17 August 2017

I don't want an Instagram theme

I feel like I may have just broken some blogger code by putting this as my title, and putting it as a blog post in general. Why would I be a blogger and not want an Instagram theme, surely that’s part of the game right?

Wrong. Or at least I think so.

Once upon a time blogging was about more than just the photos you took, the perfect marble background and the well-crafted flat lay. Yes, it was important to get a good picture of the product, whatever it was you were talking about, and yes I admit I love a good picture on a blog. But it’s more than that – it’s about the personality behind the blogger. It’s about the blogger themselves. Which is why I always liked Instagram.

I love seeing photos of people’s lives, their interests, their outfits of purchases. Their favourite colour lipstick, new hairstyles or life events. And this is one of the reasons I love Instagram. It’s my most used App. I go onto my phone in the morning and I go there before Facebook, I browse people’s photos, take inspiration from them and catch up.

This is why I don’t want a theme on my Instagram. For me, that channel is about showing who you are, being more personable and showing the person behind the blog, posed flat lays and marbled contact paper. So that’s what I want to do. I want to show you guys pictures of my cat just lazing about, me and my friends at the cinema or lunch, my new home purchases and my multi-coloured baths taken in bad lighting. I want you guys to see me, my personality and my life. But also show my friends and family, because they’re on there too!

I just want to say as well – I’m not saying you shouldn’t have an Instagram theme. It’s absolutely your choice, and I admire those that have the determination and work ethic to make it happen. It takes a lot or work to create that perfect look for the perfect Instagram photo and some of my favourite profiles have a theme, and have beautiful photos (check out Corrie and Suzie). But I feel like this does reflect their personalities – and their jobs. Their blogs are their jobs, it’s not for me. So my Instagram doesn’t need to adhere to a certain brand or image, it just needs to represent me.

That’s my theme. Me.

My Instagram is a representation of my life, so be prepared for some blog flat lays, some outfit pictures, but also some badly lit images, drunk selfies and cat obsessions. I would also love to follow some new feeds so send me your links below!

Much love, Lisa May x

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