16 August 2017

My current base products

Finding the perfect base is like finding the perfect husband. I feel like I've said something similar before... But there's one big difference. You don't just need one perfect base. You only need one husband, but you can play the field with your base, mix it up, test the waters. And for me, that always seems to work best. I have a few different favourite bases right now, all of which I use on a pretty regular basis. They have different use cases, and satisfy different needs. So I thought it was time I ran you through my current base collection.

Also - I hope the comparison of bases to husbands and playing the field wasn't too creepy. To clarify - I have one husband, only need the one - I have multiple bases, I need them all...
Some days you need a base that is really going to be heavy duty, will cover absolutely everything and last all the live long day. For me those days are things like weddings, or days to the office in London. Even nights out. For those occasions I reach for my Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation. I wore this on my wedding day and fell head over heels for it. It has a matte finish, that doesn't look dry or cakey, just very natural. It has very buildable coverage, which starts at medium and can be built to high, so it really covers everything. And it really does last ALL DAY. I can wear this and not have to touch it up - even if I'm trying out a crappy primer, or have forgotten to set with powder. It's an absolute wonder. My best friend also loves this because she has oily skin, and it's the one foundation she's tried that keeps the oiliness at bay for the entire day. It's definitely a keeper and one I'll repurchase for a long time.
On days where I don't want a matter finish, and I just want to look a little more fresh faced, and a little bit more perfected I picked up Nars Sheer Glow. Probably one of the most hyped foundations in the world. I really like this as it has good coverage for a more dewy finish, and it really does perfect the look of the skin. It doesn't necessarily hide blemishes as such, but you can easily add concealer on the top. I just feel like this gives a very natural look to the skin, but still give you a good coverage and skill make you look a lot better than you would with just a tinted moisturiser as such.
I have fallen in love with a cushion foundation. The Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation is one I reach for on those days where I'm just working from home, or it's a low duty day, I'm not doing too much but still have my make up done. It gives a very fresh look to the skin, very natural and glowy. It's not super high coverage, so it is better for those low key days, it's just quite a nice finishing one. I do also sometimes put this over the top of my Dior Forever foundation, if I want it to be really heavy duty and long lasting, but want a little bit more of a natural finish to the make up.
We all have one, that base product you put on when you don't actually want to wear make up but you want a teeny little bit of coverage to feel a bit more human. The Rimmel #Insta Flawless Skin Tint does this really well. It's very natural, and doesn't add too much coverage, but it's just really nice to put on to give a little bit of a perfecting edge to your look, and a little bit of glow. If you have oily skin I wouldn't recommend this necessarily as I don't think it'd help with this, but if you have normal or dry skin this should be a beaut for you.
When you're off on holiday, or again you just want to potter around the garden, you still need a little bit of protection. I am obsessed with the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Tinted BB Cream. This has factor 50 SPF, so is perfect for holiday and the summer, and the coverage is also really good. It's just enough to make the skin look flawless, but it's not heavy or greasy. Some SPF's I do find to be oily and greasy and this is the complete opposite. I've also never been burnt wearing this, so it obviously does the job. So much so, my Mum borrowed this on our recent holiday and has since become a convert.
I hope you enjoyed this post! I do love a good base product, and I'll always be trying more out. But at the moment, these are my current loves! I'd love to know what your perfect base products are - leave your recommendation below!
Much love, Lisa May x


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