8 August 2017

Five New Things | August

So we're back to normal for five new things in August - just five random products that are new to me, and some that are just new in general. I've put together a little video introducing them with first impressions which you can watch here.

Or if you like to read, then carry on scrolling.

Yeah, so there was no way this feature in August wouldn't include this palette. I've been waiting for this to be released for a little while now and as soon as it was - straight on and ordered. It's very different to any other eyeshadow shades I've tried before, so I'm actually getting use to those tones and working out how they can work for me. But they are beautiful, highly pigmented and very blendable. Once I'm really acquanted with it I might do a video or blog around different looks to create with it, so let me know if that's something you'd like to see.

I've not actually tried any UD lip products, and I've wanted to try one of these for a little while so Naked found it's way into my shopping basket. It's a very nude gloss shade, very glossy with a touch of sparkle. First impressions - I'm on the fence. Once it's settled it's not uncomfortable or sticky. But when it first goes on it feels really weird and tingly, it smells quite funky and it is a bit thick. I'm just going to roll with it throughout August and let you know at the end.

It wasn't until after I'd ordered these that I realised I do have one of these - but I haven't used it in YEARS. So, I'm just going to start again with these. I picked up three different shades, Soar is a very nice pink nude with a hint of purple, which I LOVE. Rosy Rim is a bright pink coral, and Chic Trick is like a deep bright pink. First impressions is they last a really, really long time - which is awesome. There's a little tug on the lips when applying, but so far so good.

This was limited edition at Christmas, and I missed out, so was super happy to see they've bought it back. I'm not the best sleeper, so I'm quite intrigued to see if this actually helps with that. It has lavender in the lotion to help calm and relax you, helping you drift off to sleep. I'm a little sceptical - but I thought I may as well try it. Plus, I've never tried a Lush body lotion before so we'll see how I fair with the formula.

So, these are a new formula of bath bombs and I'm super intrigued to try these. I believe the jelly part of the bomb is meant to really help soften and nourish your skin more so than a normal bath bomb from the brand. They have a few mixed reviews online, so I'm very curious. The smells are a little funky on first impressions, but I do tend to find the scents mellow out and shift a little once they're added to the bath. So we shall see... I'll keep you updated.

So that's it! Don't forget to subscribe to the channel to keep updated, and check back in at the end of August for my verdict!

Much love, Lisa May x   



  1. I need the Naked heat palette in my life so badly, the colours sum me up so much! x


    1. It's GORGEOUS! Highly recommend it, the colours are beautiful!


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