3 August 2017

My coral lip picks

I believe I've said in a couple of places recently that coral lipsticks don't really tend to be my thing. However, when summer comes around I really, really want to like them and find ones that suit my skin tone. I'm not a fan of corals that are too orangey - I much prefer them to be on the pinker, or redder side of life. So with that in mind, I thought I'd share with you my top five coral lipsticks.
This is an absolute beauty of a coral lipstick, I love it. It really helped me fall back in love with corals this year, althought it is a little bit on the pricey side... This is very much on the reddy, coral side - so definitely more on the red side than orange. It's incredibly warming for the skin tone, and just looks super fun and summery. It has a gloss finish to it, but still lasts really well considering. I swatched this in Tuesday's video which you can see here if you want to see it. It's very comfortable to wear, and I've had so many compliments off the back of this. It's probably my favourite coral shade. It's highly pigmented, so if you want something more subtle this possible isn't for you. But otherwise, it's a beaut.
I've had this one for years and did a review on it a long, long time ago which you can read here. But basically, this is more of a subtle coral shade. It's not too highly pigmented, thanks to the cremesheen finish, but it gives just enough colour to look different. It's a very pinky coral, very warm and flattering to most skin types I would imagine. It's not very orangey, at all, which is awesome as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't have the longest staying power - due to the formula - but it's very comfortable and is a good one for warmer months. It's all not too orangey that it still comes into the autumn months as well quite nicely.
Coral Bliss is incredibly cute, and it comes on holiday with me every, single year. I got it at a duty free about 3/4 years ago (eek - read the original review here) and it's been at my side every summer since then. This is a much paler coral shade, it's exactly how I imagine coral to look really. It's a pale, orangey pink shade, very milky. If you don't like paler shades, it probably isn't up your street. But I love this, especially when I have blonder hair and a bit of a tan. Again, it's cremesheen so it's not super pigmented, but very comfortable and very pretty on the lips.
This was actually the first Topshop lipstick I actually got on with, and fell in love with. I'm not sure how readily available it is now - so sorry if you fall for it, but definitely google it and see what you can find. It's similar to Coral Bliss, but a lot more of a brighter pink coral. Also - please excuse the state of the bullet itself. When on holiday I thought it would be an awesome idea to draw a face on a watermelon with it. Yup, I did that. Anyway, it's a satin type finish, it's very smooth on the lips, very wearable and comfortable. It is quite bright so keep that in mind. I did a review on this when I first go it so you can find that here.
Again, I'm not sure this is still available, which is a shame. Now - I know I said I don't like orange shades, but when I'm feeling brave I break this bad boy out. I reviewed it originally here, but I promise it's not as bright orange as it looks. It has a lot more red than orange in here, but it's very bright. With the matte finish it does look even brighter than it probably is. But, I actually really like this. Because of the red it is quite warm, but it's just very funky and summer like.
Hope you enjoyed today's post! Let me know what coral shades you think I should be trying, I'd love some more recommendations!
Much love, Lisa May x


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