love, Lisa May

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Scents to Spring into

Oh yeah, I did a clever cheesy pun title. Go me! Spring is apparently on its way, so I wanted to share with you my favourites scents that I'm taking into the (slightly) warmer months with me. It's only been the past year or so that I've really got into perfumes and fragrances. It's safe to say that rewind 12 months and I just picked up whatever Daisy variation I felt like on the day. 

However, I'm a grown up now. Which to me means I actually put perfume on every day, and I actually think carefully about what one I feel like before I do. Oh yeah, get me a arm chair, I'm older. And they're just comfy. Anyway, let's run through my top 3 spring scents.

Now, this is where you discover how bad I am at describing scents... 

I did have to include a Daisy variation in here somewhere, and for me I'm a total lover of Daisy Dream. Not the forever one, or the new pink one (although I do need to test it), the original one. This one is very light, it's very floral - probably the most floral of my picks - but also a little fruity. It's a great every day one, I do find it doesn't last as long as my other two picks, but it is also the cheapest of the two. It's nice for a quick pick me up and it's one that puts you in a good mood. I'd say this is definitely a scent that's going to make you feel girly.

I feel like this is a proper grown up perfume. Chanel is a grown up brand. Wake me when I'm wearing No5 and I'll know I'm an adult. Anyway, I wear this fragrance a lot for work (weird I know) because it feels more sophisticated than my other two. As the name suggests, it's a very fresh fragrance with a touch of spice or something like that to it. The freshness and zestiness has a definite Spring vibe to it, so I feel like I'll be rocking this non stop over the next few months. This is unless it runs out, which considering I've had it since December and I'm half way through, shows it probably will. This is probably my most worn fragrance ever, I love it and it just gives you a spring in your step. No pun intended.

Oh yeah, my wedding scent. I love this because it's a very soft floral fragrance. When you smell Daisy Dream you know it's got a whole bunch of floral goodness inside, but with this one it's very soft and delicate. It also has a crispness to it, which you get from the top note of red apple so makes it perfect for Spring. It's such a delicate fragrance, with a little bit of sophistication and a little bit of something something. It's just such a soft scent, not like something I've had before, and it lasts so long as well, it really stays with you. Pricier, yes absolutely, but it's definitely worth the price tag. Especially if you get the body cream with it.

I'd love to hear your favourite spring fragrances, let me know if you have any recommendations!

Much love, Lisa May

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A Mixed March Haul

It's been so long since I've shown a haul on here, and even longer since I've done it in video form! I've done a couple of shopping trips recently in March, so I thought I'd share my finds with you. Ranging from Boots, to SpaceNK, to Lush, and then over to Topshop.

Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more! All purchases are linked below and in the description bar of the video. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel!

Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder in 02 Radiant £2.99 [click here]
NYX Felt Tip Liner in Extreme Black £8.00 [click here]
Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor in Dawn £7.99 [click here]

Lip Scrub in Bubblegum £5.75 [click here]
Dragons Egg Bath Bomb £3.95 [click here]
The Comforter Bubble Bar £4.95 [click here]

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Vallauris £32 [click here]
Nars Foundation Pump £3 [click here]
Kiehls Micro-blur Skin Perfector £24.50 [click here]

Tall Spot Flute Sleeve Top £29.00 [click here]
Stripe Side Split T-shirt £22.00 [click here]
Red tie floral top £27.00 - doesn't exist on their website!

Much love, Lisa May

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My Blog Reads: February 2017

It's a little bit later than I would have liked, but I really wanted to share some bloggers that I loved reading throughout February. I have a whole library of loves on Bloglovin, but these three in particular just caught my attention last month and kept me engaged. So let's take a look at each one...

I found Lea's blog through Blogstart, a fab little Facebook group for bloggers, and I'm so glad I did. I've been addicted ever since. First of all her photos are swoonworthy, everything you'd want from a blogger. They're bright, gorgeous and they don't just focus on flat lays which I like. She covers everything from beauty, to style, to blog tips, and I just feel so comfortable and welcomed reading her blog. It sounds weird, but it just feels like you're reading something written by a friend - not a stranger. I would highly recommend going to to take a look, she's definitely one to follow and fall in love with. 

I've read Sarah's blog for so many years now, probably even from when I first even started blogging. She's always been an inspiration to me. Her pictures just breathe life, and I love her outfit posts. I find her style very attainable and down to earth, and right up my street. I've ended up buying more than a few pieces thanks to her posts. She's also a girl after my own heart with a love for Lush, candles and all creatures. She's also an absolute love, whenever I've spoken to her on SM she's been so lovely and friendly. I feel like if we were to ever meet we'd definitely end up being friends. I just feel like what she does is attainable, and what she gives her readers is all very achievable.

Sister to Alfie Deyes, bestie of Zoella, you would expect her to have a pretty awesome YouTube channel. However, she hasn't jumped on the back of peoples success. She's carved out her own blog which is absolutely stunning. The design and structure is so clean and pretty, very simple and easy to use. Her photos are just breathtaking - especially any of her food posts. I just love picking my way through all of her latest features, her outfit posts and recipes, her beauty finds and adventures, and again, I feel I'm listening to a friend. Her style of writing is so incredibly human. I find I'm definitely reach more for her blog, than Zoe's, at the moment.

Let me know what blogs I should be checking out this month, or if you have your own - leave the link below as I'd love to read more!

Much love, Lisa May

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Five New Things: March

So yes, I know it's already half way through March, BUT I do have five new products I've been testing. Again, I've gone for more make up type products this month - but I might have a skin care theme for April. We may see... 

But let's get back to the here and now and introduce some of my new additions...

I picked up a new base product at the very beginning of the month, which I've been dying to try. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is one of THE most hyped products I think I've ever come across. I've been putting off trying it for two reasons. One, the price - it's £32 and you don't even get a pump, I mean really. And two, it has a glowwy finish - which for a gal whose is used to her matte finishes is a bit terrifying. But anyway, I went into my nearest SpaceNK, got a colour match and walked away with a bottle and pump. Now, I have shade Vallauris, which I think is a touch too dark but it's good at warming my skin and does blend naturally so I'm okay right now. So far, I like, but we'll see whether it's worth the hype by the end of the month. Another base type product I picked up was a new bronzer, in particular the Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder in Radiant. I don't know why, but it just called out to me in the shop. I was naughty, I didn't even swatch. I just saw it, fell in love with pretty shades and mosaic pattern, and bought it. Hopefully this spontaneous shade will pay off as at the moment I'm a high end bronzer loving gal, and I could do with saving the pennies.

My beloved and holy grail liquid liner has started to run out, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try a new one. I even went one further and got one by a brand I've never tried before - NYX (yes, I know, I'm a shit blogger, I should be totally in love with this brand like everyone else by now). I picked up their Felt Tip Liner in Extreme Black - now I swatched this and it looked a lot more like a green liner than a black liner, but it'll try it. It might look different on the eyes? Plus, it's a good intro into the brand. If I like their liner, I'm going to like anything else. It's just a given. That works right?

I also picked up two new lip products - surprise surprise. The first is the Tanya Burr Matte Lip in Martha Moo. I've been trying to find this shade FOREVER and finally managed to pick it up. I do like the shade, I feel it's a bit too yellow toned for me but I'm gonna roll with it and see how I find it. It's super easy to apply but I'm intrigued to test out the lasting power and formula more. And then last, but not least, I picked up one of the new Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor's in the shade Dawn, which is a beautiful natural berry pink colour - totally right up my street. I'm just super intrigued by these formulas - what's a gel lipstick supposed to be like? I don't know, but I usually love Revlon's lip releases so I'm super excited to try this one out. I think it's going to be a bit of a staple everyday shade for me. Although it's a very long lipstick isn't it... 

Anyway! I'll catch up with you all at the end of March to give you the run down. Let me know if you'd like me to do the verdict in video as well - I think that might work quite well with these posts! And let me know of any skincare products I should try for April!

Much love, Lisa May

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A Personalised Mother's Day with Snapfish

It's March, which means Mother's Day is just around the corner. I love shopping for my mum, she likes all the same things I do so it's basically like shopping for myself, I just don't get to keep any of it. However, sometimes it's nice to do something a little bit more personal, which is where Snapfish comes in.

Now you may have seen a few weeks ago I had a little rave about their photo books and creating one for my wedding. Well, off the back of that they very kindly got in touch and asked if I'd like to take a look at some things for Mother's Day for them. Well, I jumped at the chance and decided to take you guys through my top five personalised products, that you can get for Mother's Day.

I love photos, and I feel I don't print enough out for put them in albums enough. But if you've had a special event recently, or you just want to do a collection of photos, a Photo Book is the perfect way to do this. I do talk about it more in this post, but there is so many options, and they're so easy to put together. The quality is amazing, and you can really personalise for that occasion. I kinda want to get one for every event ever... Or just one all around my cat, you know. In this case, it's all the photos from my Wedding, super cute and a lovely momento.

Kitchen Calendar*
I love a good photo calendar, although it does take me forever to choose and place all the photos for the right move. I got one earlier this year for myself on wedding pictures, but for my Mum I've put loads of family photos from recent holidays or occasions with her dogs. Also, as she's getting it in March you can start it from there, and it'll then go all the way through to February next year, which I love. You can have as many photos as you want to a month, can put wording on there and symbols. It's super easy to do, and the quality is (again) amazing.

iPhone 6/6s Photo Case*
My Mum loves her phone, and you won't find it without a case attached. However, I don't think she's ever had one with a pattern of a photo on it. And what better photo to put on then her two favourite pooches, posing on a walk. I love this - it's so so cute and I'm so tempted to get one with my cat on it as well. It's a really sturdy case as well, and I wasn't 100% sure if it was going to be or not, but it is. It fits really nicely and looks really nice as well. Not too chunky, not too flimsy, and the perfect present for the ultimate phone lover. They also so loads of different makes of phones so definitely check it out.

Photo Prints*
I also got a load of prints sent through for my Mum as well. As everything is digital now she's very much like me, nothing get's printed or framed. Plus, she's not on Facebook so it makes it harder to share photos with her from recent trips of holidays. I picked a few of my favourite ones from family holidays, her and my Dad and wedding pictures. And then I can look at getting them framed individual, in a collage frame, or she can choose what frame to put them in herself. It's a very nice and easy way to get pictures done for the Mum of the house.

Mother's Day Card*
I LOVE a custom card - they're so personal and you realise that someone has really through about it as well. Snapfish have so many cute designs, not just for Mother's Day but all year around, so I couldn't resist putting one together for her to send through on the Day. I put one of the whole family, and the colours and patterns just shout spring - perfect for the end of March. Again, it was super easy to put together. The card quality is perfect, and you can write whatever you want inside. So cute, and so personal.

Much love, Lisa May

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My Winter Essentials

With winter (apparently) coming to an end soon, I really wanted to share some of my favourite things from the past few freezing months. Generally, I love autumn and winter as I’m a big fan of layering clothes and dark berry lips. As such, I’ve found a few pieces from style and beauty that I fell in love with this year.

So what have I been loving? Well I wanted to get back into doing videos so I've done today's video all around this topic and showing you all my favourite pieces. Make sure you subscribe to my channel if you like it!

Much love, Lisa May

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Mozzarella meatball mash up

I’d never been much of a meatball fan, but then I tried this recipe and I was officially converted. I’m not a huge fan of meatballs, I don’t really like tomatoes, and I’m a bit iffy on pure mozzarella. Put them together though and oh, my, god. This recipe was originally taken from one on The Londoner’s, but I’ve modified it a little bit to make it more us, and a bit of an easier after work meal. This is actually my husband’s favourite meal, so when I decided I needed to eat a little bit healthier he was a bit worried this would disappear. However, while he gets his meatballs with tagliatelli, I throw mine over a bed of spinach. I mean yeah, there’s a lot of cheese, but surely it’s balanced out with the spinach. Right?

Anywho, enough rambling, let’s get onto the yumminess.

Fridge Fillers
Ready-made fresh meatballs (I used 12 10% fat ones from Sainsbury’s)
1 pot of arriabatta sauce
Cubed chorizo
Sprinkle of mild chilli powder
Sprinkle of garlic flakes
Fresh mozzarella
Grated mozzarella

Throw it all together

Well, kinda. If you’re putting it with pasta, start to boil a pot of water on the hob, keep an eye as one it’s boiled throw your pasta in. Also, preheat your grill.

While the water is boiling, take a frying pan (without a metal handle – you’ll trust me later), put a dash of oil and then start frying off your meatballs until they’re all coloured and cooked through. 

Once this is done, take them out of the frying pan and set aside.

Sprinkle your chilli powder and garlic in the pan, still on a medium heat, and also put in your cubed chorizo and cook together. Once this is all done, pour in your sauce. You can add a dash of red wine if you wish as well at this point.

Once it’s all warmed through, put your meatballs back in and coat in the sauce, try and separate them our evenly. Then take your mozzarella ball and start tearing it into pieces and put in into your frying pan in between the meatballs. Turn the heat off, and sprinkle the whole mix with grated mozzarella. I then dust with oregano, and then put under the grill for around 10 minutes.

Once it’s all cooked, dish out your pasta, or spinach into pasta bowls. Then take your frying pan out of the oven – this is where you thank me it’s not a metal handle, but please still wear oven gloves. 

Then dish out into the bowls!

You then have your incredibly yummy, quick and easy, supremely stringy meatball dish. It’s a total winner, the perfect balance of spice with pasta and the mildness of mozzarella. I dare you to try it out, go on. And don’t forget to send me a pic!

Much love, Lisa May

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My Sentimental Pandora Charms

I always think the best gift is something that has a meaning behind it, a small feeling between two people that they'll both appreciate it. It could be a film, a print, photo, or even a piece of clothing. But for me, something that I've always loved getting is charms that mean something. That resonate with some point in my life and bring back a memory. Enter, Pandora. I think this post also comes in handy right about now with Mother's Day approaching in the UK. But today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite charms, and the meaning behind them.

Now, I actually have two bracelets. One is the bangle which I was kindly given this Christmas, and the other is one of their brown leather double bracelets which was very, very kindly given to me one birthday by my oldest friend Beth (aka, prettiest girl in the world). So from the go, my first bracelet (the leather one) meant so much to me. Even without a charm on it, it held a special place in my heart.

But let's break down into the charms themselves... And I apologise now if they're not still available.

Quite topical, but one of my all time favourites is this one. My Mum and I picked it up when we were in New York for her 50th birthday, so it brings back so many special memories. But it's also so nice to just have a nice little reminder of her on my wrist at all times. It's a 2-in-1 charm, so you get half and your Mum get half to wear on your own bracelets. It's really very sweet, and it always makes me smile.

Apologies, as this one is discontinued, but it's probably my favourite ever Christmas charm that they've released. It's super cute, and was given to me as a birthday present from my older brother one year. I'm not sure why it meant so much to me at the time, but I remember going to visit him in Cardiff the weekend after my birthday and being given this, and it just melted my heart a little. He also gave one to my Mum, so it was another tie to her, and just gave me that Christmas family feeling.

Another discontinued one, but they do have alternatives if you're interested. This was given to my by my parents in law, before they came official in laws. My mother-in-law is a massive fan of owls, and for me it's always been a symbol of their family. And I don't know if it was meant to be, but them giving me this owl charm made me feel like I was officially part of the family, before rings and vows and such. It's incredibly cute, and just signifies a big moment for me.

I actually bought this as a birthday present for my best friend Amber a few years ago, which is why I love it. It just reminds me of those best friend necklaces you used to get when you were younger and shared it with your BFF. But this is so cute, first of all it has a butterfly so it was always going to win me over, and it's also quite subtle. Again, you get half and your friend gets the other, and it's just a constant reminder of the other. You can still get this one as well - yay!

Now, this is the only charm to ever have been purchased for me by my husband. It was a Valentines presenter about 3/4 years ago, and it's just ever so pretty. There are so many different heart charms available for a V-Day, anniversary or birthday, but I just thought this one was simple, wallet friendly and just plain awesome. It's not my favourite charm, but it means something to me as it is the only one I have from him.

I got this Christmas before last from my Mum, and essentially it's in memory of our cat George, who was Fred's twin brother but unfortunately got run over 7 months after we picked them up. It was also meant to be an ode to Fred as well, so it's a lovely little memory of George, but also a cute little pick me up about Fred. It's very cute, and very simple. I love the little paw prints on one side and the text on the other. It's a very subtle link to a pet without coming across as too crazy cat lady...

I have so many of my charms that I love, but when I went through them all these were the ones that stood out to me as having pure memories, and pure sentiments. If you are looking for your Mum, they have some beautiful Mother's Day charms available so I'd definitely check it out (no - this post is not sponsored). But I'd also love to know what your favourite charms are...

Much love, Lisa May

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Five New Things Verdict: February

How is it the end of February already? I mean I know it's a shorter month and everything, but still. It's flown by. And as such, it's time to give my verdict of those five new products I've been focusing on trying this month. It's been a bit of a mixed bag, and if I'm totally honest there are still a couple of pieces I'm not 100% sure on. But, let's take a look...


Sleek Makeup Blush in Flushed
I didn't know what to expect with this, as I've tried it before years and years ago in a different shade and wasn't keen. However, on this shade it's utterly beautiful and I'm completely besotted with it. This shade is right up my street, I'm not s massive coral type fan, but give me a rose pink any day and I'm in love. Not only that, but it's so long lasting, it's great value for money. I'm. It sure I'll be getting any more as the other colours werent really my thing, but I do love this baby.

Mac Liptensity Lipstick in Marsala
Okay so, I've split the two lipsticks out as I have different feelings for each colour. Marsala is gorgeous, the perfect winter berry shade and it suits my colouring down to a T. The formula is very comfortable, it's long lasting and the pigmentation is really, really good. I also really like the packaging as you can see what colour you're going for, as opposed to the other Mac lippies where you need to look at the bottom of twenty odd lipsticks before you find the right one...


Mac Liptensity Lipstick in ClaretCast
Now, Claretcast is in the likes, as I do like the colour, but I'm not in love with it. I've definitely been reaching for Marsala more. I also feel like Marsala lasts longer than this shade, not sure why there's a difference but there definitely is for me. The feel of the formula is very much the same, which I do like, but this colour just isn't rocking my boat as much as Marsala. But - it's still in the likes. I think I'll pick this up a lot more in the Spring than I am at the moment.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Peach Glow
Ultimately, I do like this. It's a really good setting powder and does exactly what you want a powder to do. And although it has a slight colour to it, you really can't tell. It helps keep make up in place for a long time, and it finishes everything off nicely. Now, the reason it's a like as opposed to a love, is simply because I keep going back to my Hourglass powder. And I think if I loved it, I wouldn't keep doing that. I do think it's very similar, I just don't quite get the glow I do with Hourglass, and it doesn't last as long. There is a huge price difference, so that's probably why. However, if I hadn't of used the Hourglass one, I probably would have loved it. It is a very very nice powder, and I do love the colour of this particular shade.


Disclaimer here - this should probably be renamed the "not-sures", as it's not that I dislike them, it's just that I'm a bit meh about them.

Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer
I think for me I had such high hopes for this, maybe it was always going to disappoint. But really, I just feel it didn't do too much. Yes, it did brighten under the eyes, but it didn't give great coverage and it just didn't last very long. So for me, it just didn't do the job I needed it to do. Plus, I'm not a fan of the squishy tube, I feel like I waste a lot of product this way, whereas other products I've used like this has had a click method, or doe foot work much better.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ Unifant Light
Okay, so... I just don't know with this one. I usually really like what Effaclar Duo+ does, and ultimiately it has helped to clear up my skin. My blemishes have faced and ultimately they've stayed gone. But - it's just so drying for me, especially at this time of year. So where I think this is designed so it could be used as a base, it's just a big thumbs down for me. I tried it a couple times over weekends and my skin was so dry by the end of it I just couldn't deal. So I've been having to use this, and then a moisturiser and a serum to make my skin tolerable. Which is a lot of who ha for me. So for me, it's just a big no no. Which is such a shame as I usually love this brand.

So there you have it! My thoughts on these five products. I'd love to know if you you've used these and had similar or difference experiences so let me know!

Much love, Lisa May

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Odeon Limitless: The perfect couples card

Once upon a time I could go to the cinema, and see the hottest and most raved about new film release for a mere £4.50, oh those were the days. Now I'm luck if it costs me under £15. However, going to see a film is one of my favourite things to do. During the days of Orange Wednesday (EE sure screwed up letting that go) and the student prices, I was there every Wednesday with a group of friends. An excuse to come together, and an excuse to escape. Now, it's a lot harder to do.

My husband and I love films, we watch a lot of them, and watching new films is something we love doing, so going to the cinema is the perfect date night. But when we bought our house and had to pay a mortgage, the ability to go became less and less. Then we did our remortgage, and our monthly payments went down, so we decided to treat ourselves and get the Odeon Limitless cards. Now a heads up - I've not been asked to endorse this is anyway, it's 100% my choice to write about this scheme.

The Limitless cards are £18 each a month, and allow you to see as many films as you want during this time - bar 3D. So essentially, you've already paid it off half way through your second film. We decided to get them as we know we'll use them. As I said, we love films and the cinema is a great date night idea for us. I think it's SUCH a good idea, as if you do want to go out with someone, and you're broke or low on money, it doesn't actually matter, you can still go. There's been a few evenings or afternoons where I've just wanted to get out of the house, and this card has allowed me to do that. As far as I' concerned, the cinema is incredibly overpriced - tickets at £14 each (at least), then a drink and a snack - it get's ridiculous - and it puts you off going. This card has solved that problem for us though, we can pop out, enjoy a nice relaxed evening, escape our day and it not cost us a thing. Unless I buy an ice blast, which is a regular occurance. 

I believe other cinema's do similar schemes and such, but if you love films like us it's definitely worth looking into doing, and it's really helped to restart my love of new films again. 

Much love, Lisa May

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Getting into brighter lip colours

For those that have followed my blog for a while you'll know I have a little bit of a problem with lip products. And for anyone whose visited by bathroom they can attest to this. Major addiction problem. But it's not always been this way. Remind five years ago when the blog was just an idea, and my collection consisted of tinted lip balms. Period. Oh yeah, hard to believe right? 

So how did I finally break the mould and end up as lipstick loving, berry toned enthusiast? And how can you do the same? I've had a few people ask recently, so I thought it was time I wrote a post on how you can do the same.

I was never one of those girls that carried a lip gloss around with them all the time, I just found them annoyingly sticky, and I just couldn't get on with Vaseline. So I stuck with tinted balms if possible. My first real foray into colour came in the form of the Revlon Lip Butters, yes most of them were natural but there was a sneaky brighter pink that was just natural enough for me to be brave enough to wear. Even when I started getting a little braver and started to use actual lip sticks, they were either so glossy they didn't have much pigmentation, or they were the most natural lip colours you could get, so it didn't really matter. But I was getting into lipsticks so it was okay. The first couple that were out of my comfort zone were from Topshop, Innocent and Whimsical, both really hyped up at the time. But Innocent wasn't the right kind of pink for me, and Whimsical was just too pale and coral.

The first two bolder colours I loved were both from Rimmel. There was the Kate Matte in 107, the cult deep dark berry red that's favoured by people such as Zoella, and the Moisture Renew in Lily Extase, a bright blue toned rose pink that's still one of my favourite summer shades. I started to feel much more confident when I wore these shades as I felt they suited me, and that I found was the key - finding what shades do and don't suit. I wasn't confident in other shades because they didn't suit my skin tone or hair colour. For me, I need to stay near the warmed tones - blue toned pinks, and classic or deep berry reds. I need to avoid the yellow toned pinks, and orange toned reds. 

So what would be my tips for anyone looking to venture more onto the brighter side of lips, or just lipsticks themselves?

  • Start with neutral tones, get used to the formulas and finishes you like and the right kind of tones. The Rimmel Kate Nude Collections are perfect. There's loads of different tones available, so it's a good collection to work through and see which ones suit you.
  • Don't go straight for a bold matte colour, if you want to start with lipsticks start with sheerer finishes. The Nars Satin Lip Pencils are gorgeous, they pack enough colour to show but not enough to be intimidating. 
  • When you're ready to go bolder, keep to your tones! I don't venture anywhere near orange reds now, or yellow pinks as I know they don't suit me - especially since I've gone blonde. Mac do so many different colours, it's going to be so much easier to find the ones you really want to play with. Or head over to the Rimmel counter, they have the best drugstore lipsticks on the market in a huge range of finishes and colours.
If you have any other questions, just give me a shout! I'm turning into a bit of a lipstick genius. #justsaying.

Much love, Lisa May

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Healthy Chilli Chicken and Avocado Wrap

Staying healthy isn't always easy, especially when the weather is so cold and dreary. I know all I want to do is curl up with a big portion of french stick with gooey cheese - not the healthiest of options. The last thing I want for lunch is a large bowl of salad. So I've been looking for alternatives for weekend lunches that I'll actually look forward to eating. And I accidentally stumbled upon a super tasty healthy lunch that is warming on a cold dreary day.

Let me introduce, my chilli chicken and avocado wrap. 

  • 1 chicken breast
  • Half an avocado
  • Mild chilli powder
  • Wraps - ideally wholemeal if you can get them as they're healthier
  • Cubed chorizo


In terms of prep, slice the chicken breast up into fine strips. Take a wok, or frying pan, and put in some oil, garlic and mild chilli powder. Then throw in the chicken, and try until cooked, coating it in the chilli and garlic. Then add your chorizo. I used about a tablespoon of chilli powder, but it's up to you as to how hot you'd want it. 

While this is cooking, warm the wraps in the microwave for a minute, and cut up your avocado. The spread it into the wrap. Then add your chicken, wrap and voila! Super simple, super tasty, and even healthier than other alternatives. Like french bread and cheese... The chilli gives it a warm kick that helps with the cold. Perfection.

Much love, Lisa May

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Why I love being a #catmom

People say you're either a dog person, or a cat person. I don't believe that's 100% true. I for one have had dogs, and cats, and I don't think I have an overwhelming preference - I think it just depends on the individual animal. When I moved out, I swore I would always have a cat though. There hasn't been a time in my life when neither myself or my husband haven't had one (bar uni), so it was inevitable. One month into owning our house, oops! Cat. And because it's Valentines Day, I thought I'd do a post about why I love being a cat mom, but a wife. You know, it goes.

So many people say cats are much easier than dogs, and I would agree with that to a certain degree. But there's still certain things you have to think about with a cat. Yes, it is easier to leave them on their own for longer - but it doesn't mean you should. If we stay out overnight we always make sure we leave at the last possible moment and feed him, and we get home nice and early, so it's not too much difference food wise - just company wise. You still have to pay the same vets bills, food bills, toy costs and so on. But I feel like there's an extra worry with a cat - they go out on their own and you can't protect them. Which is a reason I am one cat down from when we first got them. Now we're left with Fred, and he's everything I could possible want in a pet. So for all those thinking whether or not they should get a cat - remember, there's still a lot of responsibility that goes with it - but here are all the reasons I love being a cat mom... #catmom

1. Loyalty: It may not be on the same scale as a dog - but cat's do have loyalty. Fred is happy to curl up with Adam, but he'll always come to me first, or choose my lap over Adam's. He'd much prefer to be around us, then on his own in a different room somewhere. He also feels you should have the same sense of loyalty. "No Mum, get off your laptop and let me snuggle on your lap instead - be loyal to me, not the laptop!"

2. Entertainment: my life at home would be so dull without Fred. He entertains us no end, whether it's going scat cat around the house, rolling off the bed, the weird positions he gets into when washing, curling up in a wash basket or stealing pizza (yes he can open a dominoes pizza box and strip the toppings). He's hilarious, he's cheeky and naughty, but cute as hell. 

3. Company: it's always nice to come home to someone, and Fred is always here. Not only that, but he always comes to greet us, trotting down the stairs and poking his little cute head through the banister to say hello. When I'm ill, he stays by my side and on my lap, and when Adam is away he's my bed buddy. My house is a lonely place without my feline friend.

4. Cuteness: oh my god is my cat cute. I mean, I know I'm biased, but he's just so adorable. From his little face, down to his tail he gives me all the cuteness feels. Also, he knows he's cute. As soon as I get the camera out or the phone on him he poses. Hence the level of cat pics on my feed. His cuteness just cheers me up, and makes me feel better.

5, Fun: cat's are fun - and this comes back to entertainment. I don't care what anyone says. Get a laser light out, a hair tie or a box and Fred is all about the fun. He plays and he loves it, he runs around the house like a loon, and he brings fun to everything.

6. Love: I don't think anyone can prepare you for the love you feel for your own cat. I've had pets before with my parents, but nothing compares to the feels for Fred. He's mine, I chose him and I'm responsible for him. A little daugnting at times, and the idea of anything happening to him literally stops my breath, but the love is so worth it. Plus, he loves me too. He cuddles up to me, he purrs, he head rubs and looks for me when we play hide and seek. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Much love, Lisa May

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